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Peter Seeberger

Taming vaccines with chemistry

By Anthony King

Vaxxilon aims to simplify vaccine development by replacing biological components with well-defined synthetic molecules

prof saiful islam

The Christmas lecturer

Saiful Islam reveals his plan to energise young minds at the Royal Institution

Yuri Oganessian

What it takes to make a new element


Yuri Oganessian tells us how nihonium, moscovium, tennessine and oganesson were made

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Diversity and opportunity

Chemistry World science communication competition

Our science communication competition

Our 2017 sci-comm competition looks at chemistry where you live


Matt Gunther filling out the Chemistry World crossword

January 2017 puzzles

4 January 2017

Download the puzzles from the January print issue of Chemistry World


CRISPR-Cas9 tool used for gene editing conceptual image - Index

Fears that gene-editing cancer trials are premature

Warnings from geneticists that Crispr trial failures could knock promising technique’s prospects

Gene manipulation, designer baby concept artwork

Should we allow 'genetic vaccination' with Crispr?

Gene editing could wipe out diseases such as AIDS – but the risks can’t be ignored


Integrity rules ‘well received’ by researchers

Progress report on concordat on research ethics broadly supportive of actions taken so far


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On the spot – On a police raid

Click to find out what the National Chemical Emergency Centre says you should do

Late at night webvision thumbnail

On the spot – Late at night

Click to find out what the National Chemical Emergency Centre says you should do

2,4-DNPH disposal at Backwell School

Revived chemistry practical triggers wave of controlled explosions

UK schools forced to get military to blow-up dried-out 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine