beryllium emerald stone

Beryllium oxide

17 May 2019By

Brian Clegg examines the duality that makes beryllium oxide so valuable to the electronics industry

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Photo of Cheryl Juaire holding speakerphone, leading protesters near the Arthur M. Sackler Museum at Harvard University, in the US

Emerging from the US opioid crisis


With litigation against suppliers in full swing, how does the US counter its addiction to powerful painkillers?

An image showing a group of mosquitos

Darpa wants to genetically engineer soldiers’ skin bacteria to protect them from mosquitoes

17 May 2019

Pentagon programme aims to change chemical cues released by human skin microbes to provide a long-term defence from mosquito-borne diseases

Image showing Pharmacists in Myanmar scanning medicines using RxAll's RxScanner

Fighting fake medicines

16 May 2019

RxAll’s handheld scanner assesses drug quality in real time via a smartphone

An image showing female scientists

Canadian pilot to diversify research based on UK’s Athena Swan

16 May 2019

Scheme aims to help universities in Canada increase participation of women and other minorities in science

An EuChemS Historical Landmarks sign

European Chemical Society plaques to recognise continent's chemistry landmarks

15 May 2019

Signs will highlight important chemical heritage sites across Europe

An image showing the spherical shape of a flame in microgravity

International Space Station experiments will search for key to soot-free flames

14 May 2019

Microgravity research could help to burn fuels more cleanly and cut soot’s contribution to ill health and climate change

An image showing the new candidate for oldest classroom periodic table

New candidate for oldest classroom periodic table emerges in Russia

9 May 2019

Hand painted table commissioned by Mendeleev dates back to 1876

An image showing a coroner who IDs victims from the Illinois factory explosion

At least six dead in explosions in US and Russia

8 May 2019

Blasts at silicones and fertiliser plants each leave three confirmed dead

An image showing the metal-organic framework ZIF-8

Algorithm accurately predicts mechanical properties of existing and theoretical MOFs

17 May 2019

Machine learning could speed up the production and use of coordination polymers in industry

An image showing the sequence information transfer using covalent template-directed synthesis

Non-natural system uses covalent base-pairing to transfer information

16 May 2019

Template-directed process that replicates non-biological molecules is step towards using evolution to explore chemical space

Cytochrome P450

Enzyme evolved to selectively functionalise carbon–hydrogen bonds

16 May 2019

Lactam libraries created by engineered bacterial enzyme offer new way to fight antibiotic resistance

An image showing colonies of E Coli

First bacterium with a totally redesigned genome created

16 May 2019

Designer E. coli uses a simplified genetic code to make proteins

A supernova concept image

Mystery around actinides deepens as researchers challenge study on heavy elements’ origin

15 May 2019

Was a giant supernova rather than a neutron star collision responsible for creating the solar system’s actinides?

An image showing gold nuggets

New compounds make dissolving gold simpler and safer

14 May 2019

Polypseudohalogen-based ionic liquid offers innovative way to recycle electronics

An image showing the structure of 7-azaindole

Directing group ‘dance’ decorates heterocycles

14 May 2019

Reaction that multi-functionalises nitrogen heteroaromatics using a movable directing group has already attracted the attention of industrial chemists

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Voice of the Royal Society of Chemistry

An image showing the Brexit deal options

International survey reveals scale of Brexit concern

Voice of

72% of respondents say no-deal scenario will be ‘very negative’ for sector

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An image showing a children crossing sign

The problem of particulate air pollution


Small particles in the air can find their way into the brains of growing children, with seriously unpleasant consequences. Anthony King reports

An image showing a mosquito biting

Malaria no more?


Efforts to cure malaria have been going on for hundreds of years. Clare Sansom looks at some of the latest – and most innovative

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