taurus molecular cloud (unlabelled).  This is a widefield image of the Taurus Molecular Cloud and surrounding sky, taken from Charlottesville, VA on January 2, 2018. The molecular cloud is the dark, obscured region in the upper left of the image, where t

First aromatic molecule identified in interstellar space

Radio astronomy analysis picks benzonitrile signal out of the noise

In situ nanocasting synthesis of SOM ZIF 8 and its structure confirmation

First doubly holey MOF holds catalysis promise

Macroporous particles made out of microporous material could catalyse reactions between bulky molecules

The distribution of several nutritional and toxic elements in cocoa beans visualised for the first time using LA-ICP-MS

Elemental maps of cocoa beans could help cut chocolate contaminants

New imaging technique locates multiple-elements in confectionery feedstock




rocky beach north of the Arctic Sea

Fears that ancient methane could add to warming may be unfounded

Methane released from Arctic seafloor appears to be metabolised by bacteria

Blitz's poisonous legacy lives on in modern day London: The first mass German air raid on London, during World War 2. Tower Bridge stands out against a background of smoke and fires. Sept. 7, 1940.

London soil pollution worst on former Blitz bomb sites

Study links heavy metal enrichment to destruction of housing in 1940s

The overgrown South Terras mine, showing the chimney amongst trees

Abandoned Cornish mine may hold clues to uranium clean-up

First time arsenic has been found to lock up uranium in a mineral


Vanessa Peterson

From cement to batteries with help from a wombat

Vanessa Peterson is in the fast lane when it comes to relating atomic-scale structures to a material’s function


#MeToo placard - Women protesting against sexual violence, Oct 2017

Me too: harassment in science

‘Within 10 minutes he had touched my leg’

0118CW - Trace Analysis - Cocaine brick

The great Danish coke off

Can forensics identify a drug kingpin’s cocaine signature?


Jupiter's tumultuous atmosphere

Life on other planets

A series of missions to the moons of Jupiter and Saturn has revealed their potential to harbour life. Nina Notman looks to the skies

Carolyn Bertozzi

Carolyn Bertozzi

One-time heavy rocker Carolyn Bertozzi has made a name for herself with hit papers and sound science. Sarah Houlton charts her path to success

Horizontal field of lightning/electricity/energy.

Can we control reactions with electric fields?

Think beyond the hot plate and stirrer – the consequences could be revolutionary, says Joshua Howgego





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