An image showing a carbon ring

New form of pure carbon made by manipulating atoms


Elusive 18-carbon ring pinned down on surface

An image showing Scott Morrison announching his cabinet in the Prime Ministers Courtyard at Parliament House in Canberra, Sunday, 26 May 2019

Australian basic research squeezed as R&D to fall to lowest level for decades

16 August 2019

Researchers call for end of benign neglect for science as funding predicted to fall to 40-year low

An image showing Kary Mullis

PCR inventor Kary Mullis dies aged 74

13 August 2019

Mullis shared the 1993 chemistry Nobel prize with Michael Smith

A picture taken at the Berkley campus of the University of California

Crispr pioneer among University of California researchers boycotting Elsevier

12 August 2019

Open letter to the journal publisher withholding editorial work has been signed by 31 members of the university

Bristol University NIB

Research would be a ‘casualty’ if English higher education review acted on, Lords warn

12 August 2019

Many other areas could suffer too including student lab practicals and infrastructure maintenance

Sign on facade advertising Impossible Whopper

The ‘Impossible Whopper’ has a secret ingredient: chemistry

9 August 2019

The plant-based patty uses haem harvested from genetically engineered yeast

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson visits the Fusion Energy Research Centre

Immigration reforms unveiled to attract leading scientists to the UK

9 August 2019

Long-awaited changes welcomed but the spectre of a no-deal Brexit has the science community on edge

An image showing a bottle of N,N-Dimethylformamide

Enhancing solvents' sustainability

7 August 2019

Increased recycling and replacing toxic solvents with greener alternatives will reduce environmental impact

Thermite explosion 174080615

Explosive 25% more powerful than TNT found in first study of energetic isomers

19 August 2019

Stereo- and regiochemistry affect compounds’ explosive potential

An image showing water droplets

Gravity-defying droplets race upside down on super slippery surface

15 August 2019

Charged superamphiphobic surface propels water, blood and other liquids up vertical slopes and even upside down

An image showing a colony of blue green algae in culture medium plate

Engineered cyanobacteria turn carbon dioxide into petrol substitute

14 August 2019

Strategy transforms wild photosynthetic organism into a system that could reduce humanity’s reliance on fossil fuels

An illustration of Crispr

Turbo-charged Crispr gene-editor can make 25 alterations in one go

14 August 2019

Theoretically thousands of changes could be made at once using new technique

An image showing threading carbon nanotubes through a self-assembled nanotube

Self-threading monomer provides protection for carbon nanotubes

13 August 2019

Strategy assembles three-component nanostructure with nanoscale precision

High-permeance polymer-functionalized single-layer graphene membranes

Selective graphene membranes could invigorate carbon capture technology

12 August 2019

Concept shows promise as a way to sidestep the energy penalties of numerous industrial separations

Robotic flow chemistry platform

Are synthetic chemists out of a job as AI meets automation?

9 August 2019

Platform can weigh up a synthetic route, plan it and then carry out it

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Cambridge pride 6

Be the change – Creating a positive workplace is up to us all

Voice of

Report: Exploring the workplace for LGBT+ physical scientists

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An illustration showing the back of a car with a hydrogen storage tank which shows a cutout that reveales a MOF structure

Hydrogen storage gets real


As production costs fall and demand is poised to rocket, James Mitchell Crow finds the hydrogen economy is finally ready for take-off – as long as we can find ways to store it

An image showing drawings of historical artefacts

Chemical clocks for archaeological artefacts


Radiocarbon dating is a standard technique, but what if your artefacts are inorganic? Rachel Brazil finds out how to accurately age pottery and even metals

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