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  • CW still fail in carbohydrate science. Fructose is a natural sugar present in pommegranate (the original source of grenadine) while high fructose corn syrup is a cheap conction made by enzymatic isomerization of glucose, obtained from corn starch (not just hydrolysis). HFC is the villain of obesity epidemy in the world not fructose.

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    Grenadine-based drinks


  • Trehalose is used as food additive as cryopreservant because it is less sweet than sucrose at low concentrations. Since it has always been present, the linkage to mutant epidemic could be a statistical serendipity (remember glyphosate and autism) since it is widely used in microorganism growth, to allow lyophylization, without reported contamination with mutant bacteria. As a RSC member I expect Chemistry World to correct the errors in the note...

  • It would be advisable that Chemistry World hire some scientists to write notes instead of "science journalists" that obvioulsy do not know chemistry. Trehalose does not give Maillard reaction because it has a 1,1' glucosydic bond. The same bond(but with different sugars) than sucrose, which also do not give Maillard. Trehalose is a natural compound, in fact is extracted from starch, therefore it has always been present.

  • The IPCC whom I suppose is an authority in climate change, clearly stated that extreme events are NOT affected by climate change. Therefore the article is just garbage....

  • In fact, the famous Erin Brockovich was a typical ambulance chaser and real science shows that Hinckley had less cancer cases than similar cities and chromium VI in water (unlike as airborne particles) has been proved not carcinogenic, at least because it is unlikely to survive in presence of organic substances. It is a pity that Chemistry World did not check the science insidd the articles.

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    Preparing a solution from the salt of sodium dichromate

    Sodium dichromate

  • If the situation is actually as described in the note, the retraction of the papers is not enough. The principal author fake the address and wrote the fake review to mislead the journals. Why we should believe in the data if he fakes the documents? He should be banned from publishing for some time (at least 3 years) and then be subjected to special scrutiny. Otherwise he learns nothing, as it can be seen from his comments, and he will do that again until is caught.

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    Retracted rubber stamp

    Fake peer review hits RSC journals

  • Quite strange proposition. First it acknowledged that Exxon scientists do science even against the interest of the company. Therefore, all the crazy business about disclosing the minimal funding from industry as a conflict of interest should be over. Moreover, government paid scientist routinely make opinion pieces on politics claiming a greater government role. It is not a conflict of interest? The public opinion of the company is obviously related to its interests and not the "general" interest and nobody ever think otherwise.

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    Activists in New York supporting Schneiderman's investigation of ExxonMobil

    New claims that Exxon misled on climate change

  • Nice article, very good in historical data. Unfortunately, the chemistry is weak. The role of chloride ions is not to "make room for more gold ions" but to change the potential of the redox reaction. The electrode potential of nitric acid reduction is 0.96 while the oxidation of gold to Au+3 is 1.52, therefore it is not spontaneous. On the other hand, the oxidation to Au(Cl-)4 has a potential of only 0.93 V, because the equilibrium shifts the potential. Therefore, the dissolution of gold in aqua regia is spontaneous (note that high Cl- concentration increaes the cell voltage).

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    Gold crown with gemstones

    Aqua regia

  • Nice to remember Weizmann early contributtion to biotechnology. The process has now been revisited since it could produce biofuels from biomass. However, the author mixed up the older pyrolitic process to obtain acetone. Pyrolysis of wood gives some methanol and acetone. On the other hand, dry distillation of calcium acetate (which can be made from vinegar) gives acetone with good yields.

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    0717CW - Last Retort - Index

    The Weizmann contribution

  • Missing in the article is to know if we could believe in a regulation system where one country allow 5% and another 0,3 %. Or USA is allowing his people to be poisoned or the EU is too harsh and damaging the economy and the consumer freedom. Knowing the position of the UE in GMOs I will believe is the later.

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    An image of two men clinking whiskey glasses

    Propylene glycol

  • Propanolol is a maverick drug and James Black a true pioneer. He was also a believer in small focused groups of scientists instead of big public or industrial research programs. Moreover, it is important to remember that propanolol was developed at ICI labs and takes 9 years, and countless victims, to be aproved by FDA. Such data speaks a lot about research funding and regulatory crazy ways.

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    A hand pulls back the curtain to reveal the bright lights of an empty stage

    Propranolol hydrochloride

  • Strange account of another partisan motivated action against the new administration in USA. As far as I know a lots of scientists in USA opposed Bush (son) views on climate science. An in which sense CO2 hypothesis of global warming is evidence based? It is a theory which for obvious reasons could not be validated by evidence because it is not possible to make the experiment. The point is that policy based on the theory could be as catastrophic as China's one child policy which incidentally was praised by the same "scientists" which push now CO2 reduction.

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    March for Science

    How to resist threats to science

  • It is quite depressing to see chemistry world used to hail propaganda features made by obvious ignoramus in scientific matters. It is interesting to know that artic ice cap will now be melted for 2040 when Al Gore claimed that for 2013, which it was obviously wrong. The estetic discussion about oil sands is really ridiculous. The worst contamination could not be seen and a show of the thousands of birds killed by "green" windmills could be a good part of a balanced film.

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    Poster of the film Before the flood

    Before the flood

  • Probably the two individuals with scientific formation whom hold highest office were Margaret Thatcher and Angela Merkel. They have a wonderful record of science support?

  • The work is quite interesting. However, the biocompatibility compared with other alternatives is exagerated. N-methylpyrrolidone, widely used to disperse graphene and related layered compounds, is quite biocompatible and it is extensively used in dermal patchs and dental barriers. Moreover, unlike those applications in electronic implantable devices the solvent is not present in the final device.

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    Inkjet printed graphene structures - Index

    Inkjet-printed graphene devices go non-toxic

  • Obviously the episode has nothing to do with climate research but it is interesting to remember that Obama's department of justice begun an investigation on scientists whose opinion differ from the IPCC dogma alleging that were paid by oil companies. I am not awarer that Prof. Cohen or other climate scientists from Berkeley make a defense of scientists with a different view of a complex issue explaining that scientific community has its own mechanisms to clarify debate and suit menace is not one of them.

  • Wether Trump knows that UCB is a major research university is unknown and the hypersensibility of global warming (excuse me, now climate change) advocates is uncalled for. The data is that one individual was expected to talk at the student union of UCB and it was shut up by masked rioters. The modern McCarthy's trow Molotov bombs and destroy UCB property but the UCBPD make 0 arrests. Fo people with memory, this was the behaviour of communist dictatorships, arrest the dissident to "protect" him. Since federal government does not control a state university the usual way to press them to comply with the law, in this case title IX (incidentally the speaker is jew and gay and his gay partner is black) is to withdraw funding. It could be thought unreasonable but it has been done extensively to press any kind of institutions and even countries by Obama for example. The simple solution is to program the speech again and detain anybody who try to censor the free speech.

  • Quite a distorted report. It would be nice to know where the term "un-american" is found in the list. I could not find it. I only found links to news about professors which express radical ideas which try to force others to please the professor, such as asking for a prohibition to thank god at graduation. To put in context in my country, Argentina, now we can take the professional oath with jesus, god or the person honor as witness but nobody would think of forbid to mention god in a graduation. As far as I know when Democratic senator McCarthy was persecuting intelectuals in the US, in the UK they were prosecuting Alan Turing for homosexuality. Maybe the beam in your eye parabole is called for. Or it is too christian?

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    Joe McCarthy

    Stop placing chemists on 'un-American' watchlists

  • Nice that RSC cheer the temporal sucess of an extortion by the UE on the swiss government. There is not relation between the participation in science projects and free movement of job seekers. This was an extortion like US embargo to Cuba or EU-US sanction to Russia over Ukraine. And the swiss government abide for it while the people said otherwise in a referendum. We will see if that stays. However, the ways of EU does not bode well for UK science if they use science budget to extort.

  • Quite wrong news. The ammendment freezes the TOTAL expenses of the state, not specifically science or education. Not unlike similar cap in Switzerland which does not damage science there. Kowing that Brazil spend 12 % of GDP to fund the corruption plagued bank (BNDES) while science got less than 0.7%, theres is a lot of room to cut before cutting science budget. It is not very good when reporters peddle on the panic of poltiticians which cause the problems in the first place.