A picture of Theresa May at the Brexit Summit Press Conference

Chemicals industry roundup 2018


Industry growth remains strong despite tariff disputes, political uncertainty and supply chain challenges

A picture showing a slice of apple pie poisoned with NDMA

Chemistry graduate student gets seven years for poisoning co-worker

13 December 2018

Chinese PhD student spiked colleague’s food and water with carcinogen

A conceptual image showing evidence for a case

UK forensic lab misconduct results in dozens of convictions being overturned

13 December 2018

Data manipulation at Randox Testing has led to 40 drug-driving convictions being quashed after samples were retested

A picture of doodles representing STEM education

White House education plan aims to increase diversity in Stem subjects

12 December 2018

Strategy to recruiting more underrepresented minorities gets positive reception

A portrait of Dr Katrina Miranda

Chemistry prof sues for $20m over alleged gender discrimination

11 December 2018

University of Arizona chemistry professor launches class action lawsuit, says she and other female faculty were grossly underpaid, not promoted

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Chemistry professor receives respite from US deportation threat

11 December 2018

Bangladeshi chemistry professor who has lived in the US for decades won’t have court hearing until April 2022

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Women in Science - Martha Annie Whiteley

Science, suffrage and misogyny


100 years after women could first vote in UK general elections, Rachel Brazil looks back at their fight for professional equality in chemistry

Wine sample preparation for testing

A taste of wine chemistry


Nina Notman talks to the wine detectives uncovering the flavour molecules in our favourite tipples

Half-cooked turkey

The marvellous Maillard reaction


Andy Extance looks at the culinary reaction cascade that goes beyond Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner and has worrying links to health

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