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An image showing a to-take list for a conference, written in a notebook; the following items are listed and ticked: poster, laptop, children

Have family, will conference

22 August 2019By

Conferences and caring responsibilities need not be incompatible

Four of CatSci's female employees

Catalysing discussion around gender and Stem

22 July 2019Sponsored by , by

Much progress must be made before we reach gender equality within Stem. Four employees from process chemistry company CatSci discuss what it means to be a woman working in Stem in the 21st century

An image showing a student working inside the chemistry lab at the Simon Bolivar University campus in Caracas, Venezuela

Chemistry in times of political crisis

11 July 2019By

The scientists keeping the fume hoods going

An image showing 3D printers

Making matters: the story of PrintCity

4 July 2019By Edward Randviir

How a 3D printing research centre was built from the bottom up

An image showing the BASF site

BASF to axe 6000 jobs worldwide

4 July 2019By Vanessa Zainzinger

5% cut to global staff part of a drastic restructuring to simplify corporate structure

  • What’s going on in West Yorkshire

  • Is there a future for chemists in São Paulo?

  • A new life in New Jersey

  • Seeking a career in Portugal

  • The low down on Belgium

  • The heart of Japan

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An image showing Eucharia O. Nwaichi at the Greenhouse at StockBridge School of Agriculture UMASS Amherst MA US

Harnessing plants and microbes to tackle environmental pollution

Eucharia Nwaichi is using biochemistry to clean up one of the most polluted places on Earth

A picture showing molten lava

The chemistry of volcanoes

Volcanologist Kate Saunders shares her latest adventures

An image showing a £10 note

When was it best to be a chemist?

How chemists’ pay has changed over the past 100 years

Students sitting exams

Chemistry A-level entries show rise in popularity

Exam results in the UK show more young people, particularly young women, are studying chemistry