Russian Doll nanotube structure

Shortest double-walled nanotube made

Cyclic aromatic compounds assembled into Russian doll complexes expand menagerie of curious carbon structures

Nanoporous nickel cathodes for lithium oxygen batteries are ultralight, shown here balanced on flower stamens.

Spongy metal energises lithium–oxygen batteries

An ultra-light nickel cathode boosts performance and lifetime of promising battery technology

Goldfinch in flight, Lochwinnoch, Scotland.

Hypothetical molecule might take wing in bird geometry

Yet-to-be-synthesised iodabenzene could be stabilised by functional groups that support a bird-shaped isomer




Graphene aerogel floating on water

Floating graphene cooks up clean water

Graphene aerogel converts sunlight into heat to produce water vapour at room temperature

Top view on semi-arid dry rocky landscape on mountain ridge with the view on Mediterranean sea - south Croatia

Changing climate to wreak havoc on Mediterranean soils

Soil organic carbon predicted to plummet over next 60 years lowering agricultural productivity


Gas flare on an oil well

Methane to methanol catalyst could end gas flaring

Process could cut carbon emissions at remote oil fields but devil is in the detail


0617CW - Cultural Chemist - Melanie Sanford - Hero v3

'I'm a big believer in sports'

Melanie Sanford shares lessons from beyond the lab

c0229066 Bourdon pressure gauge 19th century

Bourdon’s pressure gauge

The French inventor who knew when to let off steam


Gene therapy hero

Delivering gene therapy

After some well-publicised problems, gene therapy – delivering DNA into people’s cells using viruses – is booming, Anthony King finds

Gmelin’s handbooks

200 years of Gmelin’s handbook

2017 marks 200 years since Leopold Gmelin first published his influential handbook – and it’s still going strong, as Mike Sutton discovers

i stock 178840831 hero 1600x900

Raiders of the lost pigments

The old sculptures in museums have lost their original colour, but chemistry can help us discover how they used to look


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