Trilobites scavenging on the ocean floor - Main

Ocean chemistry changes triggered Earth's greatest extinction event

The Great Dying 250 million years ago has its roots in the intrusion of deadly sulfide rich waters into oxygenated shallows with lessons for today

Autumn plowed fields farm house

Finding a synthetic nanoparticle in a haystack

New analytical approach can detect engineered nanoparticles in the environment

Waste water treatment plant

Wastewater plant upgrade fixes fish feminisation problem

Gender balance has been restored in a Canadian river by cutting levels of endocrine disruptors


Close-up of solar panels in field

Best of both worlds solar cell sets new efficiency record

Device combines silicon and perovskite technologies and exceeds previous tandem cell performances

Cedar wood oil fuel

Biofuels from cedar oil get diamond performance upgrade

Tricyclic sesquiterpanes and alkyl diamondoids give renewable fuels the potential to outperform conventional fuels

C6EE02923J The battolyser - Index

Buy one get one free for energy storage

Researchers combine electricity storage and hydrogen production, enabling energy to be stored both short- and long-term

Glass-polymer hybrid metamaterial - Index

Film printed by the metre can cool homes without any power

Material can reflect sun’s ray and emit heat for cheap air conditioning


0317CW - In The Pipeline

Outlines of ignorance

There’s a lot about chemistry that we just don’t understand very well yet

James Marsh mirror

Marsh's mirror

How a poisoner’s acquittal led to the iconic test of forensic science


0317CW - Kendrew - Hero

The chemist with x-ray vision

Mike Sutton tells the tale of John Kendrew and his work towards the unveiling of protein structures

Deal or no deal - Hero

Deal or no deal?

Clare Sansom highlights recent changes in the landscape of pharma company collaborations and acquisitions

Dark Protein - DNA autoradiogram

Shedding light on the dark proteome

Around half of all human proteins are a mystery. What do they look like, asks Phil Ball


  • Molybdenum disulfide

  • Arsenic trioxide

  • Darcin

  • Porphyrins

  • Pancuronium bromide

  • The microbes fight back: antibiotic resistance

  • Furry logic: the physics of animal life

  • A farewell to ice

  • The secret life of fat

  • The water kingdom