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Bottled beer with chemically suitable names

Beer: Music to your taste buds


Andy Extance goes on tour in the UK and Belgium and compares the science behind the different processes used by craft and mass brewers

cw dec2017 feature indoorair final2 hero

Every breath you take


Nina Notman meets the chemists looking to clear the air around indoor air pollution

A Doctors Without Borders (MSF), health worker in protective clothing carries a child suspected of having Ebola

Staying one step ahead of the game


Clare Sansom examines the need for agile drug development when tackling emerging viral disease outbreaks

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A photograph of treated melon seeds

DuPont and Sumitomo link up for seed treatments

8 December 2017By

Firms will collaborate to develop and commercialise seed-applied technologies

Shutterstock 499289461

Bayer and J&J lose first blood thinner lawsuit

7 December 2017By

US jury fines Xarelto makers $27.8 million for downplaying drug risks

Crop spraying

EU extends glyphosate licence by 5 years

4 December 2017By

Extending herbicide’s approval until December 2022 has pleased neither industry nor environmental campaigners

Black soldier fly larvae used for protein animal feed ingredient, Close up

Something fishy about eating insects

1 December 2017By Eric Johnson

While insects as human food remain a novelty in the West, fly larvae grown on human food waste could soon become an important protein source for fish farms

A photograph of a scientist working in a research laboratory

Merck & Co and Qiagen to build UK research hubs

1 December 2017By

Almost 2000 jobs to be created at research centres in Manchester and London

e headquarter of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in Canary Wharf, London. After the Brexit,EMA will move to another European city, that will be soon announced.

European drug regulator heads to Amsterdam

30 November 2017By

Brexit drives EMA to relocate, taking hundreds of jobs and significant expertise away from UK

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Hydrothermal vent discovered by Susan Humphris in 1986 Atlantic expedition

Voyage to the bottom of the sea

7 December 2017By

Susan Humphris explores the Atlantic’s hydrothermal vents

chemistry greatest of all time image

Who is the greatest chemist of all time?

6 December 2017By

Spoiler: you said it was Marie Curie. But how we define greatness matters

1217CW Careers leader - festive science concept

Not home for the holidays

6 December 2017By

Tales of being stuck in the lab

1217CW - Careers profile - Elvira Fortunato - Index

The European adviser

27 November 2017By

Elvira Fortunato shares how she found herself at the heart of EU science policy

Brian Malow at 100th Anniversary of Physics Department at North Carolina State University

Taking the stage

21 November 2017By

The modern face of engaging with the public through science

Al Faisaliyah Centre and Kingdom Centre at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - Hero

Key to the Kingdom

14 November 2017By

Saudi Arabia has great prospects if you are willing to play by its rules

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From our columnists

0118CW - In Situ - Venki Ramakrishnan

'We all want to be The Dude'


Venki Ramakrishnan on optimism, Jane Austen and why he wants to be Jeff Bridges

Scott Pruitt

A tricky year


The Trump administration’s approach to conflicts of interest is emblematic of its problem with evidence

1217CW - Research leader - Gene editing concept



Integrity, not just innovation

shutterstock 326026280

Beyond buckets and batches


Embracing flow chemistry means leaving behind some faithful friends




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