An image showing the blast in the Industrial Park In Yancheng

47 dead in China chemicals plant explosion

22 March 2019

Enormous blast at China chemicals producer flattens large parts of industrial park and injures more than 600 people

An image showing a beagle dog being examined

DowDuPont ends fungicide dog experiment amid public pressure

22 March 2019

Brazil agrees regulatory waiver for ‘unnecessary’ experiment highlighted in US Humane Society undercover footage

An image showing a closeup of the hand of a tattoo artist using a pen with black tattoo ink

Chemical analysis supports EU’s toxic tattoo ink ban

21 March 2019

Report finds 20% of tattoo inks contain ‘negative list’ chemicals, although little is known about long-term effects

An image showing waste water pipes with water flowing into a river

EU sets goal of tackling pharmaceutical pollution in the environment

15 March 2019

Commission identifies six areas to take action on

An image showing the periodic table

New record set for the world’s smallest periodic table

14 March 2019

Table less than one fortieth the area of previous record holder is a gift for element maker Yuri Oganessian

An image showing the concept of gene editing

Leading geneticists call for worldwide moratorium on creation of gene-edited children

13 March 2019

Five-year pause would give nations breathing space following the birth of the first genetically-modified children in November

Capitol Building at dusk, Washington DC, USA

Updated: Science would suffer under Trump’s 2020 budget

12 March 2019

White House budget proposal would deliver significant blow to US research, but Congress is expected to intervene

A picture showing food on display in a cafe

Adding CBD to everything from soft drinks to cakes prompt warnings

12 March 2019

US authorities start to take action on cannabidiol additives

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