Ruins of the Nile Temple of Kom Ombo, Egypt

Ancient Egyptian uprisings triggered by volcanic eruptions

New evidence that changes in atmospheric chemistry caused social stresses and uprisings against the ruling elite

carniolan honey bee

Summer bees vulnerable to nanoparticles in fuel additives

Cerium oxide nanoparticles cause biochemical changes in honeybees

Aerial photograph of Freiburger Münster

Cars blamed for black patch blight on historic monuments

Rock varnish growth also linked to sealants used in conservation

Artist’s concept of the explosive collision of two neutron stars

Heavy elements forged by cataclysmic cosmic collision

First sighting of two neutron stars merging reveals how heavy elements are synthesised


Screen Shot 2017 11 15 at 6.46.22 AM

Molten metal enables climate-friendly hydrogen production

Discovery from academics collaborating with Shell could enable a sustainable energy future, with a reduced global warming threat

Ashtray full of used cigarette butts

Energy storage from the butt end

Used cigarettes converted into efficient hydrogen storage material

A TEM image of 3-AF nanospheres

Carbon nanospheres power up potassium batteries

Improved synthesis of hollow carbon nanospheres sees them used in novel battery

Susumu Kitagawa

Spaces can be useful

Truly functional MOFs are on the horizon but Susumu Kitagawa saw their potential when they were weak and idle


1217CW - The Crucible - Pre-print service image concept - Index

The preprint proposition

ChemRxiv could be a golden opportunity if we embrace it

A photograph of a woman working on a computer in an organic chemistry laboratory

The value of quantification

A skills gap is emerging in organic synthesis that needs to be closed


A Doctors Without Borders (MSF), health worker in protective clothing carries a child suspected of having Ebola

Staying one step ahead of the game

Clare Sansom examines the need for agile drug development when tackling emerging viral disease outbreaks

Shape transformation of form I to form II crystal restrained in oil after crystal of form I was cooled to room temperature, recorded under microscope

Phase to phase

Chemists are finding fascinating phase-change phenomena, discovers Rachel Brazil

1117CW - Feature - CO2 illustration - Hero

CO2 recycling – an uphill struggle

James Mitchell Crow explains how chemists are turning a problematic greenhouse gas into commercially useful molecules, at industrial scale


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