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Lubricant oil pouring from a bottle

RADIAN ASAP: Additive screening in lubricant oils

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Download this free application note to discover how the RADIAN ASAP system can be a valuable tool for monitoring the components of lubricant oil

Scientists in labcoats and PPE examine test tubes

Application note: Additive quantification in a commercial CMP sample

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Download this application note for a fifteen-minute routine method for the analysis of known CMP slurry additives

Wide shot of a group of researchers in the lab

Routine testing with RADIAN ASAP mass detection

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Download this free white paper to discover how the RADIAN ASAP Direct Mass Detector can quickly answer your analytical questions

Researcher in lab coat and PPE in the lab

Improved cosmetic formulations analysis with HPLC

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Download our free poster to discover how Arc HPLC offers cosmetic scientists improved capabilities for their QC formulation analysis

Biobanking. Technician preparing biological sample for deep freezing

Challenges in digital sample management of biomolecules

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Fabrice Turlais explains how the libraries used in drug discovery need to improve

Unlock lab efficiency through digital transformation

Unlocking lab efficiency through digital transformation

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Discover how an organization can harness all of its data as part of a digital transformation

Illustration of battery showing charge bars on an abstract background

Optimising battery electrolytes with benchtop NMR

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Discover how the development, manufacturing and lifetime of next generation batteries is being optimised by benchtop NMR spectroscopy

Abstract illustration of data sources

Cooper Standard deploys lab informatics platform

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The Uncountable platform creates a connected lab infrastructure that enables scientists to collaborate more easily and effectively.

Concept illustration of battery on blue background

Li-ion battery electrolyte design

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Free resources on Li-ion battery electrolyte additives and solutions

Alkaline battery AAA size with selective focus on single battery

Improving the performance of Li-ion batteries

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Free resources to assist the chemist in improving battery performance


Harmonised system coding and duty calculations for chemicals

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Learn how you can automate the process of harmonised system and commodity coding of chemicals for import and export declarations