plastic waste

Three-quarters of all the plastic ever made is now waste

The overall mass of plastic generated since 1950 is more than 41.5 million blue whales

sun and earth

Stratospheric dichloromethane could delay ozone recovery by decades

Rising levels of the industrial solvent could offset benefits of the Montreal Protocol

Monterey Bay

Ocean chemistry was responsible for 2015 Monterey Bay disaster

Unusual balance of nutrients allowed algae to build up high concentrations of neurotoxin


methane illustration

Sun shines for iron catalyst to convert carbon dioxide to methane

Step on the road to sustainable fuel production as iron–porphyrin catalyst comes through under mild conditions

Lithium highlighted on the periodic table

Lithium could hold key to sustainable ammonia synthesis

Cycling strategy leads to massive efficiency boost

Solar panels

Energy storage prices forecast to tumble

First broad ‘evidence-based’ comparison shows similar capital cost evolution among technologies including lithium-ion and flow batteries


A photograph of the Earth from space

The dark side of dichloromethane

Policymakers and industry must take steps to curb emissions of popular solvent

Student debt

Rebels with a cause

The student debt genie is out of the bottle after putting in an unexpected appearance at the UK elections


Hand prints concept - Hero 04

The proteins of touch

Our sense of touch and balance is deeply ingrained in our experiences, but what are the chemical processes that make it work? Rachel Brazil investigates

Cucumber in tonic bubbles, close-up

The science of distilling gin

Do you know your cold compound from your London dry? Nina Notman sorts through the botanicals to find the perfect cocktail

Cyclists competing in the 2014 Tour de France

The chemistry of the yellow jersey

Hayley Bennett tells the story of the 1948 Tour de France’s yellow jersey – and how synthetic fabrics came to dominate sportswear


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  • Gallium nitride

  • Caesium chloride

  • Rotaxanes

  • Fibrin and fibrinogen

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  • We have no idea: a guide to the unknown universe

  • Bring back the king: the new science of de-extinction