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The daily struggle of LGBTQ+ scientists


Workplace equality for gender and sexual minorities remains a pipe dream in Stem

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Is hybrid working sustainable?


The environmental impacts of working from home part of the week vary

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How to run a sustainable chemistry lab


A lot of research focuses on sustainability and climate change – but how much thought is put into making research itself more sustainable?

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All work and no play


Is the long-hours culture of academic organic chemistry laboratories finally changing?

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Chemistry career options in sustainability


There’s a wide variety of jobs that place the environment at their core

Get insight into the chemical scientist’s working day at some of the world's best known companies, plus advice and guidance on how to land the job of your dreams

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Rallying to the chemical safety cause

How Matt Endean works to keep children safe in school chemistry laboratories

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Fun with f-elements

Working with lanthanides and actinides may be challenging, but David Mills says the field is ripe for discovery

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Rights and wrongs

Universities need to consider exactly what postgraduates’ employment status is

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You’re worth it

Employers owe it to job candidates to ask about desired salaries