Shanghai explosion

Deadly explosion and fire at petrochemical plant in China


Transport vehicle driver killed and another employee injured at Sinopec in Shanghai

An image showing wood shavings from a Chilean soapbark tree

Soapbark branches out to fill essential role in vaccine recipes


The soapbark tree has long been used in traditional medicines, but is now coveted for some of our newest vaccines

A pipette with small sample bottles

DSM and Firmenich to merge


Flavour and fragrance-focused Firmenich complements DSM’s transition away from traditional chemicals

Bangladesh incident

Deadly fire and explosions at container depot in Bangladesh


48 dead and hundreds injured as hydrogen peroxide containers exploded

An oil refinery with a city in the background

Data reveals disparities in US refinery benzene emissions


Monitoring shows several facilities consistently exceed federal action levels

An explosion

Fatal explosion at chemical plant in Austria


One contractor dead and another seriously injured after blast at Krems Chemie

PV cell

Breaking efficiency records with tandem solar cells

By Vanessa Zainzinger

Oxford PV layers perovskite over silicon to capture a wider wavelength range

Pills conceptual illustration

UK takes subscription approach for new antibiotics


Decoupling payment from prescriptions helps preserve last-line antibiotics and encourage R&D

Flasks on Ukraine flag

Ukraine’s chemicals industry survives weeks of war

By Maria Burke

Russian invasion pushes firms to the limits as facilities are damaged and distribution networks break down