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Chemistry World

Last Retort

Diversity and opportunity


Matt Gunther filling out the Chemistry World crossword

June 2017 puzzles

8 June 2017

Download the puzzles from the June print issue of Chemistry World


Gold panning - Hero

Time to act on conflict minerals

We must end the human cost of tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold


21,500 cases dismissed due to forensic chemist’s misconduct

US court moves to dismiss thousands of criminal cases involving evidence handled by Annie Dookhan

integrity shutterstock 113245237 wv

Research integrity report calls for change to flawed system

A US National Academies panel has proposed measures to help curb scientific misconduct


SEM of asbestos fibres

Why asbestos is still used around the world

Unpicking the politics of a potentially deadly material

Shutterstock 499289461

GE accused of exposing workers to toxic chemicals

Canadian union says dangerous compounds were used without proper worker protection

Drug warning labels

How safe should drugs be?

What does spotting new risks in approved medicines say about how effective regulators are?