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An image showing the removal of a star from the EU flag

‘No deal’ Brexit guidance fails to reassure UK chemical industry

28 September 2018

UK government issues guidance on chemical regulation and patent law if the UK leaves the EU without agreement

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Landmark China cancer drug full approval ‘first of a wave’

24 September 2018

Chi-Med’s fruquintinib is a result of China’s evolving drug innovation and regulation

Cells frozen in liquid nitrogen

Europe opens gates to CAR-T

4 September 2018

First two modified T-Cell cancer therapies approved in the EU, but prices may be prohibitive for public health systems

A photograph of a judge's gavel

US court overturns plant safety rule delay

30 August 2018

Appeal finds Trump’s postponement of the 2017 Chemical Disaster Rule was unlawful

Long reads

Low water in the Rhine

Building resilience to climate threats


As extreme weather events become more frequent, chemical and pharmaceutical producers are taking steps to fend them off in future

Chemical compounds

Reaching a milestone


The decade-long process to register all chemicals used in Europe has concluded. Nina Notman takes stock of progress and looks to the next steps for chemical legislation in the region

Cube Blockchain Abstract. Blockchain and cryptocurrency dark isometric cubes background.

Businesses use blockchain to take on trustlessness


Big companies are looking to blockchain technology to track transactions, finds Andy Extance, while upstarts exploit its cryptocurrency origins



Clementine Chambon

Rural power champion


Clementine Chambon is the 2018 Chemistry World Entrepreneur of the Year for her work using bioenergy to solve environmental, social and gender challenges in rural India

0318CW Careers Profile - Lucy Padget at Alembia Intellectual Property

From chemist to patent attorney

By Rachel Brazil

How to make the career switch

Research and development at Sugru

The glue entrepreneurs

By Rachel Brazil

The business novices who launched global sticky success Sugru

Andrew Hopkins of Exscientia

Amplifying intelligent drug design


This year’s Chemistry World Entrepreneur of the year is Andrew Hopkins of start-up Exscientia and the University of Dundee, UK



Low density lipoprotein (LDL) molecule (on the left) & a high density lipoprotein (HDL) molecule (on the right)

The projects drug companies wish they’d never started


Failures are common in drug research, but some are bigger than others

Concept illustration for an argument

Has Crispr’s patent battle run its course?


As the originators duke it out in court, their patents are becoming increasingly irrelevant

Wooden Pinocchio doll close-up

Living the lie


The mind of a serial fraudster must be an odd place indeed

Hourglass - Sept 18 Organic Matter

Brute force and ignorance


It’s time for academia to get with the project plan and fail faster


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A photograph of ONPATTRO™ (patisiran) packaging and product vial

US approves first RNA interference drug

16 August 2018By

Alnylam’s Onpattro (patisiran) can treat a rare hereditary disease by silencing a specific gene

Tractor spraying crop

US government ordered to ban chlorpyrifos insecticide

13 August 2018By

Court gives EPA 60 days to finalise a ban, which was proposed under Obama but reversed by the Trump administration

A photograph of a nurse preparing a vaccination shot against rabies at the Disease Control and Prevention Center in Huaibei in China's eastern Anhui province

Vaccine scandal and heart drug recall show China’s pharma struggles

31 July 2018By

Fifteen arrests amid evidence of bribery related to vaccines, despite new standards and penalties for fraud

Antimicrobial susceptibility testing in petri dish

Novartis exit from antibiotics a setback for race against resistance

30 July 2018By Katrina Megget

Experts say business models must change to halt big pharma exodus

100 dollar bills stacked up on the left and on the right packets of medication

Trump coaxes big promises from big pharma

24 July 2018By

Several drug industry giants are now pledging to freeze price increases in the US, but some suggest the movement is a publicity stunt or worse

The lethal injection room at San Quentin State Prison

Drugmaker blocks Nevada execution

23 July 2018By

Alvogen obtains a restraining order to delay US prisoner’s execution, saying Nevada state obtained its sedative midazolam via ‘subterfuge’