Earth and the Sun

Ozone still declining in the lower stratosphere

The reason for the continuing drop in ozone levels is a mystery

Structure of [UCl4(HCN)4]

Uranium at heart of rare hydrogen cyanide complex

Turquoise powder is only second example of a hydrogen cyanide complex of a uranium compound

Slice of lemon in a fizzy drink

Hydrogen bonds keep soda fizzy for longest

Alcohol, sugar and salts disrupt hydrogen network, changing how quickly carbon dioxide escapes from different drinks




A photo of a rubber on chalk board

Call to erase aqueous sulfide ions from chemistry

Spectroscopic developments question the existence of aqueous sulfide ions

Rendering of the Gas Planet Neptune

Glimpse of water's superionic state may explain icy giants' oddities

Bizarre state of water with solid and liquid properties offers answer to Neptune and Uranus’ magnetic field mystery

Planet Earth illustration

Photoredox sugar synthesis plausible on early Earth

Study using prebiotically realistic wavelengths adds weight to origin-of-life theory

Illustration of the early Earth/Moon system

Meteorites' mechanical energy might have created building blocks of life

Did a cosmic impact kick-start amino acid formation?


A photograph of Leif Tronstad with the Gunnerside team

Leif Tronstad: the heavy water hero

The chemist who ended Nazi attempts to make an atomic bomb

Astrolabe, a form of astronomical calculating device

How to spot fake scientific instruments

Is this a 16th century astrolabe, or a modern-day forgery?


0318CW - Artificial blood feature - Blood bag, abstract - Hero

Artificial blood

Nina Notman reports on progress towards products that can, when necessary, replace donor red blood cells

Molecule gif sequence ref 3 imaging single molecule reaction intermediates stabilized sixteen 9 for site hero 5

Watching molecular movies

Rachel Brazil goes behind the scenes of molecular film sets

Resolve handheld spectrometer

Handheld spectrometers

Andy Extance discovers how portable infrared absorption and Raman scattering analysis tools are inspiring new uses – even within people’s homes





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