Yttrium based film

Ultrafast data-recording without the heat

New hard disk storage could save data centres’ money on electricity bills

splash index

How to not make a splash

Study adds to understanding of droplet behaviour

Molecular knot - Index

Braided molecules help scientists tie the knot

A complex molecular knot with eight crossing points has been made




Brassica juncea

Metal-guzzling plants harvested to make nanomaterials

Vegetation that cleanses contaminated soil adds to its virtues


SEM image of the TPP at PVDF HFP microfibers

Fire-fighting lithium–ion battery doesn’t compromise on performance

Electrospun device can release flame retardants in the event of a battery short circuit or catastrophic damage


Sandpaper electrode harvests electricity from friction

Nanogenerator made from everyday material could rub out recharge issues


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Why speaking English could revitalise Japanese science

Language could solve the stagnation seen in undergraduate courses

line of ducks

Following the leader

Who is responsible for shaping chemical markets?


Refreshing leaded Flint water

US water crisis

The problems that the US city of Flint had with its water were just the first drip in a wider problem, finds Sarah Houlton

London air pollution

Urban air pollution

Nina Notman meets the chemists breathing fresh air into urban air pollution research

Opium poppy seed head - Hero

New opioid drugs

Creating powerful new painkillers is a constant battle against side-effects – particularly addictions. James Mitchell Crow reports


  • Pancuronium bromide

  • TCDD or dioxin

  • Orlistat

  • Diborane

  • Swainsonine

  • A farewell to ice

  • The secret life of fat

  • The water kingdom

  • The sting of the wild

  • I contain multitudes