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A picture of the cover of Invisible Women

Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men


Philippa Matthews reviews Caroline Criado Perez’s new book

A meme about "Things I learned in organic chemistry"

Making a meme of it


Shared cultural knowledge can be both boon and bondage

An image showing two female scientists in the lab

Half of Britons wish they’d pursued a career in science


Survey finds that many don’t think they are clever enough to work in a Stem field

An image showing a red female traffic light

Mind the funding gap


Understanding science’s diversity problem is the first step to fixing it 

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Question marks on a scientific experiment

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A picture showing Duke University

US university agrees $112.5 million settlement in misconduct lawsuit

Alleged falsification of data has already led to 17 retractions

An image showing the concept of gene editing

Leading geneticists call for worldwide moratorium on creation of gene-edited children

Five-year pause would give nations breathing space following the birth of the first genetically-modified children in November

A picture of olive oil in a pipette

Should I help make fullerenes if people are going to eat them?

The ethics of getting involved in products with unproven claims


On the spot keyboard contamination

On the spot: keyboard contamination

What would you do if your hands are red and itchy after returning from the lab?

Olive oil


How an early synthetic dye chemical came to play a role in a mysterious disease outbreak in 1980s Spain

image of sheri sangji

Lab safety challenges persist 10 years after Sheri Sangji’s death

Survey reveals that safety is taken seriously at top US universities but worrying gaps still remain

On the spot

  • On the spot: keyboard contamination

  • On the spot: corrosive collapse

  • On the spot: warming fire

  • On the spot: a question of authorship