sierpinski triangle index

Molecules grown into largest fractal triangle

Fifth order Sierpinski triangle assembled out of iron and organic molecules on a gold surface

Self-assembled C6F6 island and C6Br6 clusters on a Ag(110) surface.

Halogen bonds make windmills of molecules

σ-holes control arrangements of halobenzenes

Tellurene charge density

Flat tellurium made for the first time

Tellurene becomes the first 2D material in the chalcogen group




Thingvellir National Park, Iceland

Titanium analysis puts new date on Earth’s continental crust

Tectonic plates may have begun colliding 500 million years earlier than previously thought

Castor oil seeds – ricinus communis

Castable polymers made from castor beans

Super-tough materials derived from inedible plants are lightweight, renewable and strong enough to use in vehicles


Fresh water and electricity out of the blue

Hybrid system produces steam and electricity from saltwater

Earth from space with glow

Carbohydrates promoted in new prebiotic theory

Aldol reactions between interstellar materials can make DNA sugar



Fresh water and electricity out of the blue

Hybrid system produces steam and electricity from saltwater


Sea of Heather on Dunkery, Exmoor

The knights of Exmoor

The fertiliser revolution that turned moors into farmland

Ernest Henry Shackleton, Captain Robert Falcon Scott and Dr. Edward Adrian Wilson on the British National Antarctic Expedition (a.k.a. Discovery-Expedition), 2 Nov 1902

When Antarctica stopped being only for men

Toxic ideas about heroism blocked women’s access to science


Blue abstract light trails

Photoredox: charge of the LED brigade

Forget fluorescent light bulbs, photochemistry has become a lot more sophisticated

Collecting plastics from polluted river in Manila, Philippines

Recycling is taking back plastic

Angeli Mehta explores the evolution of plastic recycling technology and looks to a rubbish-free future

A selection of legal high packets in the UK

The rising tide of 'legal highs'

Andy Extance investigates the chemistry that has helped recreational drugs evade the law, and its consequences


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