COVID-19 pharmacotherapy: present and future

The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Future: Virology, Epidemiology, Translational Toxicology and Therapeutics

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An overview of potential therapeutic interventions encompassing the approved, proposed, repurposed, and the experimental

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The COVID-19 pandemic has raised unprecedented challenges for humans. The entire process of scientific discovery, trials, and the research associated with it is ever-expanding and poses a daunting task for researchers and drug developers. The fast-tracking of treatments has become imperative in these times of pandemic emergency. The initiatives by FDA such as CTAP (Corona Treatment Accelerating Program) and the ACTIV (Accelerating COVID-19 Therapeutic Interventions and Vaccines) pursued by NIH, along-with the various efforts across the globe, demonstrate that we must be united in moving toward the goal of ending this pandemic. In this chapter, we have tried to review and summarize potential therapeutic interventions encompassing the approved, proposed, repurposed, and experimental ones.

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