Chemistry puzzles

Science and chemistry-themed puzzles, including wordoku, quick and cryptic crosswords. Test your chemistry knowledge and puzzle-solving skills

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Jumbo 2023 cryptic

Cryptic elements jumbo CrOsSWORd

Grab your periodic table - this jumbo cryptic chemistry crossword only uses letters found in elemental symbols

Cryptic 038

Cryptic chemistry crossword #038

Can you conquer this cryptic chemistry crossword and claim bragging rights?

Cryptic 037

Cryptic chemistry crossword #037

Time to flex those mental muscles! Cryptic crossword #037 is calling your name!

Cryptic 036

Cryptic chemistry crossword #036

From sea dogs to soy, this cryptic crossword puzzle has it all. Can you solve it?

Cryptic 035

Cryptic chemistry crossword #035

Calling all word wizards! Can you conquer cryptic chemistry crossword #035?

Quick 038

Quick chemistry crossword #038

Challenge yourself with this interactive quick chemistry crossword - can you solve it?

Quick 037

Quick chemistry crossword #037

Challenge yourself and unravel the mystery of this quick chemistry crossword

Quick 036

Quick chemistry crossword #036

Feeling like a champion? Prove your word prowess by conquering this quick chemistry crossword!

Quick 035

Quick chemistry crossword #035

It’ll take more than just luck to solve quick chemistry crossword puzzle #035

Quick 034

Quick chemistry crossword #034

Think you know your science? Test it out with this quick chemistry crossword!

Wordoku 044

Chemistry wordoku #044

Will this sudoku-style puzzle raise a smile?

Wordoku 043

Chemistry wordoku #043

Solve this puzzle and find a class of organic chemicals

Wordoku 042

Chemistry wordoku #042

Test your problem-solving skills with this sudoku-style letter puzzle