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  • Zhenan Bao: 'We just had to dream big'

  • Neil Garg: ‘My brain is always turning’

  • Shankar Balasubramanian: ‘All chemists can cook, right?’

  • Krzysztof Matyjaszewski: 'In science, one needs to have a vision'

  • Christina White: ‘Discovery requires the human element’

  • John Hartwig: ‘There’s a lot of distrust of science’

  • Donna Blackmond: ‘I often get my best ideas in the middle of the night’

  • Alán Aspuru-Guzik: 'Science is at a crossroads'

  • Margaret Brimble: 'Spiroketals are my favourite molecules'

  • Fraser Stoddart: 'Even when I'm sleeping, I average 40mph'

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An illustrated frame showing Toshiko Mayeda

The indomitable Toshiko Mayeda

Matthew Shindell traces one female scientist’s story from an internment camp to studying the chemistry of the solar system

An image showing a portrait of Theodora Greene

Theodora Greene’s protecting groups


Katrina Krämer uncovers the woman behind the book on every organic chemist’s shelf

A photo of Isabel Ellie Knaggs surrounded by a decorated frame

Ellie Knaggs and tetrahedral carbon


Ellie Knaggs’ claim to be the first to use x-rays to prove carbon’s tetrahedral bonding in molecules has been overlooked, finds Andy Extance

Question marks on a scientific experiment

Design of experiments

Quizzes and resources to help you to become better at designing experiments. Created in partnership with JMP



Another US researcher charged with lying about Chinese ties

Physicist faces 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to defrauding West Virginia University while secretly working for Chinese talent programme

An image showing a wolf with glasses

Predatory journals’ reviewers mostly junior researchers from developing countries

The few scientists conducting peer review for predatory publishers are often of young academic age and come from lower-income regions

An image taken during an Extinction Rebellion protest in London

Should scientists be activists?

Scientific objectivity isn’t stopping researchers from standing up for what they believe in


Photograph of a mother cradling her baby

Bitrex turns bitterness into better chemistry

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Children’s curious nature makes keeping them safe an onerous task, but intuitive chemical solutions can help to avoid accidental poisoning

An image showing industrial chemistry reactors

Visiting chemical plants

Seeing how other chemists do their work can be an eye-opening experience, in more ways than one

Index image for Chemistry World's On the spot series

On the spot: dangerous gloves

What would you do following a chemical spill in the lab?

On the spot

  • On the spot: dangerous gloves

  • On the spot: fiery solution