An Ob mouse sat beside a normal weight mouse



Rotund rodents revolutionised our understanding of the biological role of fat. Now, as Katrina Krämer discovers, the hormones created by fats could redefine obesity

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An image showing MedUSA, a large-scale hybrid additive manufacturing platform

3D printing the future


Kit Chapman takes a tour of a US Department of Energy lab, where 3D printing is performed on a massive scale

A photograph showing Linus Pauling

Textbook structure rules formulated by Linus Pauling 90 years ago prove unreliable


Just 13% of 5000 oxides found to fulfil all five coordination geometry predictions

A forensics image showing the hands of a person holding a police line do not cross tape sign

Regulator repeats warnings on forensics shortcomings in England and Wales


Digital forensics and toxicology skills are in particularly short supply

An image showing a Brazilian passport cover

Brazil’s research community scores win on conferences over Bolsonaro government


After a new Brazilian government order forced universities to send only one faculty member to international conferences, an uproar ensued


Modern dance about zebrafish brains wins 12th Dance your PhD prize


Annual award challenges scientists to communicate their doctoral research using interpretive dance

An image showing a shadow of a hand asking for help

Questionable research practices are hurting junior researchers


Survey finds that the careers of nearly a third of PhD students and postdocs are marred by bad experiences 

An image taken during a London UCU strike

14 days of strikes underway at UK universities as disputes continue


Staff at 74 higher education institutions take action over pensions, pay and working conditions

An image showing Metal Complexes as a Promising Source for New Antibiotics

Metal complexes outperform organics in antimicrobial analysis on crowdsourced compounds


Could this study prompt drug developers to rethink their reluctance to making metal-based pharmaceuticals?

An image showing NICS profiles to assess aromaticity/antiaromaticity

Uranium and thorium make their debut in dual aromatic–antiaromatic molecule


First two metallabiphenylene compounds synthesised

An image showing dried marijuana

Handheld device weeds out cannabis from hemp


Raman device that measures levels of tetrahydrocannabinol could be a useful tool for police and customs agents

An image showing glowing crystals

First colour-changing crystal glow could make for safer banknotes


New type of blue-to-orange luminescence discovered in organic material

An image showing the crystal structure of C2H5ONa

Sodium ethoxide crystal structure solved after 180 years


Analysis of reagent commonly used in Claisen condensations and malonic ester synthesis

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An image showing an array of syringes

Adjuvants: vaccines’ hidden helpers


Anthony King examines a crucial part of vaccines that can significantly boost their performance, but which often go unrecognised

An image showing a pollution map of Europe

Catching the polluters


Measurement techniques can pinpoint emitters like unroadworthy trucks and broken gas pipes, finds Andy Extance, but are not yet widespread

An image showing a shot of HPV vaccine

The search for cancer vaccines


Claire Jarvis looks at ongoing work to prevent the disease – and convince a sceptical community of their seriousness

An illustration showing the process of recycling fabrics

Recycling clothing the chemical way


Nina Notman explores how chemistry is poised to close the loop in clothing recycling

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