What the dichloromethane ban might mean for university labs in the US


The lab use requirements outlined in the agency’s workplace chemical protection plan are impractical for academic institutions, the ACS says

Peter Atkins

Physical chemistry textbook now free to download as a ‘gift’ to the community


Peter Atkins gives away Concepts in Physical Chemistry in collaboration with the Royal Society of Chemistry

Antibody-drug conjugate

Pan-cancer approval shows huge potential for antibody–drug conjugates


Enhertu gains approval based on gene expression rather than tumour location 


Expressions of concern added to more than 60 articles in chemistry journal


Elsevier scrutinising further articles in the journal as it attempts to discover what happened

Elisabeth Bik

Legal threats, online trolls and low pay: the world of scientific sleuth Elisabeth Bik


Chemistry World catches up with one of the world’s leading scientific integrity experts

Elisabeth Bik

Integrity specialist has no case to answer over blackmail, extortion allegations, French officials find


Elisabeth Bik, famed for her research integrity work, admits that she is relieved that the investigation is over

Humphry Davy and his notebooks

What Humphry Davy’s notebooks reveal about his life and work


Excerpts show different sides of chemist’s character

Andres Jaramillo

Periodic table of food initiative to uncover exactly what’s in our food


Project will create database of food compounds to standardise understanding of biomolecular composition of foods


Simple preparation method improves access to long-known superacid


Aluminium tris(fluorosulfate) synthesised in a single step


Promethium bond length completes picture of the size of lanthanides’ atoms


 Study fills one of the last gaps in our knowledge of the periodic table


Simplified hydroformylation replaces rhodium with base metal


Bench-friendly asymmetric hydroformylation swaps toxic gas and expensive catalyst for cheap reagents and mild conditions

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