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  • It is most distasteful that the author chose to conclude the article by slinging insults at Republican Presidents of the United States of America. One would think that Brits had more class than to slander foreign heads of state, but I suppose not.
    Neither President, Bush nor Trump, has "manipulated" anything. Perhaps the author is confused with David Cameron or Angela Merkel.

    Commented on:19 March 2019 17:43

    An illustration showing Pyotr Kapitsa and Nikolay Semyonov

    Does science need democracy to flourish?

  • Canada, not to mention the United States, needs more political leaders like Premier Ford of Ontario. The PC brown shirts and their subjective supposed scientists need to be sequestered. Self-loathing based propaganda posed as "scientific evidence" in the name of "the environment", "the children", "future generations", etc. benefits none of the supposed "victims". Big Brother is never the answer, and academic/state-employed scientists generally help not.

    Commented on:5 July 2018 19:14

    Mr. Doug Ford, the newly elected leader of Conservative Party joined the crowd during the Saint Patrick Day Parade in the city in March 2018

    Concern over future of science in Ontario

  • "Better living (and healing) through chemistry!"

  • Climate Change is a fraud and a farce, but let me just play along for academic purposes. How about the rest of the participants in the Paris Accords examine some objective scientific evidence, not the words of Obama and his drones, not Al Gore and his fictitious fear-mongering films of "Earth with a fever"?
    Until Man can control the nuclear fusion of the Sun itself, nothing on Earth can be done to "control" the weather. Severe weather is independent of human activity, and the unbelievable arrogance of some humans who believe they can affect such things is truly mind boggling.

  • Any credibility the EPA had was undermined by the tyrannical Obama administration and his appointment of Marxist enviro-Nazi, Gina McCarthy. McCarthy broke the law repeatedly by openly defying the law and refusing to act upon specific legislation passed by the U.S. Congress. The "War on Coal" was a personal edict of Obama, enforced by McCarthy based on flawed, corrupt "science".
    Let the critics from college academia be named. One will likely find that they are simply registered Democrat Trump Haters who are disciples of the Cult of Phony Global Climate Change.

  • This is a huge victory for liberty and the will of the people of the United States of America. All that Barrack Hussein Obama touched during his 8-year tyrannical rule was detrimental to the country, the American people, and to the world at large. The exceptions, those who benefitted from Obama's orders, were all enemies of the United States of America.

    The war on coal was a false narrative and was used to oppress the population and punish those who Obama and his Statist comrades deemed their enemies; be they corporations, groups, or individual citizens.

    As EPA head, Gina McCarthy, was Obama's attack dog who carried out his decrees in spite of public opposition, even in defiance court orders. Good riddance to her, Barry Obama, and all their oppressive, unfounded rules and regulations!

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    Obama era clean power plan to be binned

  • This short article is more of testament to what a farce the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) really is. One would have hoped that after purging the enviro-Nazi Obama appointees led by the arrogant ignoramus, Gina McCarthy, from the EPA that there might be sanity. Unfortunately, these petty violations are blown out of proportion because of bureaucratic overreaction to support the unnecessary "Clean Air Act". Politicians are not necessarily scientists nor are they intelligent, yet they create laws like this with incredible penalties to say they did "something" in the name of public safety.

    Commented on:1 September 2017 20:44

    A judge's gavel and a pile of cash

    US firm fined for mishandling ammonia