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  • This story is becoming much more scientifically interesting as understanding of the molecular basis for why the changes to the enzyme work to produce the desired catalytic properties gradually increases.

  • Nice commentary. More fuel for starting a journal for reporting
    failed drugs, although Tacitus would not approve!
    Thought at first you were going to talk about AD and amyloid plaques!

  • Really enjoyed reading this very timely and topical article.
    ChemWorld have clearly upped their game in providing
    informative commentary on currently important and
    strategically essential research areas of chem science,
    such as the next gen of antibiotics, and the exciting
    new developments which are emerging.

    Commented on:6 April 2018 11:59

    0318CW - Drug-resistant bugs feature - opening illustration - Hero

    The antibiotic countdown

  • Wonder if an article about how pharma/chemical companies manage and maintain their research compound libraries would be of general interest? And perhaps comparison with management and maintenance of mandatory sample collections required by Pharma/Quality/GMP regulations.

    Commented on:26 November 2016 03:08

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