A photograph showing the Queen's speech

Queen’s speech reveals new research agency planned for UK


Government plans transformative research body based on US’s Arpa to deliver new technologies

An image showing a photo illustration of a Zantac box and drug tablets

Nitrosamine contamination withdrawals spread to new drugs


After ranitidine recalls, EU regulators instruct companies to review all their products for potential impurities

An image showing President Trump receiving briefing on Hurricane Dorian at White House

Science now being undermined by US government on an almost weekly basis


Bipartisan report says that abuse of government science has reached record levels

An image showing scientists in a lab

In a surprising twist it’s postdocs, not supervisors, who are responsible for PhDs’ research skills


Study tracked 336 graduate students for four years examining written work

An image showing lithium ion batteries

Why have lithium–ion batteries just won the chemistry Nobel prize?


The 2019 Nobel prize was awarded to pioneers of rechargeable battery tech – here’s what you need to know

An image showing the 2019 Chemistry Nobel laureates

Chemistry Nobel prize ‘finally’ goes to developers of lithium-ion batteries


John Goodenough, Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino rewarded for revolutionising the storage of energy and helping to usher in the microelectronics age

An image showing a Nobel prize medal

Live blog: lithium-ion batteries take the 2019 chemistry Nobel prize


Join us for all the latest news, views and developments on this year’s top chemistry prize

Winners of 2019 Nobel prize in physiology or medicine

Medicine Nobel prize rewards discovery of cells’ oxygen sensing machinery


William Kaelin, Peter Ratcliffe and Gregg Semenza win prize for unravelling how cells sense and adapt to the life-sustaining gas

An image showing an incorrect representation of three-centre two-electron bonds

Three centres, two electrons, but how many bonds?


Tweaking Lewis structures allows for a simplified and clearer representation of electron-deficient molecules

An image showing the fish Arapaima gigas

Secret of super-tough scales of giant Amazonian fish uncovered


Spiral-staircase structure prevents the scales being penetrated by piranhas

An image showing a hand flushing a toilet

Sewage sampling reveals how rich and poor live


Richer citizens taste for alcohol and poorer ones higher rates of prescription drug use revealed

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  • Queen’s speech reveals new research agency planned for UK

  • Live blog: lithium-ion batteries take the 2019 chemistry Nobel prize

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Face book home page

Fact checkers take up the fight against fake science on Facebook


Facebook teams up with fact checkers to tackle its science misinformation problem – but is it working?

Photo of smoke seen at a KMCO plant in Crosby, Houston in the US on 2nd April 2019

Leaking filter caused deadly explosion at US plant


Blast that killed one and injured 30 others at a KMCO facility in Texas was caused by hole in pipe component