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When should you help your colleagues?


Assisting trustworthy co-workers can pay dividends for your career and wellbeing

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The Royal Society of Chemistry

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Whether exploring the elements or the science of technology, chemical scientists improve health, the environment and daily life

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Hyper Recruitment Solutions

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From creating life-saving drugs to life-changing technologies, making a difference through candidates is in our DNA 

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Defence Science and Technology Laboratory

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Harnessing science and technology to protect the UK, and the rest of the world too

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Reading Scientific Services Ltd (RSSL) is a cutting-edge contract research organisation based in Berkshire, UK

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  • What’s going on in West Yorkshire

  • Is there a future for chemists in São Paulo?

  • A new life in New Jersey

  • Seeking a career in Portugal

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  • The heart of Japan

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Get insight into the chemical scientist’s working day at some of the world's best known companies, plus advice and guidance on how to land the job of your dreams

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Undergraduates in their element

Harnessing the history of tungsten to engage school students with the periodic table

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Developing colour-changing technologies

Lauren Bowker and Louise Anderson of The Unseen explain how they’re fusing materials chemistry and art

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Postdoc employment status varies widely

Researchers are vulnerable to financial instability and issues with healthcare

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Results of the 2019 Pay and Reward Survey

Salaries have increased in line with inflation, and while the gender pay gap persists, it is at its lowest-ever level