Voices in chemistry

Chemistry World and Notch Communications welcome you to our fifth special collection of content showcasing voices in chemistry. We bring together people from a variety of backgrounds that are driving innovation, challenging cultures, disrupting stereotypes and communicating science to inspire current and future generations.

PerkinElmer's Ian Robertson beach sampling microplastics

Microplastics – A chance discovery leads to a research passion

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Tiny plastics are polluting our waterways, foods and drinks. To understand and combat this contaminant, we need to leverage technologies capable of detecting their presence and understanding their makeup

Nanoform team

Multidisciplinary science kick starts innovation

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Nanoform scientists discuss how their diverse personalities and scientific backgrounds foster innovation, helping them tackle problems from different angles, and design better processes

Bundle of dried cinnamon sticks



How did a tree bark from Sri Lanka become one of the essential flavours of the festive season?

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Science shouldn’t be shy about controversies


Debates and disagreements are all part of the process 

Woman taking teabag out of cup

Investigating the molecular basis of a nice cup of tea


How Michelle Francl researched how to make the perfect brew

Accessible chemistry

Visionary chemistry is making labs accessible to blind students and researchers


Efforts underway in Texas are ushering in a new era of inclusivity with mouth models, lithophanes, robots, talking tools and more