An image showing the REGN-COV drug

Regeneron’s Covid-19 antibodies help those who can’t make their own


Regn-Cov2 reduces deaths and shortens hospitalisation for these patients, even when given at late stages of infection

An image showing the University of Kentucky

Tenured Kentucky toxicologist resigns ending years-long misconduct charges drama


Long-time University of Kentucky researcher resigns the day before Board was to vote on whether to revoke his tenure for research misconduct

An image showing the Ciencia en el Parlamento logo

Citizen initiative yields new parliamentary science office for Spain


New body will foster evidence-informed decision-making and awareness programmes for the public

An image showing a patient's hand during an aducanumab clinical trial

Alzheimer’s antibody gets surprise US approval


Good news for industry and future drug approvals, but physicians doubt it will be effective for most patients

An image showing the Wah Yan Hong Chemical Factory

Eight dead in apparent methyl formate leak at Chinese chemical plant


Three others injured at facility in Guizhou after accidental release during unloading

An image showing two men pointing at the aftermath of a chemical fire

Deadly fire in Indian chemical factory


Blaze killed 18 workers, mainly women, who were trapped inside SVS Aqua Technologies plant

An image showing Ei-Ichi Negishi

Chemistry Nobel laureate Ei-ichi Negishi dies at 85


Discoverer of the Negishi coupling, who did synthetic organic chemistry research at Purdue for four decades, has passed away

A man in a hard had standing outside an industrial plant

Drax plant to use Mitsubishi’s carbon capture technology in pursuit of negative emissions


Amine solvent in use at 13 other plants could be deployed at Yorkshire plant by 2027

An image showing a bird's eye shot of a person sitting at a bench wearing a lab coat and blue nitrile gloves, inspecting several petri dished containing bacterial colonies.

Blocking bacteria’s self-poisoning mechanism weakens their antibiotic resistance


Stopping bacteria from producing hydrogen sulfide in response to drugs could help overcome antimicrobial resistance

An image showing glassware in the dark

Nanomaterial stores radicals to power photopolymerisation in the dark


Reaction driven by long-lived radicals experiences fewer side reactions than photopolymerisation under light irradiation

An image showing neurons

Biochemical mystery unfolds as elemental metals found in Alzheimer’s patients’ brains


In a discovery that raises more question than it answers, researchers have found zero-oxidation-state iron and copper deposits inside amyloid plaques

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