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David Bradley

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Freelance science writer of more than thirty years, have written for almost every popular science outlet, scientific and chemical trade magazine through that time as well as working with major organisations and learned societies on a wide range of projects.

Former Senior Assistant Editor of Chem Comm back in the early 1990s.

Mainly now to be found writing for a few niche markets, taking photos of birds and playing guitar and singing with Cambridge band C5.

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  • Surely, there are advantages to having flexible, lightweight and non-bulky versions of the devices you mention for some of the medical applications they refer to in their paper?

  • This is not the first chemistry preprint server. We had one on the original ChemWeb.com back in the late 1990s!

    Commented on: 2017-08-29T15:26:03.580

    Screenshot of homepage of ChemRXIV index

    Preprint servers making waves in chemistry community

  • Well, it would still be interesting to read your take on this Adrian.

    Personally, I'm still concerned about how they administered a lethal dose, if they applied two chemicals separately, then surely the post mortem would have mentioned other chemical species present in Kim's eye mucosa and on his face, and how efficient and effective would such an in situ "synthesis" be anyway?

    If VX was applied per se, then chances of accidental self-harm by the assassins was enormous and why would there need to be two of them?

    This is unlikely to be the end of the story from the chemical point of view...although we may never learn the full truth.

    Commented on: 2017-02-24T13:43:35.400

    Kim Jong-nam

    VX nerve agent behind Kim Jong-nam’s murder