A photo showing the flags of the countries in the EU

Drastic cuts to Europe’s research programme prompts outcry from scientists


Open letter from leading scientists warns of declining innovation and a brain drain

A photo of a hand in a latex glove taking a vial from a rack

Protein-based Covid-19 vaccines could overshadow rivals


Although slower to develop, protein-based vaccines are well understood with a strong record of safety and effectiveness

A photo of a man having a blood sample taken

Rush to approve Covid vaccine prompted by politics may end in disaster


Push by governments to pass a vaccine without appropriate evidence could damage fight against virus

A model of a barrel protein

Rosa Biotech gets biosensors on the nose


Protein barrel arrays mimic mammals’ olfactory system to distinguish many different molecules

A photo of students outside the library of Columbia University

The first ever postdoc union at a private US university has been formed


1700 postdoc researchers at Columbia University join to secure higher pay, protection for harassment victims and parental leave

A photo of a sign for the  GN Ramachandran Protein Centre of the Institute of Microbial Technology (IMTECH)

Top Indian labs have earned nothing from tech transfer for years


About 13% of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research labs have earned no technology transfer revenue since at least 2015

A photo of a medical worker preparing a syringe

Russian Covid-19 vaccine data raises questions


Suspected data manipulation or fabrication casts shadows over safety trial report for hastily-approved Sputnik V

A photo of former Japanese prime minister speaking with Astronaut Koichi Wakata

Shinzo Abe leaves a mixed legacy for Japanese science


While applied research has been boosted there are complaints that fundamental work has suffered

A photo of Saturn

Liquid hydrogen rethink has astronomical implications


Machine learning simulates smooth transition between states, which could affect giant planets

A diagram of a molecule

Retro-Diels–Alder study links solvent viscosity to reaction rate under microwave heating


New study helps to establish the parameters for microwave-specific rate enhancements observed in certain reactions

An image showing an exciton polariton in a microcavity

Hybrid light–matter particles offer tantalising new way to control chemistry


Early experiments are revealing that vacuum-field catalysis could make reactions happen with mirrors and nothingness

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  • Overcoming hydrogen hype

  • Encouraging signs from initial Covid-19 vaccine trials

  • Chemistry departments across the UK tackle herculean task of reopening

  • Scrambling and gambling to scale up Covid-19 medicines

  • Making the right call on dexamethasone

A photo of Joe Biden with Kamala Harris

US science Nobel laureates back Biden in presidential race


Eighty-one US Nobel prize winners, including 24 in chemistry, are publicly supporting Biden over Trump

A photo of someone donating blood plasma

Drop in plasma donations hits immunoglobulin supply


Lockdown and social distancing have discouraged donors, and the potential impact of convalescent plasma collection for Covid-19 treatment is unclear