An image showing a ferrofluid

The rise of ferrofluids


Magnetic liquids are taking off, Hayley Bennett reports, but not as their inventor once imagined

An image showing Ei-Ichi Negishi

Chemistry Nobel laureate Ei-ichi Negishi dies at 85


Discoverer of the Negishi coupling, who did synthetic organic chemistry research at Purdue for four decades, has passed away

An image showing Kathryn Nesbitt

From chemistry to referee


Kathryn Nesbitt left her professor post to bring her problem-solving skills to the pitch, and is breaking through barriers for women

An image showing a patient's hand during an aducanumab clinical trial

Alzheimer’s antibody gets surprise US approval


Good news for industry and future drug approvals, but physicians doubt it will be effective for most patients

An image showing the Wah Yan Hong Chemical Factory

Eight dead in apparent methyl formate leak at Chinese chemical plant


Three others injured at facility in Guizhou after accidental release during unloading

An image showing two men pointing at the aftermath of a chemical fire

Deadly fire in Indian chemical factory


Blaze killed 18 workers, mainly women, who were trapped inside SVS Aqua Technologies plant

A man in a hard had standing outside an industrial plant

Drax plant to use Misubishi’s carbon capture technology in pursuit of negative emissions


Amine solvent in use at 13 other plants could be deployed at Yorkshire plant by 2027

An image showing a vial of BCG vaccine

Hints that century-old TB vaccine offers an immune boost against Covid-19


Small study is part of global effort examining whether the BCG jab could help in the next pandemic

An image showing glassware in the dark

Nanomaterial stores radicals to power photopolymerisation in the dark


Reaction driven by long-lived radicals experiences fewer side reactions than photopolymerisation under light irradiation

An image showing neurons

Biochemical mystery unfolds as elemental metals found in Alzheimer’s patients’ brains


In a discovery that raises more question than it answers, researchers have found zero-oxidation-state iron and copper deposits inside amyloid plaques

Image from Jennifer Newton's June 2021 story about how a photocatalytic system mimics sunflowers

Photocatalytic system mimics sunflowers by bending towards light


Phototropism boosts photocatalytic hydrogen peroxide production

An image showing a single vial of AstraZeneca's Covid vaccine sitting in a plastic tray

Protein impurities found in AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine stir debate


Compounds might cause side effects but are unlikely to be behind extremely rare blood-clotting events

An image showing faint reddish-white dots on a black background, arranged in a regular circular pattern surrounding a bright white spot in the centre

Scientists uncover pitfalls of letting algorithms determine crystal structures


Chemists warn not to blindly trust x-ray crystallography software after finding and correcting mistakes in iodine azide structures

Voice of the Royal Society of Chemistry

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Celebrating science's forgotten heroes

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An image showing a magnet and molecules

Reaching the molecular limit of magnetic memory


Clever chemistry could help computers cram even more data onto their hard drives. Rachel Brazil reports on single-molecule magnets

An image showing a robot chemist

Computer-guided retrosynthesis


Machine learning-based systems hope to outperform expert-guided reaction planning technology, finds Andy Extance

An image showing a mixture of colours

How should chemical mixtures be regulated?


Nina Notman explores the challenge of assessing and managing risk from the coincidental chemical mixtures to which humans and the environment are exposed

An image showing the Dow plant

Cleaning up industry’s water worries


With clean water supplies increasingly scarce, Angeli Mehta looks at what industry is doing to reduce its demands

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  • The age of digital chemistry

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