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Diversity and opportunity

Jeremy Sanders head and shoulders

Why we must redefine success

9 October 2018By

The battle against bias requires compassion, not metrics

Female scientist in chemistry lab

There is no one answer to improving diversity

25 September 2018By

Grassroots initiatives and larger projects are both vital weapons in the battle for equality

Close-up Of Sexual Harassment Complaint Form With Pen At Desk

Efforts to root out sexual harassment in science gain momentum

24 September 2018By

Two US funders and a scientific society announce plans to terminate funding and expel researchers found guilty of sexual misconduct


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Matt Gunther filling out the Chemistry World crossword

October 2018 puzzles

1 October 2018

Download the puzzles from the October print issue of Chemistry World


Integrity illustration

Embattled director of US research integrity office heads to NIH

Head of Office of Research Integrity won’t return after temporary reassignment and is set to become NIH’s integrity officer

A photograph of folders labelled 'Investigations' and 'Fraud'

Disgraced US chemistry professor will not face jail time

Ex-Colorado State University chemist Brian McNaughton reaches a plea deal after being caught forging a job offer letter to get a raise

Illustration of a person falling onto a net

Blueprint outlined to add in ‘fail-safes’ for science publishing

Raft of measures suggested by prominent critics of science’s reproducibility problems


Boil and bubble thumbnail

On the spot: boil and bubble

What would you do if a bottle of waste chemicals starts bubbling?

UCLA chemistry professor Patrick Harran

Criminal charges dismissed early against UCLA's Patrick Harran

Principal investigator implicated in the death of UCLA research assistant Sheri Sangji sees charges dropped over district attorney’s objections

Thaumetopoea processionea. Oak processionary moth caterpillars


The allergenic compound behind those 'toxic caterpillars'