A Beyond Burger, a vegan veggie burger, is seen at the Vedang fast food restaurant

Study casts doubt on cultivated meat’s low carbon promise


Preprint suggests that food grown from animal cells could have a global warming potential many times greater than beef


Chemical firms kept data on PFAS health hazards secret


Documents suggest that DuPont and 3M had evidence of PFAS toxicity but suppressed the findings

A grand white marble building with a clock tower and gardens

Report highlights job insecurity and mental health strain in academia


Baseline pay and conditions compare well to other sectors for permanent staff

A portrait of Tim Springer in a garden

Billionaire professor donates ‘transformative’ sum to protein science institute


$210 million endowment from entrepreneur and Moderna investor Tim Springer will support ongoing research


US trade regulator sues to block Amgen–Horizon merger


Federal Trade Commission has concerns that union will allow Amgen to stifle potential competition for Horizon’s drugs

A crowd at a political rally in Turkey waving Turkish flags and a banner with the face of President Erdogan

Academic freedom is at stake in Turkish elections, researchers warn


Future path of universities as institutes of free inquiry may rest on who wins


The diabetes drugs aiming to aid weight loss


Can peptide hormone mimics avoid the side effect pitfalls of previous weight loss treatments?


Charge-transfer interactions during C–H activation directly observed


New insights could guide the design of better catalysts


Volcanoes and meteorites may have delivered catalysts for life’s beginning


Iron-rich nanoparticles can catalyse conversion of CO2 to complex organic molecules


Identifying single atoms with x-ray specificity


Combining synchrotron x-rays with scanning tunnelling microscopy gives atomic resolution

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  • Chemical weapons watchdog opens new lab as end nears for deadly munitions

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