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  • This article was really informative to me, because we faced the havoc of same kind in our forest land some two years ago at hunza, pakistan. their were caterpillars everywhere. although we were very conscious about them knowing that they were fatal but my brother came in contact with them , he got severe fever and got admitted in the hospital. he recovered after an inoculation done by nurse there and medications.

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    Thaumetopoea processionea. Oak processionary moth caterpillars


  • indeed this is one of the major issues faced by researchers and students, often teachers do not check assignments for similarity and quality hence students do not get their deserved grades. moreover i have observed that misconduct is done owing to negligence of coordinators however students themselves are also responsible to some extent.

  • we all know, what science has achieved so far is attributed to rigorous testing on animals and as humans we depend mostly on animals primarily for food, so we should not argue against the use of animals in research because it does not matter for an animal, whether it is chopped for meals or scientific testing.

  • it is always intriguing, how those people did chemistry, unaware of the processes undergoing and instead looking for it's consequences and possible applications

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    0418CW - Trace Analysis - New Orleans, E J Bellocq photojournalism of Storyville, circa 1912-1915

    Antimony and clear danger