Amplifying the diverse voices of those working in chemistry is critical for future innovation

There is growing evidence that companies with diverse workforces do better. Whether we look at profitability, productivity or longevity, those employers that value and encourage diversity seem to rise to the top. A report from McKinsey in 2015 found that ‘more diverse companies are better able to win top talent and improve their customer orientation, employee satisfaction and decision making, leading to a virtuous cycle of increasing returns’.

Encouraging the amplification of all voices is particularly relevant within the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths. Recent reports from the Royal Society of Chemistry – Breaking the barriers and Exploring the workplace for LGBT+ physical scientists – highlight the challenges faced by different communities within science and chemistry in reaching their full potential in their careers.

A diverse workforce introduces a diverse range of perspectives, backgrounds and experiences – maximising innovation and creativity within science. Ensuring that the brightest minds – irrespective of characteristics such as gender, ethnicity or disability – are at the forefront of scientific innovation enables us to pursue questions and solve problems beyond the realms of our current capacity.

Embracing inclusivity not only encompasses personal identity, but also the identities of the disciplines that scientists work within. It is critical to amplify the voices of researchers from chemistry’s array of fascinating fields, all of whom collectively contribute to the development of life-improving technology and science. Strong science communication helps to highlight this passion for chemistry – increasing public awareness and understanding about this incredibly diverse range of research.

The fifth digital supplement created by Notch Communications and Chemistry World highlights this: the diverse range of voices in chemistry that are committed to a wide range of cutting-edge research and outreach activities to engage budding scientists. We are proud to provide a unique platform in which chemists not only discuss their exciting research, but their backgrounds too.

From our inaugural Technology for Health supplement to our most recent Chemistry Detectives collection, we have identified organisations and individuals undertaking some of the most important work in chemistry. This collection uses the same formula, but it aims to amplify the voices of chemists with diverse disciplines and experiences.