mosquito in amber


23 May 2019By Michael Freemantle

Mike Freemantle introduces amber – the valuable organic gemstone that invests unwary insects in a durable tomb

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An aerial view of planet Earth

China identified as source of unexpected rise in CFC emissions


New production believed to be responsible for increasing levels of outlawed ozone-depleting chemical

An image showing a man's hands typing on a laptop keyboard

Study of misconduct suggests first author should be guarantor for a paper’s accuracy

22 May 2019

Research examined 80 misconduct investigations by US Office of Research Integrity

An image showing Roundup being sprayed on grass

Jury awards $2bn damages in US glyphosate trial

20 May 2019

Bayer vows to appeal third defeat over Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller, while experts suggest damages will likely be reduced

An image showing a young woman working late at night

Early career researchers often receive no credit for ‘ghostwritten’ peer reviews

20 May 2019

Half of young scientists have critiqued papers without being named

An image showing a group of mosquitos

Darpa wants to genetically engineer soldiers’ skin bacteria to protect them from mosquitoes

17 May 2019

Pentagon programme aims to change chemical cues released by human skin microbes to provide a long-term defence from mosquito-borne diseases

Image showing Pharmacists in Myanmar scanning medicines using RxAll's RxScanner

Fighting fake medicines

16 May 2019

RxAll’s handheld scanner assesses drug quality in real time via a smartphone

An image showing female scientists

Canadian pilot to diversify research based on UK’s Athena Swan

16 May 2019

Scheme aims to help universities in Canada increase participation of women and other minorities in science

An EuChemS Historical Landmarks sign

European Chemical Society plaques to recognise continent's chemistry landmarks

15 May 2019

Signs will highlight important chemical heritage sites across Europe

An image showing the frequency shift image of single and self-assembled ITP molecules on Ag(111) in constant-current mode

Reaching new heights to form a better picture of 3D molecules

24 May 2019

Combining two microscopy techniques enables clearer imaging

An image showing metal-organic trefoil knots

Trefoil knots steer cancer drug leads in fresh direction

23 May 2019

Chemists look to links and knots in the search for new cancer therapies

An image showing eucalyptus tree leaves

Minty-fresh solvent for sustainable cross-couplings

22 May 2019

Eucalyptol could replace diethyl ether, DMF, THF and toluene in many synthetic reactions

An image showing a flexible back-contact perovskite solar micro-module

Perovskite photovoltaics get their groove on

22 May 2019

Clever structure boosts efficiency and cuts production costs

An image showing sodium clusters

New rule predicts stabilising aromaticity in open-shell metal clusters

21 May 2019

Magic numbers for jellium aromaticity could help researchers find stable high-spin molecules

An image showing STM imaging from weak to strong spin interactions between two magnetic molecules

Spin sensor promises atomic-scale magnetic imaging

21 May 2019

Nickelocene-tip scanning tunnelling microscope provides measurements to challenge quantum theory calculations

A conceptual illustration showing quantum entanglement

Quantum mechanical mechanism behind 100-year-old textbook reaction revealed

20 May 2019

Study challenges established understanding of Michael addition as it uncovers Pauli repulsion’s key role in halogen catalysis

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An image showing the Brexit deal options

International survey reveals scale of Brexit concern

Voice of

72% of respondents say no-deal scenario will be ‘very negative’ for sector

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An image showing scientists replacing locks on a membrane

Changing the locks


Designer receptors help understand cellular signals and could treat epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease, but need new tools, finds Andy Extance

An image showing a children crossing sign

The problem of particulate air pollution


Small particles in the air can find their way into the brains of growing children, with seriously unpleasant consequences. Anthony King reports

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