Resin drips from the Mastic tree


19 October 2018By Michael Freemantle

A biologically active compound from the biblical balm of Gilead, said to ‘heal the sin-sick soul’ and mentioned at the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Voice of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Paul O’Brien

Paul O'Brien, former vice president of Royal Society of Chemistry, dies aged 64

Voice of

O’Brien, a ‘steadfast, positive and committed member and representative of our community’ passed away on 16 October


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An illustration depicting evolution in the laboratory

How chemical evolution took the 2018 chemistry Nobel prize


Emma Stoye has the full story of how Frances Arnold, George Smith and Greg Winter put evolution to work in the lab

cw nov18 feature medals index 767985363

Are the Nobel prizes good for science?


Philip Ball looks at whether prizes and awards help or hinder scientific progress

Nuclear medicine hero

The nuclear option


Using radioisotopes to image inside patients’ bodies – nuclear medicine – is under threat from ageing reactors. James Mitchell Crow discovers the new science trying to fix the problem

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