Bonding collection

The bonding collection

Bonds connect chemists, as well as atoms. In this collection we look at how chemists are exploiting non-traditional bonds and pushing our ideas of bonding to the limit, and explore whether bonds even exist at all.

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A decade on how has the EU’s €1 billion gamble to get graphene on the market fared?


Project helped take 2D materials into the mainstream but there’s still a long way to go

Javier Milei

Argentina’s new populist president has the country’s scientists worried


Researchers seek dialogue with new leader who plans to eliminate the nation’s science ministry and possibly its research council

Curiosity Surveys "Teal Ridge"

The perchlorate Martian mystery


Rachel Brazil looks at how the compounds might have formed on our neighbouring planet and whether they could be useful for future exploration

Switzerland and EU flags

Negotiations on Switzerland rejoining Horizon Europe to begin


Talks come after 18 months of diplomacy over the future of Switzerland’s relationship with the EU

Artificial meat

Italy bans cultivated meat products


New law prohibits the production or sale of cultivated meat in Italy, with fines of up to €60,000

AI-powered autonomous lab

Future House wants to build an AI biologist. They’re looking to a chemistry LLM for inspiration


ChemCrow has already recorded success researching, designing and producing an insecticide on its own


UK becomes first country in the world to authorise a Crispr-based gene therapy


Treatment aims to cure patients with β-thalassaemia and sickle-cell disease

Fishermen protest

Fisheries agency concludes it’s ‘very unlikely’ pyridine behind UK crustacean deaths after new tests


Cause of mass die-offs in late 2021 and early 2022 still a mystery

Liquid droplets

‘Most slippery surface ever’ inspired by new understanding of surface roughness


Modelling and measurements reveal surprising ways slipperiness develops

Image taken from video showing magnet levitating

Case closed on mystery of why a spinning magnet can levitate other magnets


 Phenomenon discovered in 2021 that left physicists scratching their heads unravelled  


All-metal fullerene cluster made for first time


Dodecahedral structure offers new insight into metal bonding

Microplasma jets

DNA-damaging device could make mutant discovery safer and simpler


Cool microplasma jets create a stream of radicals that induce mutations


Synthetic yeast genome project creates strain with over 50% synthetic DNA


Entirely artificial organism opens up door to designer yeast with biotechnology applications

Voice of the Royal Society of Chemistry

  • Myth busting: Chemists, the public and the media

  • Innovating for the future of sustainable labs

  • Addressing anxiety – Building a better chemistry culture

  • The roadmap to a sustainable future for polymers

Bonds under pressure

When a bond gets too extreme


Chemical bonds are part of the way chemists rationalise the behaviour of atoms in the conditions of the world around them. Tim Wogan looks at how they are affected when those conditions change

Weak bonding

Reaching into the non-covalent toolbox


Alongside supramolecular stalwarts, budding bonding forms are vying to be valuable, finds Andy Extance

Mechanical bonding

The mechanical side of bonding


Synthetic chemists are finally mastering the assembly of interlocked molecules held together by the mechanical bond, find James Mitchell Crow

Iron blade

The archaeologists saving Africa’s ironworking heritage


The fires of traditional African iron smelters burned out a century ago and now the researchers dedicated to uncovering their stories are disappearing from the continent too, writes Hayley Bennett

  • Overloaded with author Ginny Smith