Paxlovid boxes

Protective treatment for Covid-19 makes minimal impact


Limited uptake of antibody combination for vulnerable patients, while demand for antivirals seems to be slowing

Woman taking notes while on the phone while her daughter is dancing in the background

Parenting takes a heavy toll on the careers of female academics in North America


Women more likely to report that caring for children has hurt their career than men

Man cleaning pool

Explainer: The chemistry that keeps swimming pools clean and safe


How disinfectant chemicals protect us when we’re having a dip

Queue of lorries in Dover

UK Reach costs stretch higher for industry


Government assessment suggests deadlines will be delayed and companies will pay billions for compliance data

An image showing red tape being cut

Red tape report recommends simple, quick two-stage grant application process


Review by Birmingham vice-chancellor Adam Tickell calls for UK government, funders and universities to cut duplication and improve coordination


Software from Cambridge crystallographic experts could save pharma industry millions


Informatic tools will help drug formulators understand particle behaviour in their final product

A digital protein structure

AlphaFold has predicted the structures of almost every known protein


Google offshoot DeepMind has released more than 200 million predicted 3D structures, covering nearly the entire protein universe

US plant

US chemical industry responsible for 25% of the country’s GDP


National Academies finds chemical research has ‘outsized economic value’

A simpliefied reaction scheme showing an aldehyde reaction with a metal to create a metal carbenoid

Clever carbene synthesis replaces notoriously hazardous chemistry


Reactive carbon compounds can now be made from aldehydes instead of explosive or unstable reagents


Manganese coordination polymer separates xylene isomers


A highly flexible and stable material offers new opportunities for industrial xylene purification

LIFEtime equipment

Time-resolved spectroscopy shines new light on migratory insertion mechanism


Using lasers to probe metal-centred reactions leads to new understanding of highly reactive catalytic intermediates

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