Ionic liquids concept illustration

Ionic liquids revisted

By Michael Freemantle

Ionic liquids have flowed far and wide since they first bubbled to the surface in the late 1990s. Michael Freemantle reports

Epigenetics concept - Hero

Drugging the epigenome

By Rachel Brazil

Drugs that change how your genes are switched on or off could change how we treat many diseases, as Rachel Brazil discovers

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ludwigshafen fire alamy h4 k2 f2

Third fatality confirmed in BASF incident

20 October 2016By

Crackers and related plants will restart over coming days

business industry

Explosion at BASF kills at least two

18 October 2016By

Six workers injured and a further two missing in Ludwigshafen, Germany

blood drop

Troubled Theranos abandons clinical testing

14 October 2016By

Seeking to salvage some value, once-admired blood analysis firm lays off 40% of staff

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Bacterium surface - Hero

The art of science

19 October 2016By

Picture editor Emma Sargent finds out how scientific illustrators are making their mark

Columbia graduate student workers rally for their right to unionize

You don’t get me, I’m part of the union

10 October 2016By

Graduate student unions have power for now, but it may not last

Lina Zhang - Index

The cellulose specialist

3 October 2016By

Lina Zhang reflects on five decades as part of China’s green chemistry vanguard

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