Inspiring lives

Hydrothermal vent discovered by Susan Humphris in 1986 Atlantic expedition

Voyage to the bottom of the sea

Susan Humphris explores the Atlantic’s hydrothermal vents

1217CW - Careers profile - Elvira Fortunato - Index

The European adviser

Elvira Fortunato shares how she found herself at the heart of EU science policy

1117CW - Profile - Sophie Waring

That belongs in a museum!

How the Science Museum curates chemical history

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Opinions and views

chemistry greatest of all time image

Who is the greatest chemist of all time?

Spoiler: you said it was Marie Curie. But how we define greatness matters

1217CW Careers leader - festive science concept

Not home for the holidays

Tales of being stuck in the lab

1117CW - Careers leader - Researcher in lab

Chemistry’s not boring, you’re boring

We said we won’t inspire the next generation with gimmicks - and you’ve responded