Cancer progression and harmful bacteria tracked with next-generation sequencing


Proof-of-principle study keeps an eye on leukaemia mutations and bacterial strains in patients

Melamin fire

Six dead in explosion at Slovenian chemicals plant


Five others injured at Melamin plant in Kocevje

Gloved hand touching a star

Chemistry performs well in latest assessment of UK research


High scores in the Research Excellence Framework will deliver extra funding for departments

Connections in cyberspace

Yield-predicting AI needs chemists to stop ignoring failed experiments


For machine-learning algorithms to make accurate yield predictions, chemists need to start reporting more low-yielding reactions and spell out implied experimental details

Coke cans

Former Coca-Cola chemist imprisoned for trade secret theft


14-year sentence for Xiaorong You, who stole secrets related to BPA-free can linings from major chemical and coating firms


UK could hit 2030 ‘green’ hydrogen targets if barriers can be removed


Changes to regulations and smarter thinking on locating electrolysers could boost production

An explosion

Fatal explosion at chemical plant in Austria


One contractor dead and another seriously injured after blast at Krems Chemie

Old laboratory equipment

Chemistry papers find themselves on the scrapheap quicker than physics ones


50-year-old physics papers are cited seven times more often than those in chemistry


Machine learning finds fluoride battery materials that could rival lithium


AI could help make new battery type that could store more energy than lithium-ion batteries viable 

Shell and reflection

Life’s handedness could have arisen spontaneously on Earth


New insight into the origins of homochirality point to adaptation to energy sources as driver


Atmospheric helium increasing at a measurable rate


Air samples revealed a rate of increase beyond expected natural variations

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  • Drug discovery AI that developed new nerve agents raises difficult questions

  • Researchers around the world band together to help fleeing Ukrainian scientists

  • Fears for Ukraine’s nuclear facilities follow Russian troops taking charge of Chernobyl site

  • Fire during riots exposes environmental impact of improperly stored agrochemicals

  • Turning off the plastic tap

  • Floating an idea