Different liquids, gases and solids colliding

Combining homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis

By Rachel Brazil

Can you make a catalyst that has the stability and recyclability of a heterogeneous one with the selectivity of a homogeneous one? Rachel Brazil talks to the scientists finding out

0418CW - Green Chemistry Feature - opening schematic - Index

Solvents and sustainability


Organic solvents make up a huge part of the waste from the chemical industry. Clare Sansom looks at efforts to reduce the loss or replace them entirely

Ikea-style manual for step by step gene synthesis

Step-by-step synthesis of DNA


Andy Extance discovers how scientists are delivering the extremely accurate DNA chemistry and biochemistry needed to make genes – and even genomes

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73 credit Northumbrian Water

Flushed with success

18 April 2018By

The chemists at the heart of the urban water cycle

Still index image

How materials science kept the Paralympics on track

17 April 2018By

Maddy Nichols shares her video diary working behind the scenes at the Pyeongchang games

A photograph of an journal article on an office desk

How to review a paper

11 April 2018By

Advice for those assessing if a paper is fit for publication

A photograph of someone working under pressure in an office

The ethics of scientific publishing

11 April 2018By

How to spot a problem paper – and what you should do about it

A photograph of Edinburgh's Old Town

Fringe benefits in East Scotland

3 April 2018By

There’s a lot to like north of the border

A photograph of a globe

How to work in another country

2 April 2018By Rachel Brazil

Five tips for getting the most out of moving to a lab in a new land

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From our columnists

An illustration of a person wearing a hazardous materials suit

The safety dance


A little lab explosion and it’s health and safety gone mad…

0418CW - Organic Matter - Unbalanced weighing scales

Finding the missing mass


When the numbers don’t add up, chemists must restore the balance

0418CW - News leader - Salisbury nerve agent investigations

Chemistry on the front line


The truth must out in Salisbury spy poisoning case

0418CW - In the Pipeline - robot versus human concept illustration

Will robots make you redundant?


Smart machines could soon outpace even the best organic chemist




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