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The benefits to mentors of mentoring


Mentoring a junior scientist offers plenty of benefits for you as well

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You can’t measure a mentor solely by gender


A mentoring relationship is inherently personal and unique

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Studying chemistry in the age of Covid-19


University students across the UK are enjoying a mixture of online and practical learning as departments adjust to new restrictions

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Job hunting in a recession


Persistence is needed, but there are still career opportunities for chemists

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In praise of appraisals


Taking the opportunity to learn more about yourself – and your employer

  • The high life in Switzerland

Get insight into the chemical scientist’s working day at some of the world's best known companies, plus advice and guidance on how to land the job of your dreams

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Chemist may become first woman in Congress with a natural science PhD

Head of the chemistry department at Stony Brook University in New York is locked in a tight race for a seat in the House of Representatives

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Translating snail venom research from beach to bench and beyond

Meet Mandë Holford, an interdisciplinary scientist following tangents that arise when exploring the molecular-level workings of venom peptides

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‘Cultural evolution’ needed to reinvigorate academic research

Research funding and academic reward systems should get an overhaul to recognise mentoring and public engagement

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Postdoc employment status varies widely

Researchers are vulnerable to financial instability and issues with healthcare