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  • I appreciate this article and I'm not a scientist or chemist. However I spent the last six years developing a book that will be printed in May from an artis's perspective about the periodic table of elements or rather the elements themselves. My intention with his book is to 'unsilo' the subject of basic matter from science so that all of us are part of the conversation. There are no diagrams (just one!) and the specialized information that you find in other books about the elements is generally not included. This book contains lists and artworks. The publisher just described it as the rare picture book for adults, which combines with extensive and comprehensive lists of everywhere that one finds each element and its qualities from a first-person perspective. It reads like a poem.

    Perhaps my background in visual arts and design as well as new ways of framing specialized information may help make the subject of the elements more accessible in its anniversary year. Please check it out here: The Elements: A Love Letter to the Stuff of the World, via @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1371680758/the-elements-a-love-letter-to-the-stuff-of-the-wor