AI and automation

In this collection, we explore the latest developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, covering technologies and applications such as machine learning, robotics, laboratory automation and data analysis, and their impact on chemistry research, the profession, and chemistry-using industries.


Robot synthesis

The robots revolutionising chemistry


Researchers working with automated systems are pushing the boundaries of what chemists can achieve in the lab, reports James Mitchell Crow

The future of AI in chemistry

What does AI mean for chemistry?


Phil Ball looks at whether letting machines do our thinking for us will change our understanding of chemistry itself

Get started with lab automation

How to automate your lab


Whether it’s robots, automation or software hacks, Nessa Carson finds ways for everyone to improve how they work in the lab

Chemist painting

The psychology of our future with AI


It’s time to accept that digitalisation is changing laboratory work, and embrace the opportunity

Alex and Dr Ren in the robotics lab

Encoding creativity in drug discovery


Machine learning can complement and reinforce human intuition and experience

An image showing robot hands and a future crystal

How will AI and automation change chemistry?


It’s going to change our lives. But it’s not clear in what ways

An image showing lines of code on a computer screen

You don’t need coding to be a chemist

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Writing your own software can be useful, but what matters is knowing how to use it

A modern robotic arm works on an assembly line

Robots in the lab – learn how automation can streamline your workflow


The future of lab automation is promising. Join us to find out answers to the most important questions, and to contribute your knowledge and experience to the discussion.

Deepmatter brand background

SmartChemistry brings the power of AI and machine learning into your lab

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Digital chemistry technologies provide the tools to accelerate your research