A photograph of Primo Levi; the tile of the chapters in his book, The Periodic Table, are written around him

Primo Levi and the other periodic table


Author and chemist Primo Levi was born 100 years ago this July. Philip Ball looks at his chemical and literary legacy – including his books The Periodic Table and If This Is a Man

An image showing a coal power station in the US

Trump repeals and replaces Obama’s clean power plan to curb coal emissions

25 June 2019

Affordable Clean Energy Rule lets states determine how or whether to regulate pollution from coal-fired power plants

Donald Trump

Third of US science and environment advisory committees to be slashed

25 June 2019

President Trump’s latest order has science advocates worried

An image showing the Simpson Querrey Biomedical Research Center

Northwestern opens largest biomedical building of any US university

24 June 2019

Chemistry sits atop Northwestern University’s new 12-story interdisciplinary biomedical centre

An image taken during the school strike for climate action in Dublin

Ambitious Irish climate plan aims for zero-carbon economy by 2050

21 June 2019

Targets floated for one million electric cars and 70% renewable energy by 2030

An image showing a board onto which Me Too is written multiple times, in red and black pen

Just six sexual harassment complaints were received by four of the US’s top funding bodies – over four years

19 June 2019

Nasa, energy and agriculture departments and National Institutes of Health all received fewer than three complaints

An image showing Shekhar C. Mande

Image manipulation allegations hit Indian toxicology institute

18 June 2019

Investigation launched after images in as many as 130 papers questioned

An image showing gas burning in modern water heater

Switching UK’s gas network to hydrogen perfectly possible, report finds

14 June 2019

Repurposing the natural gas network would cut out country’s biggest source of carbon emissions

An image showing Professor Richard Zare holding the Mexican scorpion species Diplocentrus melici in his hand

Colourful antibiotics isolated from scorpion venom

25 June 2019

Isolated benzoquinone has excellent activity against TB along with low toxicity in mice

An image showing the structure of IBX-ditriflate

New hypervalent iodine compound is most powerful oxidant in series

24 June 2019

2-iodoxybenzoic acid ditriflate can oxidise stubborn hydrocarbons and obstinate polyfluoroalcohols

An image showing a Sikorsky S-92 Helicopter

Helicopter NMR prepares to detect Arctic oil spills

21 June 2019

ExxonMobil-funded project readies giant airborne coil for accidents as shipping lanes open up

An image showing red laser beams on black

Laser centrifuge spins out chiral molecules in world first

20 June 2019

Experimental proof that molecule’s rotation can be controlled with light could lead to new ways to separate enantiomers

An image showing an assembled soft robotic fish

Robotic fish powered by hydraulic blood and two heart pumps

19 June 2019

Soft robot mimics lionfish’s graceful movement with flow batteries and hydraulic fluids

Image showing a bubble gradually becoming more frozen

Physics behind freezing bubbles’ hypnotic ice crystal dance revealed

19 June 2019

Marangoni flow responsible for the often photographed but never studied snow globe effect in freezing soap bubbles

An image showing sugar cubes and red blood cells

Glucose-regulating nanogel keeps blood sugar in the sweet spot

19 June 2019

System prevents hyperglycemia in rats by acting like an artificial liver

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Voice of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Bust of Faraday at Burlington House, London

Driving discovery through debate

Voice of

Celebrating more than a century of the Faraday Discussions

  • Iridium and the demise of the dinosaurs

  • The discovery of radium – part two

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An image showing a blue leaf

Taking a leaf out of plants’ books


Learning to mimic natural photosynthesis on an industrial scale might open the door to a fossil fuel-free future. Nina Notman investigates

An image showing a scrunched up piece of paper with the details of element 118 - Ninovium - Written down

Victor Ninov and the element that never was


20 years on, Kit Chapman investigates how a scientific scandal unfolded

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