Ephemeral tattoo

Made-to-fade tattoos


Ephemeral’s biodegradable ink disappears in 9–15 months

EU and UK flags

Additional support for UK R&D amid Horizon Europe impasse


Government commits almost £500 million to ease pressure on research sector

European Commission

European parliament restores research funding


Extra funding found for Horizon Europe and Erasmus student programme

Noodle bowl with Upside chicken

Lab-grown chicken nears the dinner table in the US


Upside Foods’ chicken filet product is the first cell-grown meat product to be declared safe for consumption by the FDA

Elephant and mouse

SI units get new prefixes for huge and tiny numbers


Ronna, quetta, ronto and quecto are the first new prefixes for the metric system in 30 years

Jeremy Hunt

UK government upholds £20 billion commitment to research and development


But a longer-term pledge of £22 billion has quietly disappeared in Jeremy Hunt’s first autumn statement as chancellor

A photo of hundreds of plastic bottles, squeezed together to form space-saving cubes

Call for UK government to ban plastic waste exports


Parliamentary committee emphasises reducing and reusing plastics to eliminate waste

Kenya vaccines

World Health Organization takes aim at market as many still not getting vaccines they need


Government, industry and health organisations must do more

Magnet motor

Powerful rare-earth free magnet ‘evolved’ and refined by machine learning algorithm


Combination of iron, cobalt and boron points to alternatives to metals beset by geopolitical battles

n-butyl lithium

Mystery surrounding metalation reaction’s reagent excess solved


Multiple ‘base-eating’ aggregates discovered in classic directed ortho lithiation


Unprecedented simultaneous quantum tunnelling reaction discovered


Isomers of the same molecule undergo different tunnelling rearrangement at the same time – a process that ‘is completely breaking the classic transition state rules’

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