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0916CW Features - Testing Times Fig1_WV-Index

Testing times

17 August 2016By John Gilbey

A look at the future without chemistry as we know it

0916CW Features - Julia Roberts Fig1_WV-Index

The age of eternity

17 August 2016By Robert Reed

What if the price of eternal youth is more than people can pay? Robert Reed looks at a beautiful future

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business industry

EU examines Dow–DuPont union

22 August 2016By

European commission probes competition implications of the planned mega-merger

Sunrise on the horizon

On the innovation horizon

17 August 2016By

Bringing disruptive technology to market requires enhanced collaboration

Canoe storm cartoon

How do companies deal with political shifts?

17 August 2016By

Political instability hits small companies hardest

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Buncefield fire

Meet chemistry's emergency hotline

17 August 2016By

Lifesaving advice is just part a normal day at the office for the staff of the National Chemical Emergency Centre

Kate Granger

How your name affects your career

17 August 2016By

Kate Granger showed few things have such impact as introducing yourself

Future of chemistry jobs illustration_Hero

What skills will you need in 2026?

17 August 2016By

Andy Extance asks the experts how science jobs will change and where to focus your professional development

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