Supreme Court Building in Washington, DC - close-up of 'Equal justice under law'

Forensics in crisis


High-profile cases of scientific misconduct at forensics labs are upending the legal system and casting doubt on the wider field, Rebecca Trager finds

Synapse Chemistry - Synapse illustration

The chemistry of synapses


Scientists are decoding the brain’s exquisite molecular machinery – but there is still a long way to go, finds Andy Extance

A ship drifts through a heavy band of oil, spilled from Deepwater Horizon wellhead in the Gulf of Mexico, May 2010

Oil spill cleanup


Is the cure worse than the disease? Katrina Krämer looks at the new alternatives to traditional dispersants and surfactants

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Library research

How to do a literature search

18 June 2018By

Five essential tips to get the most out of hitting the books

Brian Malow at 100th Anniversary of Physics Department at North Carolina State University

The science of stand-up comedy

12 June 2018By

Science Comedian Brian Malow on cracking wise about chemistry

A photograph of the Vancouver skyline

Trailblazing in the Pacific Northwest

10 June 2018By

Life in the US–Canadian Cascadia corridor

Sealing a deal with a handshake

How to form a research collaboration

30 May 2018By Rachel Brazil

Five tips for success when partnering up in the name of science

A photograph of Mezzegra town on Lake Como, Lombardy, Italy

Fashioning a career in Lombardy

27 May 2018By

One of the largest chemical industries in Europe is ready to entice you to enjoy la dolce vita

Burning money in conical flask

Time to stop paying for work

25 May 2018By

Hidden work costs are a financial drain worth considering

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Beta-galactosidase molecule

The role of information theory in chemistry


Is chemistry an information science after all?

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt testifying before the Senate Interior, Environment and Related Agencies Appropriations Subcommittee, May 16, 2018

Agency provocateur


The head of the US’s environment agency is on a collision course with his own staff over science

Man marking roll of printing paper

The clues that let you trace a single sheet of paper


Forensic science has a new way to detect document fraud

Artist's concept of a magneto-optical trap and atom chip to be used on ISS

Ultracold chemistry heats up


Chemists are starting to learn that quantum is very, very cool




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