Four leading companies scan the horizons to understand what the future has to hold for plastics and the industries that produce, analyse and recycle them

Waters Corporation Logo

Green chemistry concept illustration

Six decades of industry insight and research partnerships inform Waters’ green analytical chemistry

Image shows a plant in a petri dish

Could lignins provide a sustainable alternative to petroleum in plastics development?


Image shows a Waters contour plot image

How comprehensive 2D chromatography helps scientists hit polymer analysis sweet spots 

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Image shows fresh coffee packaging on soil and a plant beside it

Plant-based packaging that can be recycled or home-composted makes design for circularity a realistic goal


Image shows measured dose packs for cooking spices and Kuraray's dissolving packaging solution

Whether it’s recyclable, compostable or repulpable, Kuraray has all product and packaging needs covered



image shows old fashioned typewriter opposite a laptop

Global warming and ocean pollution are among the most publicly discussed topics in society today – and a circular economy relevant to both


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Image showing empty crushed plastic bottles

Using chemometric analysis of attenuated total reflection (ATR) spectroscopy helps scientists pinpoint impurities in recycled plastic streams