Steve Spangler igniting methane filled bubbles in the hands of a young teacher at Science in the Rockies 2011.

Mr Wizard’s heir

YouTube and Ellen star Steve Spangler shares how to make it big in sci-comm

Research and development at Sugru

The glue entrepreneurs

The business novices who launched global sticky success Sugru

0717CW Profile - Mona Minkara - Index

'How pragmatic is it to be a blind scientist?’

Mona Minkara on not letting loss of vision end her science ambitions

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Chemistry World

Opinions and views

Emmanuel Macron

Is Macron's offer too good to be true?

France’s grant pledge to scientists is a new kind of recruitment

0617CW - Careers Leader - The black spot - Index

Chemistry's piracy problem

‘Black’ open access is forcing a shake-up of chemistry journal publishing

Work life balance

You are what you do?

There’s more to chemists than chemistry