Residents in the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus, Syria - Hero

Refugee scientists

By Rachel Brazil

Rachel Brazil looks at schemes to help refugee scientists in the past, present and future

Times square alternative view - Hero

History of noble gases


Mike Sutton tells the story of William Ramsay’s hunt for the noble gases

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INEOS Shale Gas

Ineos lands first US shale gas in UK

28 September 2016By

Massive tankers create a ‘virtual pipeline’ bringing feedstock to replace dwindling domestic supplies


US senators examine agrochem consolidation

27 September 2016By

Judiciary committee voices concern over pending merger deals


Acquisition spree moves Allergan towards innovative drugs

26 September 2016By

Company acquires five companies in six weeks across three disease areas

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Shanghai skyline

Why you should work in Shanghai, China

23 September 2016By Peng Tian

The world’s largest city has plans for its science sector that will result in a jobs boom

Undergraduate students working in new Synthetic Chemistry teaching lab, at Lancaster University - Hero

How to start a chemistry department

19 September 2016By Rachel Brazil

The challenges of relaunching a degree course

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