An image showing a pumpjack

Oil price crash ripples through chemicals production


Fuel production slowdown will favour more flexible refiners as demand for petrochemicals is stable or increasing

An image showing a worker in protective gear

How Covid-19 is changing drug manufacturing


Catalent is adapting, focusing on employee safety and supply chain security

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This little Crispr went to market


Gene editing technology heading towards commercial reality in pharmaceuticals, food and organ transplant

An image from the styrene leak incident in India

Styrene vapour leak in India kills 12


Hundreds of locals hospitalised and evacuated to escape discharge from LG Polymers plant

An image showing a micropore membrane

Micropore Technologies’ model membranes make exact emulsions


Solving scalability issues to control particle size without high-shear mixing

An image showing COVID-19 drug production

Can existing drugs slow Covid-19?


The fastest route to treatments may be to repurpose existing drugs – if they work

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Getting ideas across


In a diverse industry like chemicals, we need to make sure we’re open to learning from unexpected angles.

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Data is lacking as Reach moves beyond registration

By Vanessa Zainzinger

Enforcing the demanding rules of Europe’s chemical legislation is keeping regulators and companies on their toes

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FDA freezes foreign facility inspections amid coronavirus pandemic


US regulator will rely on border checks and shared data, but some approval processes may be delayed