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Introducing mechanochemistry


Mechanochemical synthesis offers a different way to make compounds. Nina Notman asks whether we should all get grinding

Glass blower Stan Sheldon at University of California, Riverside in 2013

Glass: the chemist’s best friend


Where would we be without our glassware? Tabitha Watson looks through the history and current state of chemistry’s favourite amorphous solid

Rusted metal sheet

The nanocoatings holding back corrosion

By Rachel Brazil

Corrosion is an age-old problem, but some of the latest solutions are distinctly 21st century. Rachel Brazil reports

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A photograph of a panel interviewing a PhD candidate

How to pass your PhD viva

17 July 2018By Rachel Brazil

Five tips to a less painful thesis defence

Rear view of man gesturing with hand while standing against defocused group of people sitting at the chairs in front of him

Unnecessary tension between teaching and research

6 July 2018By

Learning to teach while in graduate school does not hinder the research careers of PhDs, a Portland State University team finds

Akira Yoshino at the Japan Prize Foundation

The father of lithium-ion batteries

5 July 2018By

Akira Yoshino’s journey to winning Japan’s highest scientific honour

Last retort illustration

Supervisors must support the people in their care

25 June 2018By

Management and leadership are two different, equally important, things

Film still from Monty Python and The Holy Grail

What did pop culture ever do for us?

21 June 2018By

Phrases and characters that give us a neat shorthand for sharing ideas

Library research

How to do a literature search

18 June 2018By

Five essential tips to get the most out of hitting the books

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From our columnists

Germany playing Sweden in the World Cup 2018

Smells like team spirit


Be less Germany and more Croatia

Cavers climbing into a web of gypsum crystals

Preserving the Naica Cave of Crystals


Visitors are changing the chemistry of a natural wonder of the world

Person walking through tunnel of light

The bright side of dark reactions


Share your failures – it’s the right thing to do

Metformin drug molecule

'If I'd discovered metformin, I'd have tossed it aside...'


Trusting our intuition too strongly highlights how little we know about chemical activity

Magnifying glasses

Trust in me?


Vigilance is the watchword when tackling bad actors in the sciences

figure 1

Hosieine A


In defence of name calling




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