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A picture showing students Raising Hands During Seminar

Faculty mindset affects racial achievement gap in Stem subjects


Racial performance gap is twice as large in Stem classes taught by professors who believe intelligence is inherent and can’t be changed

A picture of James Watson

So, your colleague said something racist...


James Watson’s lab mates should not be blamed for his offensive views

Two lab workers wearing RSSL branded labcoats

Strength through diversity

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Why people should be at the heart of a forward-thinking contract research organisation

Sarah Abdelmassih, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Breaking the stigma around speech disorders

By Martina Hestericová

The battle for three scientists to find their voice

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Question marks on a scientific experiment

Think you know about experimentation?

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A picture of olive oil in a pipette

Should I help make fullerenes if people are going to eat them?

The ethics of getting involved in products with unproven claims

A picture of He Jiankui

Rogue Chinese scientist to be punished for creation of first gene-edited humans

Investigation uncovers forged ethical approval documents

A portrait of He Jiankui

Gene-editing put in the spotlight

What now after a rogue geneticist has created the first genetically modified humans?


A portrait of Karen Wetterhahn

The dangers of dimethylmercury

Looking back at how the death of Karen Wetterhahn changed lab safety

A big spill

On the spot: a big spill

What would you do if faced with a 5000-litre solvent spill?

Reinventing the lab coat, concept illustration

How to reinvent the lab coat

Is it time to ditch the white coats for a more modern look?

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