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0318CW Careers Profile - Lucy Padget at Alembia Intellectual Property

From chemist to patent attorney

How to make the career switch

Ex Voto - artwork displayed at Anna Dumitriu's 'BioArt and Bacteria' exhibition

Art imitating life

How a chemist and an artist are learning from each other

Vanessa Peterson

From cement to batteries with help from a wombat

Vanessa Peterson is in the fast lane when it comes to relating atomic-scale structures to a material’s function

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0318CW - The Insider - Analytical chemistry training partnership (PACN-GSK) in Kenya 2017 - HERO

A united Africa

The chemists joining forces across the continent

Gender pay gap conceptual illustration - Original

It’s getting worse for women in STEM

Pay, satisfaction and opportunities are lacking

chemistry greatest of all time image

Who is the greatest chemist of all time?

Spoiler: you said it was Marie Curie. But how we define greatness matters