An image showing a general view of the Wylfa Nuclear Power Station

Shelved nuclear power plans leave UK government's energy policy in hot water

20 February 2019

Nuclear plant pull-outs bring energy finance models under the spotlight

A reproduction of Georgia O'Keeffe's painting "Pedernal"

Conservators turn to iPads to follow the formation of oil paintings’ ‘art acne’

19 February 2019

Researchers have developed at app to address a chemistry problem plaguing the art world

A still from the winning video of the Dance your PhD competition

Jazzy superconductivity wins 11th Dance your PhD prize

19 February 2019

Annual award sees scientists explain their work through the medium of interpretive dance

 A conceptual illustration of intellectual property theft

US agencies address foreign recruitment threats

19 February 2019

Amid calls to protect the IP of American research universities and labs, US Department of Energy clamps down on foreign recruitment efforts

A picture showing students Raising Hands During Seminar

Faculty mindset affects racial achievement gap in Stem subjects

18 February 2019

Racial performance gap is twice as large in Stem classes taught by professors who believe intelligence is inherent and can’t be changed

A picture of Imperial College's ROAR facility

Automated lab at Imperial College will have robots run reactions

18 February 2019

First national centre for reaction studies will focus on data-driven chemistry

A headshot of Kelvin Droegemeier

White House science adviser's first speech leaves scientists with questions

18 February 2019

Kelvin Droegemeier used his first public address to laud the Trump administration’s achievements but dodged a Q&A session with the audience

A picture of an enzyme structure

PDFs dragged into digital age with 3D interactive chemical structures

15 February 2019

Simple method allows a range of file types to be converted into 3D structures

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