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Science and chemistry-themed puzzles, including wordoku, quick and cryptic crosswords. Test your chemistry knowledge and puzzle-solving skills

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Jumbo 2023 cryptic

Cryptic elements jumbo CrOsSWORd

Grab your periodic table - this jumbo cryptic chemistry crossword only uses letters found in elemental symbols

Cryptic 042

Cryptic chemistry crossword #042

Can you conquer this cryptic chemistry crossword? Best of luck!

Cryptic 041

Cryptic chemistry crossword #041

Think you’re a trivia titan? This chemistry crossword is packed with cryptic clues – are you up for the challenge?

Cryptic 040

Cryptic chemistry crossword #040

Alloys, oxides, allotropes and elements. Can you solve this cryptic chemistry crossword?

Cryptic 039

Cryptic chemistry crossword #039

Ready to mix things up? This cryptic chemistry crossword is the perfect blend of challenge and fun for chemistry lovers.

Quick 041

Quick chemistry crossword #041

Flex your puzzle-solving muscles with this quick chemistry crossword

Quick 040

Quick chemistry crossword #040

Are you a puzzle-solving pro? Try quick chemistry crossword #040 on for size!

Quick 039

Quick chemistry crossword #039

Combine your inner chemist and inner wordsmith to solve this quick chemistry crossword!

Quick 038

Quick chemistry crossword #038

Challenge yourself with this interactive quick chemistry crossword - can you solve it?

Quick 037

Quick chemistry crossword #037

Challenge yourself and unravel the mystery of this quick chemistry crossword

Chemistry wordoku #048

Cultivate sharper problem-solving skills with this puzzle in the spirit of sudoku

Wordoku 047

Chemistry wordoku #047

A sudoku-inspired letter puzzle to test your skills

Wordoku 046

Chemistry wordoku #046

Find the elemental answer in this puzzle