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18 March 2019By

Investigative and problem-solving skills in chemistry are critical for solving some of the world’s most important challenges

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Combating food fraud

18 March 2019Sponsored by , by

Tackling the issue of food fraud in the industry requires equipping scientists with the right analytical tools and technologies

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Investigating multi-dimensional problems in drug substance development

18 March 2019Sponsored by , by Gareth Jenkins, Paul Quigley

Finding solutions to the biggest challenges faced during drug substance development relies on properly integrating analytical and production expertise

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Creating carbon–carbon bonds via transition metal catalysis

18 March 2019Sponsored by , by Philip Wheeler

Cross-coupling and metathesis reactions are powerful ways of making carbon–carbon bonds, the crucial links behind most organic compounds

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Small particles making a big splash in clinical development

18 March 2019Sponsored by , by Niklas Sandler

Nanoform is investigating how to tackle clinical attrition rates through nanonisation of APIs