An image showing a Chinese visa

Trump seeks to revoke visas of Chinese students with ties to China’s military


Academic and science groups speak out against move to bar certain Chinese nationals from studying and conducting research in the US

An image showing a girl applying makeup

Lack of standardised testing makes comparing nano skin tests hard


Study reemphasises that nanoparticles don’t penetrate the skin

An image showing socially distanced friends wearing face masks

Developing antiviral mask technology in a pandemic


Surface chemistry strategies play a pivotal role in personal protective equipment that can neutralise the Sars-CoV-2 virus

An image showing a horseshoe bat

Nobel laureates lead revolt after US–China coronavirus grant cancellation


Nearly 80 US Nobel laureates and 30 scientific organisations criticise sudden termination of joint research with Wuhan Institute of Virology

An image showing the ITM power electrolyser

UK project aims to cut the cost of producing clean, green hydrogen


Goal is to drive down price of hydrogen made by splitting water using renewable energy

An image showing a pumpjack

Oil price crash ripples through chemicals production


Fuel production slowdown will favour more flexible refiners as demand for petrochemicals is stable or increasing

An image showing vaccine production

Vaccine manufacturing centre to be rushed into service a year early by UK government


Injection of new funding will mean centre opens in 2021 as licensing deal also agreed to boost vaccine capabilities

An image showing a worker in protective gear

How Covid-19 is changing drug manufacturing


Catalent is adapting, focusing on employee safety and supply chain security

An image showing the synthesis of 18O-labelled alcohols from unlabelled alcohols

Method that yields oxygen-18-enriched alcohols set to bolster drug studies


Mitsunobu-based protocol is simple alternative to limited and lengthy methods

An image showing Robert Berger, Ronald Garcia Ruiz and colleagues

Molecular experiments hope to reveal new physics


Detecting extremely short-lived radium fluoride can explore standard model’s limits

An image showing a lysozyme molecule

Protein synthesis revolution on way as large peptides made in hours not days


Flow chemistry can now make peptide chains up to 164 amino acids long in one go

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A photograph showing Simon Saw-Teong Ang

US researcher faces up to 20 years in prison for hiding China ties


University of Arkansas engineering professor accused of fraud for failing to disclose connections to Chinese government and companies

An image showing how the Memorial Church in Harvard Yard is reflected in a puddle on an empty campus at Harvard University

Covid-19 wreaks havoc on US universities leaving their finances in disarray


The pandemic has led to S&P Global slashing the outlook for 127 US colleges and universities