prof saiful islam

Meet this year's Christmas lecturer

Saiful Islam reveals his plan to energise young minds at the Royal Institution

Ezra Pryor

The cannabis consultant

Ezra Pryor shares how chemists can find a job in the expanding legal cannabis industry in the US

Kabrena Rodda

The security specialists

Kabrena Rodda and Laura Denlinger talk about training Iraqi scientists in chemical safety and security

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Careers leader - CW 1216

Do chemists spend enough time in the lab?

The secret to a career in academia could be finding the right work–work balance

Female scientist in laboratory doing calculations

Should chemistry degrees require A-level maths?

Requiring a maths qualification could deprive the profession of fresh talent

Columbia graduate student workers rally for their right to unionize

You don’t get me, I’m part of the union

Graduate student unions have power for now, but it may not last