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  • James Clark: ‘I hate waste in any sense’

  • Arlene Blum: ‘Our summit is reduced toxics’

  • In situ with Tebello Nyokong

  • Taeghwan Hyeon: ‘Multidisciplinary collaboration is a must’

  • Molly Shoichet: ‘We fail every day’

  • Ewine van Dishoeck: ‘Take a steep trajectory early in your career’

  • Molly Stevens: ‘Our society is tremendously unequal’

  • Varinder Aggarwal: You should see my downward dog now!

  • Vivian Yam: ‘Teaching and research go hand in hand’

  • Prasanna de Silva: ‘Kindness plays a key role in academia’

A framed portrait of James LuValle

James LuValle, a chemist who broke the colour barrier


Sports or science? There was never really any competition for a Black Olympian who made significant contributions to Kodak’s colour film, as Hayley Bennett discovers

An illustration showing a man crossing various spots on the world globe

Come fly with me… just not there, or there


Travel risk assessments should account for the prejudice faced by Queer scientists 

An image showing a traffic light where the green represents tolerance towards all sexual orientations

The daily struggle of LGBTQ+ scientists


Workplace equality for gender and sexual minorities remains a pipe dream in Stem

An image showing silhouetted people stepping in and out of a beam of rainbow

LGBTQ+ diversity in science and universities

By Joan Sander

Many queer scientists still feel they need to hide their full identity at work

Question marks on a scientific experiment

Design of experiments

Quizzes and resources to help you to become better at designing experiments. Created in partnership with JMP

A photo of four small poppers bottles. Their colourful plastic wrappers advertise them as room odourisers or aroma with brand names such as Liquid Gold, Bolt and Purple Haze

Explainer: The science of alkyl nitrites aka poppers

From their origins as 19th century angina treatment to becoming an important part of gay subculture, these recreational drugs exist in a legal limbo

the periodic table

Apparent plagiarism leads Elsevier to retract periodic table book

Chemist contacted by suspicious Wikipedia editor finds that large sections were lifted from online encyclopaedia 

Black and white photo of one person whispering conspiritorially to another

What’s the secret science of conspiracy theories?

Conspiracies can tell us a lot about science and society

An image showing a tired person wearing a jumper that shows that their battery is drained; the character is sitting at a desk and looking at a screen while resting their hand on their face

All work and no play

Is the long-hours culture of academic organic chemistry laboratories finally changing?

An image showing a La Porte plant

Families sue LyondellBasell over fatal chemicals leak

Incident at acetic acid plant in La Porte, US, killed two workers in July

An image showing a flask from a patent

Timmers’ towers and Straus’ flasks

The revolutionary system that made labs much less likely to go up in flames