How to claim your certificate

Certificates are available for completing the 'Smarter experimentation for chemists' programme.


The Chemistry World team will check that the below conditions have been met prior to issuing a certificate to you.

  • You must have personally registered for all five parts on the programme. You cannot have someone else register on your behalf, nor attend or watch the webinars using someone else’s account.
  • You must have either attended or watched all five parts of the programme in their entirety.

How to claim

You need to email us at and provide the information below. Once we have verified your claim we will email your certificate to you within five working days.

  • Your first and last name exactly matching the names you provided at registration
  • Your email address exactly matching the address you provided at registration

Please note that your certificate will show your first and last names exactly as you provided at registration. No changes can be made.

Email your claim