Inspiring lives

A photograph of George Aldrich sniffing a bottle of colourless liquid

The man who sniffs spacecraft

Why George Aldrich’s nose is so important to Nasa’s success

Julian Braybrook

The analytical referee

Julian Braybrook on taking up his role as the UK’s government chemist

A photograph of Bert Weckhuysen

Lights – camera – catalysis!

Like thousands of chemists worldwide, Bert Weckhuysen is a keen photographer. More unusually, however, he has found a way to bring his hobby and his research together

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Opinions and views

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin walking on the surface of the moon during the Apollo 11 mission

Happy 60th birthday, Nasa

The space agency has come a long way - but its best may be yet to come

Count down to Brexit clock illustration

Should you leave or remain after Brexit?

An uncertain future may cause UK researchers to move abroad

Internet trolls

The unspoken problem with sci comm

Warning: beware of the troll