An image showing Donald Trump

Science community holds its breath as US election looms


The election is a high stakes affair for university researchers and science advocates, who overwhelmingly back Biden

An image showing a human fossil

Recalibration is the biggest shake-up in the carbon dating world for seven years


Overhaul will improve accuracy and push back how far samples can be dated by 5000 years

An image showing the Gold king mine disaster

EPA settles Gold King mine disaster five years later


Utah state will receive $220 million as part of settlement over 2015 accident that spilled toxic waste into waterways

An image showing a black researcher

UK chemistry pipeline loses almost all of its Black, Asian and other ethnic minority chemists after undergraduate studies


Black students are only one quarter as likely to study for a PhD than their white counterparts

An image showing the pink cloud from the Beirut blast

Questions surround deadly Beirut blast


Ammonium nitrate explosion that killed at least 135 appears to have been caused by poorly-stored cargo from an abandoned vessel

An image showing a lock

Blow to open access Plan S as European Research Council withdraws


Disagreements over hybrid publishing caused research funder to part ways with coalition

An image showing a box of paracetamol

Paracetamol, ibuprofen and other painkillers may harm those suffering from chronic pain


Opioids and benzodiazepines should also be avoided in favour of non-drug therapies for treating chronic pain, recommends UK clinical practice body

An image showing an hourglass

Research excellence framework resumes after four month hiatus


New timetable and guidance released following coronavirus shut down

Index format gif showing blue whirl flame

Levitating ring flame’s burning secrets revealed


Blue whirl could offer a soot-free way to burn oil spills – if it can be scaled up

An image showing a gold atom on a black background

Superfluid helium nanoreactor takes single atom catalysis understanding to the next level


Gold alters bond energies to catalyse dissociation reaction

An illustration showing in situ tissue pathology

Mass spectrometry and augmented reality guide tumour removal in real time


Colour pixels help surgeons differentiate between cancerous and healthy tissue

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