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  • Quite a distorted report. It would be nice to know where the term "un-american" is found in the list. I could not find it. I only found links to news about professors which express radical ideas which try to force others to please the professor, such as asking for a prohibition to thank god at graduation. To put in context in my country, Argentina, now we can take the professional oath with jesus, god or the person honor as witness but nobody would think of forbid to mention god in a graduation. As far as I know when Democratic senator McCarthy was persecuting intelectuals in the US, in the UK they were prosecuting Alan Turing for homosexuality. Maybe the beam in your eye parabole is called for. Or it is too christian?

    Commented on:24 December 2016 00:46

    Joe McCarthy

    Stop placing chemists on 'un-American' watchlists

  • Nice that RSC cheer the temporal sucess of an extortion by the UE on the swiss government. There is not relation between the participation in science projects and free movement of job seekers. This was an extortion like US embargo to Cuba or EU-US sanction to Russia over Ukraine. And the swiss government abide for it while the people said otherwise in a referendum. We will see if that stays. However, the ways of EU does not bode well for UK science if they use science budget to extort.

  • Quite wrong news. The ammendment freezes the TOTAL expenses of the state, not specifically science or education. Not unlike similar cap in Switzerland which does not damage science there. Kowing that Brazil spend 12 % of GDP to fund the corruption plagued bank (BNDES) while science got less than 0.7%, theres is a lot of room to cut before cutting science budget. It is not very good when reporters peddle on the panic of poltiticians which cause the problems in the first place.