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  • Margaret Brimble: 'Spiroketals are my favourite molecules'

  • Fraser Stoddart: 'Even when I'm sleeping, I average 40mph'

  • Cathleen Crudden: 'I played clarinet for the Pope'

  • Omar Yaghi: 'MOFs are the most beautiful compounds ever made'

  • ‘I taught my local restaurant how to make noodles’

  • Maki Kawai: 'Researchers in Japan should speak English'

  • 'I used to have a golden Rolls Royce...'

  • Helen Sharman: 'I remember the last view I had of the Earth...'

  • 'I feel like a chemical Peter Pan'

  • Malika Jeffries-EL: Pineapple does not belong on pizza!

An image showing a chemist, a civil engineer and a data scientist contributing to a better society

Am I really a scientist?


Whether in a lab, an office or on a stage, we are no strangers to wrestling with self-identity

An image showing the cover of Superior

Superior: The Return of Race Science


Angela Saini’s latest book is a powerful deconstruction of the research around race

An image showing book pages being turned

Cutting-edge history


Rewriting the textbooks is our duty, because credit and recognition are much more than a reward for the individual. We use them to show what we value, and what matters to us – what lies behind us to be discovered is just as important as what lies ahead

Illustration showing a female figure pushing against a large fist pushing in opposite direction

Survey sheds light on bullying and discrimination at Max Planck Society

By Patrick Hughes

Thousands of researchers asked about working culture following public reports of bullying


An image showing Shekhar C. Mande

Image manipulation allegations hit Indian toxicology institute

Investigation launched after images in as many as 130 papers questioned

An image showing He Jiankui at the Second International Summit on Human Genome Editing

Chinese gene-edited babies at higher risk of premature death

Loss of gene knocked-out by rogue geneticists found to be linked with higher mortality in human genome database

An illustration showing the hand of a person throwing paper in the trash bin

Misconduct not mistakes are the chief reason chemistry papers are retracted

Analysis prompts call for publishers to be more open about the reasons a paper is withdrawn


Nitrous on the spot Index

On the spot: nitrous injection

What would you do if a flask starts spewing brown gas?

On the spot july index image

On the spot: car coolant

What would you do if you feel drowsy while transporting dry ice?

Silo Rescue index

On the spot: silo rescue

What could cause someone to pass out on top of a silo?

On the spot

  • On the spot: nitrous injection

  • On the spot: car coolant

  • On the spot: silo rescue

  • On the spot: hot spill