An image showing a CDC sign

CDC scientist George Luber seeking whistleblower protection

22 August 2019

Former head of the Centre’s climate and health programme claims he was targeted for speaking out about climate change

An image showing cash register paper rolls

Concerns raised over ‘regrettable’ BPA substitutions

21 August 2019

Research indicates chemicals used as alternatives to bisphenol A in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins aren’t always safer

A picture showing lots of old mobile phones

Call to address e-waste ‘stockpile’

21 August 2019

Royal Society of Chemistry backs recycling drive to recover endangered elements from old electronic devices

A scientific illustration showing an adeno-associated virus

Data manipulation casts shadows on Novartis gene therapy

20 August 2019

Manufacturing problems with other new medicines highlight difficulty of developing advanced treatments

An image showing Scott Morrison announching his cabinet in the Prime Ministers Courtyard at Parliament House in Canberra, Sunday, 26 May 2019

Australian basic research squeezed as R&D to fall to lowest level for decades

16 August 2019

Researchers call for end of benign neglect for science as funding predicted to fall to 40-year low

An image showing Kary Mullis

PCR inventor Kary Mullis dies aged 74

13 August 2019

Mullis shared the 1993 chemistry Nobel prize with Michael Smith

A picture taken at the Berkley campus of the University of California

Crispr pioneer among University of California researchers boycotting Elsevier

12 August 2019

Open letter to the journal publisher withholding editorial work has been signed by 31 members of the university

Bristol University NIB

Research would be a ‘casualty’ if English higher education review acted on, Lords warn

12 August 2019

Many other areas could suffer too including student lab practicals and infrastructure maintenance

An image showing wood microfluidics

Wood microfluidics carve out a niche

23 August 2019

Teflon-coated wood devices perform as well as plastic equivalents but face some challenges before they can realise their clinical and sustainable potential

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