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Yuri Oganessian

What it takes to make a new element


Yuri Oganessian tells us how nihonium, moscovium, tennessine and oganesson were made

Marie Curie (circa 1915) with a group of cameramen on board a ship

Marie Curie, the migrant chemist


150 years after Marie Curie’s birth, Mike Sutton delves into her life and research

Goldsmiths coin

Meet the guardians of gold

By Elinor Hughes

Elinor Hughes visits Goldsmiths’ assay office

Elements explainer detector index

The element makers

By Chemistry World

The periodic table has now grown to 118 elements. We met some of the people who make them to find out how they do it, and what they will be doing next


Flowing rivers of mercury


Philip Ball investigates claims that the burial chamber of China’s first emperor contains rivers of shimmering mercury

The search for life


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