Nobel medals

Pioneers in synthetic biology and next-generation DNA sequencing among predictions for chemistry Nobel prize


Data science divinations and community chatter pick favourites for chemistry’s top prize

Scientists in the lab

New Royal Society fellowship to support Black researchers


Scheme may be expanded to other underrepresented groups if it’s successful


Positive trial sets stage for therapeutic use of MDMA in US


Hallucinogen-assisted psychiatric treatment heads to regulators, amid cost and other concerns

Aerial image of a large white warehouse that has been flattened surrounded by debris and upturned containers

Tornado at Pfizer plant accentuates US drug shortage issues


Perennial problem will not be addressed without major reforms to drug market

Binned paper

Retraction Watch database bought by Crossref


Deal aims to make retractions easier for researchers to spot

Research Gate

Publishers settle copyright infringement lawsuit with ResearchGate


Elsevier and the American Chemical Society resolve ongoing claims with an automated check on papers’ copyright status

Bear licking a rock

Work on why scientists seem to enjoy licking rocks scoops chemistry Ig Nobel


Necrobotics, defecation analysis and boring lectures among other topics honoured in spoof annual award ceremony

Exoplanet K2-18 b

Explainer: has life been discovered on an exoplanet?


Potential detection of dimethyl sulfide on K2-18 b has excited the scientific community but it’s still much too early to reach any conclusions   


Sustainable glue made from soy oil and tannin outperforms best commercial adhesives


Mussel inspired plant-based adhesive still requires optimisation but shows promise

Two large glass bottles holding a dark yellow-ish clear liquid.

Electrochemical conversion of acids to alkenes achieved on kilogram scale


Efficient production of valuable alkenes achieved under mild conditions by reversing hydrocarboxylation reaction

Oscillating reaction

Chemical oscillator’s tick-tock action catalyses reaction regular as clockwork


Small molecule oscillator can catalyse Knoevenagel condensation periodically without affecting the oscillation

In depth

  • Artificial sweeteners face more bad press – but is it unfair?

  • Strikes spread across US as postdocs and other researchers fight for better pay and conditions

  • The subterranean chemistry that explains India’s groundwater contamination

  • Drones take flight to go where scientists dare not

  • The UK has rejoined Horizon Europe, but the delays have been costly

  • The end of chemical warfare