An image showing Pfizer BioNTech mRNA vaccines

Vaccine approvals offer hope as global Covid cases surge

2021-01-14T16:35:00+00:00By , additional reporting by Bojan Stojkovski

A handful of vaccines are now approved and the first doses are being given to patients, with trials for many more candidates nearing completion

An image showing a motorway and a sign reading 'Freight to Eu new documents required'

Industry expects problems ahead after initial relief over Brexit deal

2021-01-14T15:32:00+00:00By Vanessa Zainzinger

Uncertainty still looms over regulation and logistics

An image taken during the Capitol Hill riots

Chaos on Capitol Hill prompts changes in pharma and biotech


Dow won’t donate to lawmakers who refused to certify presidential votes, others like 3M, Amgen, BIO and PhRMA pause political giving to reassess

An image showing employees at the port of Jebel Ali

Chemicals industry roundup 2020


Pandemic provides impetus to re-tune supply chains for resilience and sustainability

An image showing a worker at Sanofi

Pharmaceuticals roundup 2020


Alongside the race for Covid-19 treatments and vaccines, the industry has maintained momentum

A photo of a sign for Belle in front of a chemical plant

Fatal explosion at US chemical plant


Blast at Optima facility killed one and injured three others

An image showing oranges and grapefruit

Oxford Biotrans makes its grapefruit compound out of oranges


Using their patented enzymes, Oxford Biotrans’ mission is to create new routes to useful chemicals – starting with their natural-grade food and fragrance products

A photo showing the damage to a silo following an explosion

4 dead in UK sewage treatment works explosion


One person injured as biosolids silo explodes at Avonmouth

An image showing storage freezers where vials of Covid-19 vaccine are to be stored

UK grants Pfizer–BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine emergency approval

Regulators around the world working towards accelerated decisions on vaccine data