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  • Karin Markides: ‘I didn’t follow the rules’

  • Valerie Mizrahi: ‘There’s no control to the experiment of life’

  • Wunmi Sadik: ‘I still see myself as the young girl explaining chemistry to my mother’

  • Steven Chu: ‘I’m in the process of learning chemistry’

  • Margaret Faul: ‘Stand for what you think is right’

  • Jean-Marie Lehn: ‘Science or music really can take up all your life’

  • Konstantin Novoselov: ‘I don't really know where my Nobel medal is’

  • Dan Shechtman: ‘Cyrus Smith was my idol’

  • Richard Schrock: ‘It’s not my catalyst, it’s nature’s’

  • Sossina Haile: 'I never resonated with role models'

Scientists in the lab

New Royal Society fellowship to support Black researchers


Scheme may be expanded to other underrepresented groups if it’s successful

Glassblower at work

Learning lessons from the history of chemistry


What makes chemistry work? And why should we care?

A cartoon of two tiny scientists in a huge hand

The Spelman difference

By ,

Teaching that shows we belong in science

Question marks on a scientific experiment

Design of experiments

Quizzes and resources to help you to become better at designing experiments. Created in partnership with JMP

An old black and white photo of a young confident African American woman in fashionable 1950s dress

Justice for Henrietta Lacks as family reaches settlement with Thermo Fisher

Company was accused of profiting from HeLa cells derived from Lacks’ tumour without her family’s approval  

A man talking at a lecturn

Stanford president resigns after independent review finds problems with his research

Marc Tessier-Lavigne cleared of fraud or falsification of data, but failures on correcting the scientific record made his position untenable

Charles Lieber

Lessons from Lieber

The prosecution of Charles Lieber has had a chilling effect on US researchers, leaving them uncertain about collaboration with overseas programmes

BMS fire

How to prepare for a lab catastrophe

Nina Notman looks at steps scientists can take to better protect the content of their labs from floods, fires and other disasters

Pineapple and coconut on the beach

Sunscreens, coconuts and mummified fingers

Three summery tales from the world of forensics

A white powder burning in a bed of sand producing a long thin black curled coal-like substance

Four children injured after another chemistry demonstration goes wrong in Spain

An outreach experiment triggered a fire and a small explosion, sending four children to hospital