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An image showing hello in different languages

Not lost in translation

25 April 2019By

Volunteers are wanted to help chemists write papers in English

An image showing a kid's zone warning sign

Chemistry conferences look to become more family-friendly

24 April 2019By

Childcare services and dedicated family spaces help remove the stigma around caregivers attending scientific meetings

An image showing the Royal Society of Chemistry Periodic Table of Cupcakes

What elements are on your bucket list?

12 April 2019By

Why chemists want to work with everything on the periodic table

An image showing two female scientists in the lab

Half of Britons wish they’d pursued a career in science

4 April 2019By

Survey finds that many don’t think they are clever enough to work in a Stem field

An image showing a student taking an online course

Should you take a MOOC?

4 April 2019By

Five tips on picking a free online course to further your scientific career

  • What’s going on in West Yorkshire

  • Is there a future for chemists in São Paulo?

  • A new life in New Jersey

  • Seeking a career in Portugal

  • The low down on Belgium

  • The heart of Japan

  • A Wales of a time

  • Climbing the career ladder in southern Germany

  • Trailblazing in the Pacific Northwest

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An image showing Eucharia O. Nwaichi at the Greenhouse at StockBridge School of Agriculture UMASS Amherst MA US

Harnessing plants and microbes to tackle environmental pollution

Eucharia Nwaichi is using biochemistry to clean up one of the most polluted places on Earth

A picture showing molten lava

The chemistry of volcanoes

Volcanologist Kate Saunders shares her latest adventures

Students sitting exams

Chemistry A-level entries show rise in popularity

Exam results in the UK show more young people, particularly young women, are studying chemistry

Burning money in conical flask

Time to stop paying for work

Hidden work costs are a financial drain worth considering