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Diversity and opportunity

A lab of one s own index

A lab of one’s own: science and suffrage in the first world war

6 April 2018By Jonelle Harvey

Exploring the contributions and struggles of female scientists 100 years ago

Mad scientist

Chemistry's image problem

27 March 2018By

Hundreds of thousands of images fall into only seven categories

Gender pay gap equality image

Royal Society of Chemistry publishes gender pay gap data

20 March 2018By

Society has wage gap of 15.7% as women fill more junior and admin positions



Matt Gunther filling out the Chemistry World crossword

April 2018 puzzles

1 April 2018

Download the puzzles from the April print issue of Chemistry World


Dictionary entry for the word 'Misconduct'

Protein chemist barred from US government funding for a decade

Former University of Alabama researcher found guilty of falsifying x-ray crystallographic data more than 10 years after red flags first raised

A photograph of an journal article on an office desk

How to review a paper

Advice for those assessing if a paper is fit for publication

A photograph of someone working under pressure in an office

The ethics of scientific publishing

How to spot a problem paper – and what you should do about it


An illustration of a person wearing a hazardous materials suit

The safety dance

A little lab explosion and it’s health and safety gone mad…

Close-up of image from April's On the spot comic strip

On the spot: strange thermometer

How dangerous is a broken Galileo thermometer?

Methanol tank index

On the spot: methanol tank

Should you extinguish a burning methanol tank?




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