An image showing ILL

Trilateral agreement reached on funding neutron research centre for another decade


The UK, France and Germany will provide support for the Institut Laue-Langevin, the world’s most intense neutron source

An image showing solar panels in India

India pushes renewables and green hydrogen


Prime minister Modi wants country to be energy independent by 2047 and become a global hydrogen hub

An image showing the Chemours plant at Dordrecht

Chemours under fire for trying to exempt fluorochemicals from EU regulation


European Court of Justice will rule on whether GenX chemicals should be listed as substances of very high concern

An image showing Bright Peak protein structures

Fully synthetic proteins make tailored medicines


Bright Peak Therapeutics makes modified protein drugs from scratch

An illustration showing a writing hand

UKRI response to Black female academics on funding decisions called inadequate


Pledge to improve understanding and monitoring of inequality comes a year after open letter was first published

A photo of four small poppers bottles. Their colourful plastic wrappers advertise them as room odourisers or aroma with brand names such as Liquid Gold, Bolt and Purple Haze

Explainer: The science of alkyl nitrites aka poppers


From their origins as 19th century angina treatment to becoming an important part of gay subculture, these recreational drugs exist in a legal limbo

An image showing wheat

UK approves Europe’s first field trials of Crispr-edited wheat


Field trials will examine how low-asparagine plants fare in the field

An image showing a wastewater pipe

Wastewater chemicals shortage may see partially treated effluent flushed into English rivers


Lack of HGV drivers hits supplies of ferric sulfate 

A photo series showing the number 0 to 9 spelled out with multicoloured 'pixels'

Liquid crystals under pressure create squid-like camouflage


Pneumatic membranes trigger full-spectrum colour shifting on demand

A concept art showing a stylised DNA strand with the base pairs shown as colourful sticks

Method to make unusual oligonucleotides could be a boon for gene therapy drugs


Synthesis can insert unusual linkages into DNA molecules while rivalling industry standard chemistry in speed and efficiency

Spherical shapes with a hole in each

‘Self-inflating’ synthetic cells can capture, store and release cargo


Entirely artificial system can use chemical energy to ‘swallow’ payloads like bacteria

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An image showing a Chinese scientist

US export controls leave Chinese researchers struggling to buy scientific instruments


Research tools such as mass spectrometers make up as much as 40% of restricted items, analysis by Chinese researchers finds

People queuing to board a military plane

Science and research ‘are dead’ in Afghanistan


Afghan researchers and scholars flee or go into hiding as the Taliban’s return to power sees the science academy and universities closed