An image showing the blast in the Industrial Park In Yancheng

47 dead in China chemicals plant explosion

22 March 2019

Enormous blast at China chemicals producer flattens large parts of industrial park and injures more than 600 people

An image showing a beagle dog being examined

DowDuPont ends fungicide dog experiment amid public pressure

22 March 2019

Brazil agrees regulatory waiver for ‘unnecessary’ experiment highlighted in US Humane Society undercover footage

An image showing a closeup of the hand of a tattoo artist using a pen with black tattoo ink

Chemical analysis supports EU’s toxic tattoo ink ban

21 March 2019

Report finds 20% of tattoo inks contain ‘negative list’ chemicals, although little is known about long-term effects

An image showing an aerial view of Alderley Park

Nurturing the next biotech generation

20 March 2019

As incubator environments evolve, options for new companies looking for support are broadening

An image showing waste water pipes with water flowing into a river

EU sets goal of tackling pharmaceutical pollution in the environment

15 March 2019

Commission identifies six areas to take action on

An image showing the periodic table

New record set for the world’s smallest periodic table

14 March 2019

Table less than one fortieth the area of previous record holder is a gift for element maker Yuri Oganessian

An image showing the concept of gene editing

Leading geneticists call for worldwide moratorium on creation of gene-edited children

13 March 2019

Five-year pause would give nations breathing space following the birth of the first genetically-modified children in November

An image showing five dinitrogen space-filling models

Odd boron compound gets two nitrogen molecules to link up

25 March 2019

Bis-dinitrogen made directly from nitrogen gas in first-of-its-kind reaction

An image showing rain flowing from a roof

Untreated water works just fine as polymerisation solvent

25 March 2019

Discovery that impurities don’t impede reaction could cut costs

An image showing the schematic illustration of the electrolysis cell

Doing away with membranes from the chloralkali process

22 March 2019

Cost-effective and scalable electrochemical cells rely on inertial separation mechanism, rather than membranes, to keep products separate

An image showing a cluster of contaminated magnetic stirrer bars of different sizes

Warnings that dirty stirrer bars can act as phantom catalysts

22 March 2019

Metal contaminants that can’t be removed by cleaning can be a serious problem for sensitive reactions

An image showing 3 vials holding concentrated Cannabis sativa extract, a co-crystal of CBD from the former sample  and CBD liberated from co-crystal

Co-crystals fish out cannabinoid from plant extract

21 March 2019

Purifying cannabidiol from natural cannabis extract made cheap and easy thanks to amino acid partner

An image showing the sodium element as it appears in the periodic table

Can sodium make organic cross-couplings sustainable?

20 March 2019

Microparticle dispersions make abundant but feisty sodium safer to use as replacements for organolithium in carbon–carbon bond formation

An image showing the graphical abstract

Bismuth gets involved in small molecule activation

20 March 2019

Reaction adds to research blurring the lines between transition metal and main group compounds

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An image showing the Brexit deal options

International survey reveals scale of Brexit concern

Voice of

72% of respondents say no-deal scenario will be ‘very negative’ for sector

An image showing the manipulation of enzymes

Catalysts with a gentle touch


Enzymes and metal–organic frameworks share some common features and are being investigated for industrial use. Clare Sansom reports

A picture of a shirt in a size too small

The battle to lose weight


Losing weight – and not putting it back on – is about much more than willpower. Nina Notman reports on the drugs trying to penetrate the complex metabolic web of hunger and satiety.

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