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  • Jani Ingram: ‘We have seen wells with uranium levels higher than the drinking water standard’

  • Bin Liu: ‘Breakthroughs always need patience’

  • Shirley Meng: 'I think science is as beautiful as art'

  • Julia Kornfield: ‘I’ve often followed an instinct about a person’

  • Maria Augusta Arruda: ‘Poetry is my refuge’

  • Morten Meldal: ‘I made some of the most beautiful fireworks’

  • Karin Markides: ‘I didn’t follow the rules’

  • Valerie Mizrahi: ‘There’s no control to the experiment of life’

  • Wunmi Sadik: ‘I still see myself as the young girl explaining chemistry to my mother’

  • Steven Chu: ‘I’m in the process of learning chemistry’

Models of tiny people sitting on stacks of coins. A man is on the tallest stack and a mother and baby is on the smallest with two other woman in between.

Universities in the UK beat national average on gender pay gap but large discrepancies remain


Report estimates that in 14 years’ time women in higher education will be paid the same as men

Female scientist

Taking a feminist standpoint on chemistry


How gender may influence scientific knowledge

Michelle Donelan

UKRI investigation clears diversity panel following science minister’s accusations of extremism


Michelle Donelan pays damages over claims that academic’s social media posts showed support for Hamas

Accessible chemistry

Visionary chemistry is making labs accessible to blind students and researchers


Efforts underway in Texas are ushering in a new era of inclusivity with mouth models, lithophanes, robots, talking tools and more

Man looking at paper

Review mills identified as a new form of peer-review fraud

Dozens of seemingly templated review reports show evidence of coercive citation

A picture showing the visualization of genomic data

The data in our DNA

Forensic phenotyping raises ethical and societal questions

Cannabis vape

Why are there metal particles in never-used cannabis vapes?

Findings cast doubt on past research showing metals are solely released by e-cigarettes when the devices’ coils are heated

Three glass flasks showing a colour change in a reaction from clear to light blue to purple

3D-printed capsules enhance speed and safety of synthetic chemistry

Encapsulated reagents allow chemists to ditch their Schlenk line to synthesise ferrocene

Arkema flooding

EPA’s updated chemical risk management plans rile industry groups

12,000 chemical plants required to draw up emergency plans for extreme weather and share hazard information with local communities