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  • Dear BRSM,

    first off, thank you for providing the Chemistry World Newsletter with this article. It was a great pleasure to read, as well as quite informative.
    There is one point, however, which I do not understand - it is regarding the last scheme (Figure 2), where the oxidation with m-CPBA is shown. The nitro group of the resulting compound, however, was reduced to an amine. How is this possible? Initially, as reading the text, I thought that the reduction takes place after addition of Zn/AcOH, as the step beforehand is an oxidation. Why is that -
    could you explain that to me?

    Thank you for your contribution,
    Magdalena, an interested student from Austria

    Commented on: 2018-10-29T18:50:50.870

    Organic Matter, Gelsemoxonine structure