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Chemistry World

The Zika virus

Cryo-EM: a cold, hard look at biology


Super cool microscopy wins the 2017 Nobel prize in chemistry

Seven chemistry Nobel laureates and their hobbies

What do Nobel laureates do to relax?

By Chemistry World

We asked seven chemistry Nobel laureates what they do to relax

The Nobel Seven

Nobel laureate interviews

By Chemistry World

We asked seven chemistry Nobel laureates what their favourite molecule is, and learnt a few things we weren’t expecting

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Shutterstock 213564481

Hurricane damage squeezes supply chains

20 October 2017By

Industry and government working to minimise impact of shortages of olefin feedstocks and medical products

Shutterstock 515075212

Ex-Chemours worker tried to steal trade secrets

18 October 2017By

Employee intended to sell confidential information about sodium cyanide to Chinese investors to set up competing plants

Seal of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Federal court quashes Allergan eye drop patents

17 October 2017By

Ruling negates company’s deal with Mohawk tribe to avoid patent board review


US to invest $160m in cancer partnership

17 October 2017By

Funds will be backed up with $55m from 11 companies to advance new cancer treatments that harness the immune system

A photograph of dried soybean pods

BASF to buy Bayer seeds and herbicides

13 October 2017By

€5.9bn sale will help satisfy competition regulators’ worries over Bayer–Monsanto merger

Agarose gel with UV illumination - Ethidium bromide stained DNA glows orange (close-up)

Call for overhaul of EU rules on GMO clinical trial

11 October 2017By Ned Stafford

Rules designed around genetically modified plants crops are holding back new cell and gene-based medicines

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How to... Present a poster at a scientific conference

How to win a poster competition

16 October 2017By

The do’s and don’ts of impressing with your research

Joystick on a vintage arcade machine

Video games are enabling discovery

9 October 2017By Rachel Brazil

Gamification is harnessing an untapped army of citizen scientists

Chemistry students using UV spectrometers

Your advice for new chemistry students

5 October 2017By

Seasoned chemists share their tips for surviving the undergraduate degree

View of the old town of Annecy, France

Finding your future in south east France

27 September 2017By

The south east of France offers great quality of life for chemists willing to learn the language

Giving a presentation

How to give a scientific presentation

20 September 2017By

Five tips to keep an audience engaged without using cat pictures

1017CW - Profile - Victor Molina-Navas portrait

The chemist who started a charity

19 September 2017By

How Víctor Molina Navas is using his skills to improve lives in Africa

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Black and white smelly cheese illustration

Isn't it ironic?


What has rhetoric ever done for us, asks Philip Ball

Jason and Medea painting by John William Waterhouse

The murderers who dress to kill


Clothing that is literally to die for

Quantum tunnelling conceptual artwork

Forbidden but not uncommon


Quantum tunnelling is far from science fiction

Lee Cronin

'I'm not as annoying as I was...'


Lee Cronin on time, wine and the future of humanity

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