An image showing a covid lateral flow test

UK abandons school Covid monitoring as testing devices divide public health scientists


Scientists split over use of lateral flow tests as some fear they could actually increase spread of the coronavirus

An image showing manipulated data

Royal Society of Chemistry retracts 70 fake ‘paper mill’ articles


Extensive investigations found systematic production of fraudulent research

A photo of an IV drip in a hospital

Old drugs prove their worth against Covid-19 as search continues for life-saving therapies


Thousands of patients have now taken part in trials around the world that have helped sift hope from hype

An image showing the MIT building

MIT nanotechnologist arrested for hiding his ties to China


The head of an MIT nanoengineering lab who worked at the university for decades is accused of grant fraud and faces up to 30 years in jail

An illustration showing a hacker fishing for a key

Imposters hijack journal’s peer review process to publish substandard papers


Scammers set up fake institutional email accounts to deceive a chemistry publication’s editorial team

An image showing Pfizer BioNTech mRNA vaccines

Vaccine approvals offer hope as global Covid cases surge


A handful of vaccines are now approved and the first doses are being given to patients, with trials for many more candidates nearing completion

An illustration showing scissors separating the UK flag from the EU flag

What does the Brexit deal mean for research and industry?


Relief, disappointment, questions and concerns

An image showing a researcher in the lab

Brexit deal creates path for UK science to engage with EU but ambiguity remains


UK embarking on era of pay-to-play in EU research programmes

An image showing the catalyst

Amine might end palladium’s reign over classic cross coupling reaction


Suzuki reaction now comes in an organocatalysed format

A photograph showing Daniele Leonori

Nitrogen radical chemistry sees the light


Daniele Leonori explains how his group is taking inspiration from 30-year-old chemistry to devise shorter syntheses for bioactive compounds

High-resolution STEM Z-contrast images

Catalyst offers low temperature route to produce hydrogen


Molybdenum carbide catalysts with low loadings of platinum can perform water–gas shift reaction at just above room temperature

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