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  • The students' time and energy would be better spent on real science rather than fear mongering propaganda like apocalyptical climate change. Does not the bankrupt disaster area of Puerto Rico have enough issue at immediate hand about which to worry? Basic human needs and modern infrastructure should trump pseudo-science and political correctness.

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    An image showing pupils working on an experiment

    The Solar Army marches on

  • In Europe, two World Wars (and the Cold War) were fought and won at tremendous costs to free the people from oppression and totalitarianism such as this. Why do the nations of Europe continue to loathe themselves so much that they seek to self-impose dystopian despotism at the hands of the Masterminds in Brussels?

    The EU seeks to be Red China 2.0. Why?

    The Paris Climate Accords are all about control of the masses, fueled by arrogance and lust for power to be held by the few who will feel no affects of the oppression and despotism. The European Commission members are the future despot "masterminds".

  • Earthjustice is a self-crowned legal counsel representing "the earth". How arrogant is that premise? Slip-n-fall lawyers pretending that they are saving the planet is beyond pretentious, to say the least.
    Are these supposed "stewards of justice" simply volunteers? Surely, they are not.

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    Alarm sounded over three organophosphate pesticides

  • It is truly a sad era when so many scientists are akin to the whiny snowflakes clogging colleges and universities, especially in the United States of America. When did, and more importantly, why do supposed scientists subscribe to the Statist Agenda? Objectivity is all but gone in research, especially in academia and in government.

    How about focusing on real issues around the globe, rather than fabricating crises like global climate change and lack of diversity?

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    0118CW - The Insider - Anti-Trump protest in Brussels, May 2017

    Meet the resistance

  • The elimination of any part of bloated Big Government bureaucracy is a godsend. The E.U. would be wise to follow suit. The U.K. has a golden opportunity with Brexit to eliminate redundant programmes just like this.

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    Washington DC, USA - January 28, 2017: Environmental Protection Agency EPA headquarters

    Senate eliminates EPA chemical risk assessment programme

  • The ACS is, unfortunately, little more than a Leftist propaganda organization pushing buzzwords like "STEM", "diversity", "sustainability", "inclusion" and the ultimate in fraud, "settled science of man-made global climate change". It is no surprise that ACS would cry poor-mouth about federal funding (a.k.a. handouts) for graduate students and the state run universities themselves. American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) is of the same ilk.

    I personally do NOT support the new phony tax reform bill but for very different reasons. The bill is unfair and picks winners and losers while discouraging thrift of the individual. The bill almost appears to have been written by the likes of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, certainly not by any conservative; although the afore mentioned hard-Left Liberal Democrats are screaming tales of Doomsday about the bill. Go figure!

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    Republican tax bill backed by industry but not science

  • This should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with American Leftists. They point one finger at an accused party, yet three of their own fingers are pointing back at themselves.

    (Flat-)Earth Day has little to do with real science, rather more to do with enviro-fear mongering and pushing the "De-growth" agenda.

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    March for Science 2017

    March for Science wrong-footed by public infighting

  • Our friends in the U.K. should emulate conservative Americans and not subject themselves to self-loathing, political correctness, and the "one world" small mindedness.
    The people screamed loudly and clearly with Brexit!!! Do not continue to follow the Marxist tyranny imposed by the E.U. We fought and won TWO WORLD WARS against tyranny and fascism. Let us not continue to re-create it with the naiveté that it will somehow "be better this time."

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    American flag material

    White House urged to consider climate change consequences

  • Did we learn nothing from the wisdom and teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? Would not merit, knowledge, and character be better benchmarks of humanity rather than one's sex, creed, race, or color? How does one feel accomplishment or pride in achievement knowing that one's sex is the real driver and not one's actual work?

    Compelled "diversity" used simply to force so-called "inclusion" in no way promotes strength of a nation, a professional field, a community, an individual, or a university department. Strength comes from the unity for a common good by the combined efforts of individuals and their achievements. The Founders of the United States of American adopted "E pluribus Unum" as the nations motto: "From many, one."

    Affirmative Action has been a colossal failure to blacks in the U.S., and "diversity" will fail just as miserably.

  • Unfortunately, AAAS has devolved to a collection of self-loathing so-called "scientists" and flat-Earth propagandists. It is a travesty and tragedy that too many folks in areas of STEM are really nothing more than hard-core Statist propagandists for the communist Left. The hack, Daniel M. Kammen, from California is a perfect example. Somehow, science means nothing to him except for it to be used as a platform for phony social justice and to condemn President Trump. Shame on him and all of his ilk, and with any luck the proverbial door will hit him in the arse on the way out from his tweeted resignation.
    I am seasoned degreed scientist, and contrary to the EU Gospel of falsified data on global climate change due to human activity, not all of us drink the Fool-Aid dispense by charlatans like Al Gore.

  • The violent extremism and anarchical behavior came from both sides. Frazier, Gorsky, and Plank from Under Armour are mute on the violence, vitriol, and savagery perpetrated by Antifa and Black Lives Matter.
    Why is that? (crickets chirping)

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    A photograph of Kenneth C. Frazier

    Chemical and pharma bosses quit US manufacturing council