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Steve Spangler igniting methane filled bubbles in the hands of a young teacher at Science in the Rockies 2011.

Mr Wizard’s heir


YouTube and Ellen star Steve Spangler shares how to make it big in sci-comm

0817CW - In Situ - Lesley Yellowlees - Hero

Lesley Yellowlees speaks out


‘I don’t follow recipes, I’m not an organic chemist!’

Research and development at Sugru

The glue entrepreneurs

By Rachel Brazil

The business novices who launched global sticky success Sugru

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Chemistry World

Last Retort – in memory of David Jones (1938-2017)

  • Last retort pic sep7'16

    Reigniting the match

    Could some clever combustion chemistry produce a better pocket igniter?

  • 0716CWLast Retort

    Mine craft

    History’s gold diggers made a fortune using grease, fleece and froth

  • 0416CW_Last-Retort_300tb

    Wired for success

    The conductive power of metals has been exploited for generations

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Diversity and opportunity


Chemistry World crossword

August 2017 puzzles

1 August 2017

Download the puzzles from the August print issue of Chemistry World


Frankenstein – Annotated for scientists, engineers and creators of all kinds front cover

Book Club - Frankenstein

If you’re thinking of making a monster from dead body parts then this week’s book club podcast is for you

Gold panning - Hero

Time to act on conflict minerals

We must end the human cost of tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold


21,500 cases dismissed due to forensic chemist’s misconduct

US court moves to dismiss thousands of criminal cases involving evidence handled by Annie Dookhan


Glove-based sensor for nerve agents, showing the collection and sensing fingers

Analysis in the palm of your hand

Wearable chemical sensors could revolutionise lab safety, telemedicine and health monitoring

SEM of asbestos fibres

Why asbestos is still used around the world

Unpicking the politics of a potentially deadly material

Shutterstock 499289461

GE accused of exposing workers to toxic chemicals

Canadian union says dangerous compounds were used without proper worker protection