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Kick start your career development with our free five-day online training programme on design of experiments, delivered by JMP

Design of Experiments (DoE) is the most effective way to empirically learn about technologies when there are many variables or factors to consider. Despite this, school and degree science curricula rarely teach these methods. In this fun and engaging training programme you will be introduced to DoE and you will see how it has enabled chemists to develop better solutions, faster. 

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Chemistry World has partnered with JMP, a world-leading and highly respected provider of software for statistical discovery, to provide readers with a huge range of webinars, articles, resources and materials on design of experiments.

Academic programme

Teach, learn and research
JMP connects professors, students and academic researchers with the right resources to build the analytical skills they need to succeed in today’s data-driven world.

Statistical thinking for industrial problem solving

Free online course
With seven modules, this course is free to anyone interested in using data to solve problems better. Each module takes 2-3 hours of learning. Learners get access to JMP Pro in the cloud. Certification available.

Time to innovate

Industry-led insight
Explore this series of free resources, including webinars, reports, case studies, and more. Learn how successful companies applied statistical methods to accelerate innovation, reduce time to market and drive down costs.


Watch a range of free webinars developed by the experts at JMP to help improve your knowledge of design of experiments. You may need to register first.

  • Workshop: Making better data-based decisions with statistical modelling techniques

  • Workshop: Your guide to solving complex problems by mastering Design of Experiments

  • Building organisational consensus around the tools of digital chemistry

  • Workshop: Getting started with Design of Experiments

  • Nobel prize in chemistry: reactions

  • Make better data-based decisions with statistical modelling techniques


Benefit from the insight and experience of leading thinkers in design of experiments.

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