1017CW - Profile - Victor Molina-Navas portrait

The chemist who started a charity

How Víctor Molina Navas is using his skills to improve lives in Africa

Steve Spangler igniting methane filled bubbles in the hands of a young teacher at Science in the Rockies 2011.

Mr Wizard’s heir

YouTube and Ellen star Steve Spangler shares how to make it big in sci-comm

Research and development at Sugru

The glue entrepreneurs

The business novices who launched global sticky success Sugru

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Chemistry World

Opinions and views

Chemistry students using UV spectrometers

Your advice for new chemistry students

Seasoned chemists share their tips for surviving the undergraduate degree

1017CW - Op-ed - Glenn Seaborg portrait - Hero

Is radiochemistry in danger of collapse?

Retirement and lack of political will is creating a shortfall in skilled scientists

0917CW - Careers leader - children playing as scientists

How did you get here?

We weren’t all born to be a chemist – and we need to start admitting it