Coloured TEM image of Covid-19 particles

UK researchers receive £20m to start coronavirus treatment research


Two vaccine trials among six projects that win funding

An image showing the collection of the University of York hospital donations

Organisations mobilise to fight Covid-19


‘War effort’ seeks to provide hand sanitiser, protective equipment, ventilators and tests

An image showing JJ Wylde

Getting ideas across


In a diverse industry like chemicals, we need to make sure we’re open to learning from unexpected angles.

An image showing a corroded pipe

Cracking down on corrosion with Hexigone Inhibitors


Intelli-ion technology provides non-toxic, chromium-free protection from corrosion

An image showing a firefighter

US military sites that may be contaminated by PFAS grow by 60%


The Pentagon has released new analysis that says there are 651 military sites with groundwater that may be polluted with fluorinated chemicals

An image showing the rapid testing for coronavirus

New Covid-19 test delivers diagnoses up to three time faster


Researchers at the University of Oxford claim their new coronavirus diagnostic technology is fast and highly accurate

An image showing an online class in Milan

Italian researchers fear long-lasting harm to science from coronavirus lockdown


With the entire population isolated and universities closed research has been severely curtailed

An image showing colourful plastic toys

Data is lacking as Reach moves beyond registration


Enforcing the demanding rules of Europe’s chemical legislation is keeping regulators and companies on their toes

An image showing examples of the surprisingly diverse “whiskey web” patterns

Whiskey webs could snare counterfeiters


Unique patterns formed by whiskey residues could aid investigations into imitation liquors

An image showing the three-dimensional structure of SARS-CoV-2 Mpro, in two different views

Potent coronavirus drug candidate designed using 3D structure of key viral enzyme


Inhibitor of Sars-CoV-2 protease shows promise in early animal tests

An image showing red blood cells

Universal blood for transfusion could be created by hydrogel ‘camouflage’


Antigen-shield can prevent serious immune response to incompatible blood group

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