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Diversity and opportunity


Matt Gunther filling out the Chemistry World crossword

December 2017 puzzles

1 December 2017

Download the puzzles from the December print issue of Chemistry World


Anthony Warner – The Angry Chef

Book Club - The angry chef

Do you crave a bigger slice of science in your dietary advice? Anthony Warner gets angry about bad science in the food sector

Cover of A Crack in Creation by Jennifer Doudna & Sam Sternberg

Book Club - A crack in creation

The development of Crispr, and the ethical questions raised by new genome editing techniques

A course in deception book cover

Book Club - A course in deception

Academia has everything from altering results to murder, at least in this work of fiction



Chemical plants urged to revise emergency plans

US chemical safety agency says the Arkema disaster caused by Hurricane Harvey should serve as a warning to other companies

illustration of a nanotube

New guidelines to standardise toxicity testing for nanomaterials

OECD hopes methods will ensure companies are singing from same song sheet on nanosafety

A photograph of a skull on a beach

A dangerous guide to beachcombing

What not to touch at the seaside




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