Inspiring lives – Page 6

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    What's law got to do with it?


    Sean Seymore’s career has taken him from the lab to law school and back again. Yfke Hager determines his motive

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    Fuelling the chemistry revival


    Alan Darragh left industry behind to inspire others to study science, and now he’s helping to restart a long-lost chemistry department he tells Emma Davies

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    On your marks, get set, go


    Damian Bailey runs Nina Notman through the highs and lows of his career as an academic studying oxygen transport in the body

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    The profits of poison


    Glenn King tells James Mitchell Crow that when it comes to spider venom he just can’t get enough

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    Views from a tall poppy


    Craig Priest tells Yfke Hager that stumbling into chemistry and tripping round the globe have given him a passion for science that he’s eager to share

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    To ECHA his own


    The EU’s Reach regulation involves a huge data gathering operation - Kaihsu Tai is working right at its heart

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    Profile: To ECHA his own


    The EU's Reach regulation involves a huge data gathering operation and Kaihsu Tai is working right at its heart. Manisha Lalloo finds out how he got there

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    Profile: The drugs detective


    Rian Charles tells Hayley Birch that getting a job as a forensic scientist takes conviction

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    Profile: Atomospheric research


    Ally Lewis could probably take apart a gas chromatograph with his eyes closed in the jungle or on a glacier, writes Emma Davies

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    Profile: Polymer chemist delivers the goods


    A career in drug delivery finds polymer chemist Jeff Hrkach working with chemists, biologists, engineers and, ultimately, investors, writes Sarah Houlton

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    Profile: Chemists on a contract


    Emma Blaney joins a growing number of chemists leaving big pharma for careers in contract research organisations (CROs), reports Sarah Houlton

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    Profile: Career development of a development chemist


    Daniel Bayston enjoys a varied career in pre-clinical drug development, writes Bea Perks

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    Profile: The biofuel bug


    James Liao was one of the first to mix biology and engineering and he continues to break new ground in his quest for cleaner, greener biofuels, as Yfke Hager finds out

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    Profile: Diversity, variety and collaboration


    Typecasting has never been a problem for Sally Gras, whose interests have ranged from fluid mechanics and protein misfolding to cheese making, discovers James Mitchell Crow

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    Profile: Consider the evidence


    Forensic analyst Raychelle Burks explains that real-life forensic scientists have rather more paperwork on TV. Bea Perks is relieved to find they don't carry guns, either

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    Profile: Teach the teachers


    Teaching is in Jane Essex's blood. After years teaching in schools, she is now inspiring the next generation of chemistry teachers - and loving it, as she tells Emma Davies

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    Profile: Keep your options open


    Justin Gooding balances his own drive to succeed with the desire to nurture his team, while working to develop new and better biosensors, writes Karen Harries-Rees

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    Profile: Sustainable chemist


    Matthew Davidson, professor of sustainable chemical technologies, talks to Sarah Houlton about the University of Bath's new Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies

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    Profile: Nurturing industrial collaboration


    Organic chemist Joe Sweeney is developing a collaborative network with industry that looks set to provide a new model for knowledge and innovation exchange, says Sarah Houlton

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    Profile: Transatlantic chemist


    British chemist Steve Woodhead's career in fragment-based drug discovery has taken him on a fast-paced 6000 mile trip from the UK to the US, reports Yfke Hager