Derek Lowe

  • Hammer and nails

    Is there a drug for that?

    7 January 2014

    Derek Lowe ponders whether anything is truly ‘undruggable’ if we look in the right places

  • cartoon of workers pushing a boulder up a hill with a manager on the boulder

    Rolling boulders uphill

    27 November 2013

    Is Derek Lowe troubled by his failure to develop a compound that has made it to the pharmacy shelf?

  • 1113CW-In-the-pipeline_630m

    Natural born chemists

    31 October 2013

    Redesigning nature’s catalysts is tantalising but tricky, says Derek Lowe

  • Man on canyon edge

    What's the use?

    25 September 2013

    Not every reaction can be run in a bucket, says Derek Lowe, but there are limits to what should be classed as ‘useful’

  • Reading man with letters overflowing his head

    The never-ending story

    2 September 2013

    Keeping up with the literature is impossible, says Derek Lowe.

  • Sodium chloride plates for infrared spectrosopy

    Knowledge lost or time gained?

    30 July 2013

    Derek Lowe wonders whether we should mourn the decline of classic analytical techniques or embrace technological advances

  • 0613CW-IN-THE-PIPELINE_300

    Lab’s labourers lost?

    2 July 2013

    How long should scientists stay at the bench, asks Derek Lowe. How long is a piece of string?

  • Dartboard with syringes and doctors

    Target acquired

    2 July 2013

    Knowing a drug’s exact biochemistry has never been a prerequisite for approval, says Derek Lowe, and nor should it be

  • Glassblower at work

    Bespoke or bodged

    30 April 2013

    A can-do attitude and some lateral thinking can save time and money when it comes to exotic apparatus, says Derek Lowe

  • Opinion

    From lab to leader

    2 April 2013

    Derek Lowe asks (with some trepidation): do drug companies need scientists at the top?