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  • Taegwan Hyeon: ‘Multidisciplinary collaboration is a must’

  • Molly Shoichet: ‘We fail every day’

  • Ewine van Dishoeck: ‘Take a steep trajectory early in your career’

  • Molly Stevens: ‘Our society is tremendously unequal’

  • Varinder Aggarwal: You should see my downward dog now!

  • Vivian Yam: ‘Teaching and research go hand in hand’

  • Prasanna de Silva: ‘Kindness plays a key role in academia’

  • Eugenia Kumacheva: ‘My poetry is in my research proposals’

  • Bert Meijer: ‘I'm in love with molecules’

  • Thomas Hartung: ‘I am not a funny guy’

A framed portrait of Evelyn Hickmans

The lifesaving work of Evelyn Hickmans

By Anne Green

Anne Green tells us how a female chemist almost single-handedly established paediatric clinical chemistry and led to a first in global health

An framed portrait of Clara Immewahr

Clara Immerwahr – out of her husband’s shadow

By , Anne Green

The tragic story of the chemist best known as Fritz Haber’s wife might not be as clear cut as many believe, finds Bárbara Pinho

An image showing Greek, American and Turkish flags

Kyrides’ seal


How a penniless immigrant made himself at home in the lab 

An image showing a Black woman with short white hair in a white lab coat, lab specs and purple plastic gloves sits at a bench focusing on a number of sample tubes in front of her

Gap between number of men and women in science globally is slowly closing


But men are still publishing more papers than women even after correcting for age

Question marks on a scientific experiment

Design of experiments

Quizzes and resources to help you to become better at designing experiments. Created in partnership with JMP

A photo of four small poppers bottles. Their colourful plastic wrappers advertise them as room odourisers or aroma with brand names such as Liquid Gold, Bolt and Purple Haze

Explainer: The science of alkyl nitrites aka poppers

From their origins as 19th century angina treatment to becoming an important part of gay subculture, these recreational drugs exist in a legal limbo

the periodic table

Apparent plagiarism leads Elsevier to retract periodic table book

Chemist contacted by suspicious Wikipedia editor finds that large sections were lifted from online encyclopaedia 

Black and white photo of one person whispering conspiritorially to another

What’s the secret science of conspiracy theories?

Conspiracies can tell us a lot about science and society

An image showing a car

Rallying to the chemical safety cause

How Matt Endean works to keep children safe in school chemistry laboratories

Fountain pen nib, writing

Letters: July 2021

Readers discuss whether air rifles or bomb disposal techniques are best for dealing with waste chemicals

Fountain pen nib, writing

Letters: June 2021

Readers discuss pesticides, catalysts and how to dispose of chemicals with a rifle