A framed portrait of Marie Anne Paulze Lavoisier

Marie-Anne Paulze Lavoisier the invisible assistant


Could her famous husband have played such a key role in ‘the new chemistry’ without her? Hayley Bennett investigates

A photo of a flat rock fragment held in the palm of a purple-gloved hand. The person's hand rests on what looks like a work bench surrounded by scientific electronic equipment

Ancient Mars meteorites’ organic chemistry cracked – and it’s not alien microbes


Study uncovers geochemical processes that formed organic compounds millions of years ago, at a time when the red planet still had liquid water

An image showing bubbles

How protocells bridge the gap from chemistry to biology


Rachel Brazil talks to the scientists trying to recreate what the first cells were like, or to make their own versions

A photograph showing Gang Chen

Criminal case against Chinese-born top MIT scientist collapses


US prosecutors dismiss criminal charges against nanotechnologist Gang Chen, saying they cannot meet the ‘burden of proof at trial’

An image showing a pile of papers

Interim report on UK research bureaucracy provides a taste of what’s to come


Admin burden has increased over time and grant applications top academics’ list

An illustration showing an NFT

World’s first NFT marketplace for science and tech IP to launch in March


RMDS Lab in California moves into non-fungible token sales to help fundraise for R&D projects and accelerate technology transfer

An image showing the concept of digital farming

Chinese scientist admits stealing Monsanto trade secrets


Imaging scientist faces fines and prison for digital agriculture technology theft

An image showing a man wearing a hazardous material protective clean suit

Daikin-America fined for safety breaches that led to worker deaths


US regulator concludes that fluorocarbon leak at Alabama plant caused two later deaths

An image showing vials

Deviation study suggests numerous elemental analyses are too good to be true


Should journals introduce new requirements for researchers reporting elemental analysis data?

An image showing a lanthanide complex

Dilanthanide complexes smash record for strongest single-molecule magnet


Complexes featuring first ever lanthanide–lanthanide bond could offer way to make powerful new permanent magnets

An image showing a rice plant

Rising ozone pollution threatens east Asia’s cereal crops


Losses of wheat, rice and maize add up to $63 billion every year

An image showing a structure

Engineered enzyme speeds up sedate organic reaction


Biochemical optimisation applied to the Morita–Hillman–Baylis reaction

An image showing Cytochrome P450

Evolved enzymes carry out new-to-nature radical chemistry


Directed evolution produces enzymes that can ‘tame’ radical intermediates for asymmetric catalytic reactions

Voice of the Royal Society of Chemistry

  • How polluting is plastic?

  • Is chemical recycling of plastics the future?

  • Nature and mental wellbeing – Building a better chemistry culture

  • Should we design biodegradable plastics?

Celebrating science's forgotten heroes

  • Marie-Anne Paulze Lavoisier the invisible assistant

  • June Lindsey, another forgotten woman in the story of DNA

  • James LuValle, a chemist who broke the colour barrier

  • The lifesaving work of Evelyn Hickmans

  • Clara Immerwahr – out of her husband’s shadow

  • Kathleen Culhane Lathbury – an industrial pioneer

  • Mabel FitzGerald and the mystery of oxygen sensing

  • Polly Porter, crystallography pioneer

  • Mary Sherman Morgan: The best kept secret in the space race

  • Julia Lermontova: an early pioneer


An image showing electrosynthesis

Wiring up organic synthesis


James Mitchell Crow talks to the organic chemists using electrochemistry to add or remove electrons to their molecules at the flick of a switch

An image showing neutron stars colliding

How elements are made beyond the stars


Tim Wogan looks at what recent astronomical discoveries have added to our understanding of stellar nucleosynthesis, and the mysteries that remain 

An image showing the Sinclair Gasoline logo

Thomas Midgeley and the toxic legacy of leaded fuel


Leaded petrol was around for 100 years, and the campaign against it for almost as long. Mike Sutton reveals its history

An illustrations showing a boat harvesting weeds

The labs pointing to a greener future for Africa

By Munyaradzi Makoni

Tackling climate is not just a job for scientists in more developed countries. Munyaradzi Makoni talks to researchers in Kenya and South Africa to find out more

  • Smarter experimentation for engineers and scientists

  • Using flow chemistry to give early drug discovery processes a boost

  • Powerful technology through tiny particles: Innovation with aqueous colloidal silica