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Medical research charities report £260 million shortfall due to pandemic


The impact of Covid-19 on fundraising efforts sees charities slash research support

Sputnik vaccine

New questions raised over Sputnik Covid vaccine results point to fraudulent practices


Analysis comparing Sputnik results with five other Covid vaccines finds phase 3 trial outcome is highly improbable

Chemicals catalogues

Catalogues of complexity


The tangled web of fine chemicals supply frequently throws up surprises

The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Future: Virology, Epidemiology, Translational Toxicology and Therapeutics

Introduction: the coronavirus pandemic and the future

This series of Chemistry World reports is part of a forth coming e-book and hardback to be published by the Royal Society of Chemistry. The book was motivated by a desire on the part of the editors and the authors to produce a body of information on the new and deadly coronavirus about which the world was largely uninformed and for which it was totally unprepared. 

Shinagawa station in busy morning rush hour



Originally developed to treat flu and marketed in Japan as Avigan, promising Covid-19 trial results have seen countries stockpiling this medication by the millions

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