An illustration showing a sundial with the gnomon pointing at a recycling symbol

Sustainable solar power


Getting energy from the sun isn’t renewable until the panels are recyclable. James Mitchell Crow talks to the scientists making it happen

An illustration showing AP de Silva

Prasanna de Silva: ‘Kindness plays a key role in academia’


The influential Sri Lankan chemist on serendipity, slowness and the excitement of Irish percussion

An illustration showing the rod of Asclepius with RNA wrapped around it

Drugging RNA


Some medicinal chemists have changed their focus from proteins to target RNA, finds Rachel Brazil 

An image showing Princeton University

Princeton fined for export violations involving controlled pathogens


37 violations relate to exporting strains and recombinants of animal pathogen to foreign research facilities

An image showing a pile of rubbish in Corfu

Scientists back creation of an international body to oversee chemicals and waste


New organisation could tackle problem of ‘limited and fragmented’ coverage of environmental impact of these issues

An image showing Intel's silicon laser chip

Chromosol’s silicon photonics system tackles data transfer bottleneck


Technology for integrating lasers directly into photonic circuits could accelerate replacement of large and expensive optical systems

An image showing a frozen Texas sign

Polar storm paralyses US Gulf Coast petrochemical sector


Days after ‘icepocalypse’ hit Texas, 75% of US ethylene capacity was still offline, as was 70% of its polypropylene and 40% of propylene production

An image showing coronavirus particles

Green light for world’s first Sars-CoV-2 studies that will infect healthy volunteers


UK trials will assess how well Covid-19 treatments work and if vaccines protect against new virus variants

An image showing a molecular structure

Double bond metathesis extended to germanium compounds


Partner swapping reaction carried out with digermene compounds, with no need for a catalyst

A conceptual illustration showing the electrochemical synthesis of sulfonamides

Electrochemistry enables new, greener route to aromatic sulfonamides


One-step, metal-free, scalable route synthesises key functional group in drug discovery


Chemist whose father survived oil rig disaster inspired to swap slides for VR safety training


Training using virtual reality could help chemical manufacturing workers prepare for the worst

An image showing the alloy

New magnesium alloy shows exceptional corrosion resistance


Magnesium reaps big benefits from tiny amounts of calcium

An image showing the UV-induced photolysis of polyurethanes

Photosensitive monomer allows polyurethanes to be degraded by light


Polymer designed to have a cleaving point after every second monomer unit

Voice of the Royal Society of Chemistry

  • Chemistry pedagogy for a modern world

  • LGBT+ inclusivity – Building a better chemistry culture

  • Celebrating Black History Month

  • Trust in peer review

Celebrating science's forgotten heroes

  • Julia Lermontova: an early pioneer

  • Margarita Salas: the marquesa of molecular biology

  • Sylvia Stoesser – the first female chemist at Dow

  • Martin Gouterman: the gay man behind the four-orbital model

  • Stefanie Horovitz – the woman behind the isotope

  • Marguerite Perey and the last element in nature

  • Ghanaian biochemistry TV star Marian Addy

  • Barbara Low, penicillin and the protein pi helix

  • Alice Ball’s treatment for leprosy

  • Eunice Foote: the mother of climate change

A colorized image of Venus

The hellish chemistry of Venus’ atmosphere


The potential presence of phosphine on Venus is only the latest twist in the strange chemistry of our planetary neighbour, finds Clare Sansom

An image showing a fossil mobile phone

Marking the Anthropocene


The idea that we’re in a human-influenced geological epoch is gaining traction, but how will future geologists measure it? Rachel Brazil finds out

An illustration showin DNA nanotechnology

DNA machines get a move on


Devices made from nucleic acids are starting to find their feet, says Nina Notman

An image showing Joe Biden winning the elections

Biden thrills US research community with his science ‘dream team’


The new US president has elevated the role of science in the White House

  • Addressing gender parity across the Commonwealth

  • Smarter experimentation for scientists and engineers

  • Gaining an edge through smarter experimentation

  • Physics-based computational modeling applied to the design and optimisation of biologics