Antimicrobial resistance

In this collection, we explore the critical issue of antimicrobial resistance, covering the latest research on antibiotic mechanisms, microbial evolution, resistance detection methods, and strategies for combating antimicrobial resistance in healthcare and the environment.



The drug developers fighting the antibiotic resistance problem


Andy Extance talks to the researchers innovating across different drug classes in the hunt to develop new treatments 

Cost of antibiotics

Who will pay for new antibiotics?


Governments around the world are starting to consider alternative funding models and incentives for antibiotics. Katrina Megget asks if it is enough


Charting the rise in antimicrobial resistance

By , , , and

We look at the data behind antibiotic drug discovery and development, bacterial resistance and the financial problems with the current business model

Over the counter antibiotics

How can we maintain the effectiveness of existing antimicrobials?


Reducing environmental pollution and tackling quality issues to stave off resistance

Colonies of Penicillium mold growing on agar plate

If the drugs don’t work


A world without antibiotics would be a terrifying place

Lots of blister packs of tables in large container

Resistant to change


Curbing industrial practices that drive antimicrobial resistance needs tighter regulation and enforcement

Bacteria cultures

Surviving in the war of all against all


Cancers and bacteria develop resistance to drugs in remarkably similar ways

MRSA bacteria

Catching the citizen science bug


Involving the public in research tackling superbugs

Close up of a gloved hand collecting a water sample with a beaker

Antimicrobial resistance: Exploring the One Health perspective and wastewater monitoring


The challenges created by antimicrobial resistance are only set to grow. Join us to equip yourself with the most up-to-date facts and knowledge