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Rachel Fort

The PhD fellow

Rachel Fort reveals how she is completing a PhD while in full time employment

MedImmune laboratory

Expanding precision medicine beyond cancer


Exclusive interview with Koustubh Ranade, vice president of R&D at MedImmune

Peter Seeberger

Taming vaccines with chemistry

By Anthony King

Vaxxilon aims to simplify vaccine development by replacing biological components with well-defined synthetic molecules

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Chemistry World

Diversity and opportunity


Chemistry World crossword

April 2017 puzzles

1 April 2017

Download the puzzles from the April print issue of Chemistry World



21,500 cases dismissed due to forensic chemist’s misconduct

US court moves to dismiss thousands of criminal cases involving evidence handled by Annie Dookhan

integrity shutterstock 113245237 wv

Research integrity report calls for change to flawed system

A US National Academies panel has proposed measures to help curb scientific misconduct

Scientific research laboratory

Taking on chemistry's reproducibility problem

Efforts to get to grips with the problem have meant new ideas and technologies are now being brought to bear


Indian science research laboratory

India’s university chemistry facilities in need of overhaul

Academics say outdated lab infrastructure is putting students at risk

Lab safety

Chemical reaction database sparks discussion

The Chemical Safety Library under development by Pistoia could have legal implications for those who don’t learn from near misses

Protective equipment used to handle hazardous chemicals

Chemical company takes on lax university lab safety

Dow Chemical says academia can learn important lab safety lessons from industry