An image showing a black researcher

UK chemistry pipeline loses almost all of its Black, Asian and other ethnic minority chemists after undergraduate studies


Black students are only one quarter as likely to study for a PhD than their white counterparts

An image showing a human fossil

Recalibration is the biggest shake-up in the carbon dating world for seven years


Overhaul will improve accuracy and push back how far samples can be dated by 5000 years

Ayanna Jones, Devin Swiner and Ashley Walker, organisers of #BlackInChem

Being #BlackinChem

By Devin Swiner, Ayanna Jones, Ashley Walker

The US organisers of #BlackinChem week share their stories

An image showing the Gold king mine disaster

EPA settles Gold King mine disaster five years later


Utah state will receive $220 million as part of settlement over 2015 accident that spilled toxic waste into waterways

An image showing a covid vaccine trial

Encouraging signs from initial Covid-19 vaccine trials


Human trials deliver positive immune responses, while primate challenge studies suggest protection is possible

An image showing a lock

Blow to open access Plan S as European Research Council withdraws


Disagreements over hybrid publishing caused research funder to part ways with coalition

An image showing the pink cloud from the Beirut blast

Questions surround deadly Beirut blast


Ammonium nitrate explosion that killed at least 135 appears to have been caused by poorly-stored cargo from an abandoned vessel

An image showing a box of paracetamol

Paracetamol, ibuprofen and other painkillers may harm those suffering from chronic pain


Opioids and benzodiazepines should also be avoided in favour of non-drug therapies for treating chronic pain, recommends UK clinical practice body

An illustration showing in situ tissue pathology

Mass spectrometry and augmented reality guide tumour removal in real time


Colour pixels help surgeons differentiate between cancerous and healthy tissue

An image showing an aniline structure

Aniline synthesis turns to photochemistry to access challenging targets


New photochemical strategy could jump in where common cross-coupling reactions fall short

An image showing the transition state

Hydrogen bond imparts more stability on transition state than expected


Study reveals importance of repulsive interactions

An image showing orange peel

Twists of orange odorant reveal smell secrets


Modifying octanal produces hard-to-get information about olfactory receptors

An image showing the experimental setup used to cut multiple hairs in situ

How does hair blunt steel blades?


Electron microscopy reveals how hairs chip and crack stainless steel blades while shaving

Voice of the Royal Society of Chemistry

  • Tackling bullying and harassment – Building a better chemistry culture

  • Welcoming a new era: A time for digital scientific discovery

  • Building a better chemistry culture

  • Managing isolation – Building a better chemistry culture

Celebrating science's forgotten heroes

  • Marguerite Perey and the last element in nature

  • Ghanaian biochemistry TV star Marian Addy

  • Barbara Low, penicillin and the protein pi helix

  • Alice Ball’s treatment for leprosy

  • Eunice Foote: the mother of climate change

  • Jimmy Robinson and the atom bomb elements

  • The indomitable Toshiko Mayeda

  • Theodora Greene’s protecting groups

  • Ellie Knaggs and tetrahedral carbon

An image showing silhouettes with pills overlaid

Why is cystic fibrosis so hard to treat?


Claire Jarvis talks to the scientists trying to find new drugs to treat the inherited lung condition

An image showing a folding molecule

The function of folding


Can chemists make molecules that fold up as well as proteins? Rachel Brazil talks to the people trying to create foldamers


The complex chemistry of fire


Despite its ubiquity in human life, chemists have still barely unlocked what’s happening amid the flames. Kit Chapman reports

An image showing a man collecting water produced from a solar powered pilot project

Atmospheric water harvesting


With drought threatening many parts of the world, Nina Notman explores technologies for sucking water out of thin air

  • Tackling bullying and harassment – Building a better chemistry culture

  • Embracing digital efficiency to rescue 2020

  • Synthace: Accelerating process development with automated Design of Experiments

  • Enhancing polymer analysis with comprehensive 2D chromatography

  • Illuminating research with the LightOx PhotoReact 365 benchtop photoreactor