Photographic dark room in red light

Silver iodide

14 June 2019By

How the compound that ushered in a photographic revolution has taken to the skies to try to control the weather

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An image showing hydrogen bubbles formed through the water splitting reaction

Magnets that double efficiency of water splitting could help usher in a hydrogen economy


New catalysts based on earth-abundant metals are ‘game-changer’ for hydrogen production

An image showing gas burning in modern water heater

Switching UK’s gas network to hydrogen perfectly possible, report finds

14 June 2019

Repurposing the natural gas network would cut out country’s biggest source of carbon emissions

An image showing a sign posted by town officials to warn people not to drink nearby polluted spring water is pictured in Kadena, Okinawa, Friday, May 10, 2019

US air bases blamed for fluorinated pollutants on Japanese island

12 June 2019

Diplomatic tensions between the two nations have been stoked by accusations that the US military has polluted Okinawa with PFAS chemicals

An image showing IonQ’s quantum computer entangles trapped ions

Industry adopts quantum computing, qubit by qubit

12 June 2019

Companies looking to solve complex chemistry problems are among early adopters of quantum technology

An image showing firefighters working on the rubble of a chemical factory after the explosion in Yancheng

China makes slow progress on safety

11 June 2019

Government policy drive continues, as self-regulation also grows

An image showing various polymeric micro-sized balls fabricated by two-photon lithography based 3D printing technology

Polymer microballs and fatberg crystals top science photo competition

11 June 2019

From virtual reality to citizen science, photo competition shows breadth of UK research

An image showing a university professor giving lecture

Education specialists in science faculties keep on growing

11 June 2019

Specialised teaching roles have expanded 51% in California State University system in 10 years

An image showing Paul Nurse

Missing out on €100bn EU fund after Brexit would be ‘major blow to British science’

6 June 2019

UK needs to secure access to Europe’s multi-million-pound research fund as soon as possible, according to Nobel laureate Paul Nurse

An illustration showing Zika viruses

Saliva test uses surface imprinting to recognise Zika

14 June 2019

Sensor matches surface roughness of its electrode with Zika’s dimensions and generates results within 20 minutes

An image showing the design and construction of LBC

‘Little big coil’ breaks record for world’s strongest magnet

13 June 2019

High temperature superconductor used to create 45.5 Tesla field magnet 9000 times more powerful than a fridge magnet

An image showing a bar graph

Study ranks interactions between hydrogen-bond acceptors and cations

13 June 2019

Experiments establish a set of parameters that will help scientists predict the free energies of the interaction between cations and hydrogen-bond acceptors in any solvent with good reliability

A scanning electron microscope image of sporopollenin exine capsules

Spore shell acts as sunscreen for light-sensitive antibiotics

12 June 2019

Polymer capsule that protects and preserves antimicrobial compound could aid fight against multi-drug resistant pathogens

An image showing a carbon nanotube

Everyday kitchen chemicals used to grow carbon nanotubes

11 June 2019

Nanotubes can be synthesised at relatively low temperatures using sodium compounds

An image showing several planctonic foraminifera

Nanoparticle-fed plankton grow magnetic skeletons

11 June 2019

Scientists make bionic material by commandeering the growth process of a calcifying organism

An image showing microplastics placed inside a spoon

Humans consuming thousands of microplastic particles in their food every year

10 June 2019

Fans of seafood and bottled water are exposed to thousands of microplastic particles each year

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