0318CW - Artificial blood feature - Blood bag, abstract - Index

Artificial blood


Nina Notman reports on progress towards products that can, when necessary, replace donor red blood cells

Molecule gif sequence ref 3 imaging single molecule reaction intermediates stabilized sixteen 9 for site hero 5

Watching molecular movies

By Rachel Brazil

Rachel Brazil goes behind the scenes of molecular film sets

Resolve handheld spectrometer

Handheld spectrometers


Andy Extance discovers how portable infrared absorption and Raman scattering analysis tools are inspiring new uses – even within people’s homes

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0318CW Careers Profile - Lucy Padget at Alembia Intellectual Property

From chemist to patent attorney

13 February 2018By Rachel Brazil

How to make the career switch

0318CW - Location guide - Capitol building & city skyline in Austin, Texas

Keeping Austin weird

11 February 2018By

Your guide to the Lone Star State’s capital ahead of the 2018 AAAS meeting

A photograph of a young professor in front of a bookcase

How to become a professor

6 February 2018By ,

Want to succeed in academia? Here’s what universities are looking for

Gender pay gap conceptual illustration - Original

It’s getting worse for women in STEM

29 January 2018By

Pay, satisfaction and opportunities are lacking

Ex Voto - artwork displayed at Anna Dumitriu's 'BioArt and Bacteria' exhibition

Art imitating life

29 January 2018By Rachel Brazil

How a chemist and an artist are learning from each other

Research laboratory scientist

How to choose a research group

25 January 2018By

Five tips on picking your path to a PhD

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cw march2018 opinion organic matter image 1



Ringing the changes with some unconventional chemistry

0218CW - News Leader - Mole day

What’s in a number?


Redefining the mole is more than just bean-counting – it helps people reconnect with chemistry

PhD acknowledgments – illustration

Do you acknowledge?


Explore the hidden delights of thesis recognition

0218CW - Critical Point - Metal organic framework structure

A question of reproducibility


Survey of metal–organic frameworks raises concerns about the reliability of adsorption data




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