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Diversity and opportunity

A picture of doodles representing STEM education

White House education plan aims to increase diversity in Stem subjects

12 December 2018By

Strategy to recruiting more underrepresented minorities gets positive reception

A portrait of Dr Katrina Miranda

Chemistry prof sues for $20m over alleged gender discrimination

11 December 2018By

University of Arizona chemistry professor launches class action lawsuit, says she and other female faculty were grossly underpaid, not promoted

Women in Science - Martha Annie Whiteley

Science, suffrage and misogyny

10 December 2018By

100 years after women could first vote in UK general elections, Rachel Brazil looks back at their fight for professional equality in chemistry


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Matt Gunther filling out the Chemistry World crossword

December 2018 puzzles: Jumbo CrOsSWORd

30 November 2018

Download the puzzles from the December print issue of Chemistry World


Tablets and padlock

Pushing the limits of patent protection

Some methods of extending exclusivity rights raise legal and ethical questions

Conferences, participation & questions

Alternative science

Those who report on science are treading a tricky line as bad actors look to muddy the waters

On the spot November thumbnail

On the spot: a question of authorship

Who would you include as an author on your paper?


Image for December On the spot animated video

On the spot: warming fire

Should you operate a wood-burning stove while taking medical oxygen?

Boil and bubble thumbnail

On the spot: boil and bubble

What would you do if a bottle of waste chemicals starts bubbling?

UCLA chemistry professor Patrick Harran

Criminal charges dismissed early against UCLA's Patrick Harran

Principal investigator implicated in the death of UCLA research assistant Sheri Sangji sees charges dropped over district attorney’s objections