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An image of dead fish as a result of chemical leaks in a Chinese port

Arrests in China follow massive leak into the Taiwan Strait

29 November 2018

Seven charged with criminal negligence after release of 70 tonnes of aromatic hydrocarbons sickened over 50 people

A PET scan of a human

Transforming PET imaging with silicon

14 November 2018

Fuzionaire Diagnostics can add Si–18F radiolabels to a variety of molecules quickly, easily and cheaply

Standing on the edge of a cliff

Lords criticise post-Brexit regulation plans

7 November 2018

Current lack of preparedness risks ‘cliff-edge’ on exit day, committee warns

A photograph of a gloved hand spraying a chemical from a plastic bottle

Small biocides companies face uncertain fate

24 October 2018

Cost and complexity of European law hampers innovation and excludes SMEs

Long reads

RNA silencing

Breaking the silence of RNA interference drugs


A wave of treatments is set to follow the first approval of an RNAi therapy

File folders in a filing cabinet

Cleaning up clinical trials


Campaigns to enforce complete and correct reporting of trial data are beginning to take hold

Low water in the Rhine

Building resilience to climate threats


As extreme weather events become more frequent, chemical and pharmaceutical producers are taking steps to fend them off in future



An image of Ziylo/Harry Destecroix

Sensing the sweet spot

By Josh Howgego

Ziylo’s selective glucose-binding molecule could open doors to smart insulin for diabetes

A PET scan of a human

Transforming PET imaging with silicon


Fuzionaire Diagnostics can add Si–18F radiolabels to a variety of molecules quickly, easily and cheaply

Clementine Chambon

Rural power champion


Clementine Chambon is the 2018 Chemistry World Entrepreneur of the Year for her work using bioenergy to solve environmental, social and gender challenges in rural India

0318CW Careers Profile - Lucy Padget at Alembia Intellectual Property

From chemist to patent attorney


How to make the career switch



Tablets and padlock

Pushing the limits of patent protection


Some methods of extending exclusivity rights raise legal and ethical questions

Close-up image of a large stainless steel pressure filter at the CalaChem processing plant Grangemouth, Scotland

How do you keep plant reactions cold?


When a really big tub of ice just doesn’t cut it

A photograph of a young man reading book in laundry

What would a 1980s student make of modern research?


Nano- and macromolecular science might make for a shocking read in the launderette

A photograph showing a checkpoint barrier

Passing through checkpoints


A new breed of cancer treatments highlights what’s possible when industry concentrates its efforts


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Anti body cell metical biology biotechnology art

Cancer immunotherapy spreads rapidly

17 October 2018By

New approvals and expanded use for checkpoint inhibitor drugs illustrate the power of Nobel-winning science

Novartis headquarters in Basel, Switzerland

Novartis to cut over 2000 jobs

2 October 2018By

Move exemplifies a wave of manufacturing cuts as pharma moves to more high-value, specialised medicines

An image showing the removal of a star from the EU flag

‘No deal’ Brexit guidance fails to reassure UK chemical industry

28 September 2018By

UK government issues guidance on chemical regulation and patent law if the UK leaves the EU without agreement

Pharmaceutical market in New Delhi

India moves to ban cocktail drugs

26 September 2018By

Government injunction on 328 fixed dose combinations is strongly opposed by manufacturers

DSC 06151 jpg

Landmark China cancer drug full approval ‘first of a wave’

24 September 2018By

Chi-Med’s fruquintinib is a result of China’s evolving drug innovation and regulation

Cells frozen in liquid nitrogen

Europe opens gates to CAR-T

4 September 2018By

First two modified T-Cell cancer therapies approved in the EU, but prices may be prohibitive for public health systems