A view of Earth from space

Illegal CFC production may be slowing ozone layer recovery

Surprise increase in trichlorofluoromethane emissions linked to east Asia

Illustration of microalgae under the microscope, isolated on white.

Algae lipid transformed into benzene

Efficient process derives agrochemical and pharmaceutical intermediate from renewable feedstock


Image showing Light permeable Photoluminescent Microbatteries

Battery-in-screen paves way to ultra-thin smartphones

Multifunctional component made from unique hydrogel electrolyte embedded with water-soluble photoluminescent quantum dots

Ni-Mo-O nanorod-derived composite catalysts for efficient alkaline water-to-hydrogen conversion via urea electrolysis Credit: Royal Society of Chemistry

Transition metal catalyst helps produce sustainable hydrogen from urea

Wastewater purification combines with fuel generation

An image showing hydrogen writing in relief on car

Fuelling the hydrogen economy with straw and old newspapers

A new catalytic process converts non-food biomass into extremely pure hydrogen, ready for use in fuel cells


Scientist as Adam in the Creation, illustration

The three muses of scientific discovery

Inspiration, experimentation and happy accidents are all pathways to a breakthrough

Female scientist in laboratory looking at shelves

Escaping the postdoc trap

Low pay and gloomy career prospects are thwarting the next generation of researchers


Understanding Alzheimer's - Amyloid plaques

Understanding Alzheimer’s

After hundreds of failed drug candidates, James Mitchell Crow asks if this is the last roll of the dice for the amyloid theory of Alzheimer’s disease

Pic cw version 2

The molecular basis of circadian rhythms

Every cell of every organism has its own little clock, but what makes it tick? Fiona Case finds out

3D printer printing drugs, concept illustration

3D printing in pharma

Nina Notman explores how 3D printing is carving out a niche for itself in the pharmaceutical industry





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