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Chemistry World

Skin-like microfluidic system for analysis of sweat

Wearable technology


The future of wearable gadgets will be tiny, flexible, skin-like devices capable of monitoring your health

Hydrothermal vent

Hydrothermal vents and the origins of life

By Rachel Brazil

Did life start on land or underwater?

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Injection in an arm

Fresenius to buy Akorn and Merck KGaA’s biosimilars

25 April 2017By

Deals give Fresenius’s entry into rapidly growing biological drugs market

Chemical plant with chimney stack

Carbon Clean Solutions and Veolia team up to expand carbon capture and re-use

18 April 2017By

New partnership will further develop the use of carbon capture technology on industrial scale

ICI's Brunner Mond works in Winnington, UK, taken in 2009

How do chemical firms last hundreds of years?

7 April 2017By

What distinguishes companies that thrive from others that failed?

Maize corn and oil palm derived biofuel in test tubes

Online tool tracks bio-based materials

5 April 2017By

E-certificates automatically trace ingredients through supply chain processes

Cutting staff i stock 504855421

Job cuts at Amgen, Takeda and Vertex

4 April 2017By

Takeda reorganising following Ariad takeover, while Amgen and Vertex move staff to Cambridge and San Francisco hubs

Crop research

EU conditionally approves Dow–DuPont merger

4 April 2017By Anthony King

To satisfy competition concerns, DuPont will its swap crop protection R&D assets for FMC’s nutrition business

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Tarragona, Spain

Fancy a job in Tarragona, Spain?

30 April 2017By

Chemistry in the sun and long lunch breaks make up for the tight budget and quiet lifestyle

Scientist movement

Go west: the impact of scientist movement in Europe

26 April 2017By Chemistry World

Despite migration of scientists, eastern European paper output has increased

Eu workforce

People power: EU chemical workforce and industry turnover

26 April 2017By Chemistry World

According to the European Chemical Industry Council, the EU chemical industry has a £450 billion turnover and some 1.1 million direct employees

CW0517 - Careers leader

The EU member brain drain

26 April 2017By

Joining the EU doesn’t improve science for the new member state

University graduates

Rankings shouldn’t matter, but they do

11 April 2017By

Scoring universities is flawed yet still highly influential

Research proposal

How to put together a research proposal

11 April 2017By

The five points researchers should remember when pitching for funds

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