An image showing the DAVINCI probe

Nasa makes plans to return to Venus to probe the hellish chemistry of its atmosphere


Probe set to launch in 2029 may be able to establish whether life ever existed there and answer the phosphine question 

An image showing the UNESCO building

World comes together to back Unesco’s vision of open science


Free access to Covid-19 data has shown that the dream of open science can be achieved, director-general says

An image showing the molecular electrostatic potential

First inspection of σ-hole reveals its peculiar shape


Atomic force microscopy snaps first experimental images of halogen bond’s charge distribution

An image showing human radius from a tomb at Las Mayores with cinnabar stains on the surface

Prehistoric Iberians poisoned by cinnabar almost 5000 years ago


Analyses of mercury levels in bones reveal ancient artists suffered for their craft

A photograph showing Johannes van't Hoff

Van ’t Hoff’s Amsterdam lab becomes historic chemical landmark


Now a café and exhibition space, the building once contained the first chemistry Nobel prize winner’s research space

An image showing a Pfizer sign

Pfizer sues former employee for alleged trade secret theft


Chun Xiao Li downloaded thousands of confidential documents before resigning

An image showing police on the scene at Muggleton Road

Public inquiry into Novichok poisoning death of Dawn Sturgess announced


UK investigation will examine any Russian involvement in the case of a woman who died after coming into contact with a nerve agent in 2018

An image showing the European Parliament plenary room

Additional €100 million agreed for Horizon Europe in 2022


More money for research agreed in EU budget negotiations

A photo of two droplets sitting on a surface, one larger and one smaller. They are backlit so they appear as shaded outlines. Between the droplets, a wisp of evaporating liquid can be seen

Triple Leidenfrost effect found in bouncing droplet pairs


Droplets of different liquids placed on a hot surface perform a bouncy dance before merging – sometimes with explosive results

An image showing a molecular model

Electrostatic origins of specific ion effects revealed


Ion–solvent Coulomb interactions explain ordering of Hofmeister series, new study claims

An image showing a crystal structure

Doubly negative dianions can form π hole bonds too


Researchers report an attractive interaction between two doubly negative dianions for the first time

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