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  • Very interesting to know that Mendeleev had tried to find algebraic expressions that explain his table and that he had concluded that the mathematics of his time were not mature enough to deal with complexity, as Leal and Restrepo point out. However, the video that follows can give new guidelines to continue those excellent studies:

  • Esteemed Dr. Enma Stoye, very illustrative, your article, shows the incredible variety of forms that the periodic table can take. Perhaps the proposal of a Peruvian in the next video calls your attention and your authoritative opinion:

  • Very interesting controversy, I think there is a "hidden understanding" to be discovered, with a matrix mathematical treatment of the elementary series Z, based on its algorithm and growth of the double periods, with the quadratic function 4 X ^ 2, or as 2D and 3D spiral functions, explained as a dialectical process.

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