Supercapacitor shaped superhero lifting a green car

Fast charging supercapacitors

Rapid development of the alternative energy storage technology to rechargeable batteries is already having real world impact. James Mitchell Crow talks to the scientists working on upping their performance

History of data storage

Is DNA the future of digital data storage?

DNA is being explored as a long-term solution to preserving digital information for future generations. Nina Notman reports

Whisky barrels

The wonder of whisky

Kit Chapman takes a closer look at the chemistry of the water of life, from the slow reactions of its ageing to testing for fakes

Woman smelling a flower and remembering her young self having built a crown out of the same type of flower

Brain chemistry basics

Andy Extance looks into the latest in Alzheimer’s disease, pain and memory

Pile of cocaine, DNA and the shape of a brain cast by the lighting of the image

The proteins that drive drug addiction

Jamie Durrani speaks to researchers exploring how epigenetic changes in the brain affect drug-seeking behaviours


A painting consisting of an irregular grid of white and primary coloured squares and rectangles outlined in black

Computer program ‘paints’ porphyrin structures in the style of famous artist


Algorithm turns molecules’ structure into Mondrian-inspired representations

Striking reptilian fossil discovered in 1931 found to be fake

280-million-year-old lizard ‘fossil’ was mostly painted on

Chemistry tools reveal surprise lead layer under a Rembrandt masterpiece

X-ray imaging uncovers a surprising lead substance beneath The Night Watch, likely used to safeguard the famous painting from moisture

Playing her part in building South Africa’s scientific reputation

Meet Pinkie Ntola, an early-career Black researcher who is passionate about being a credible scientist, an inspiring teacher and a supportive mentor

Used compact fluorescent light bulbs

Redox reactions ‘mine’ old fluorescent light bulbs for europium

In just three simple steps rare earth element can be recovered, avoiding ‘ecologically devastating’ mining

Biomass, plastic waste and carbon dioxide feedstocks key to cutting chemical industry’s emissions

Royal Society report warns that without intervention defossilisation of the chemicals sector will take many decades

Chemists funded to cut the environmental footprint of their labs

The Royal Society of Chemistry to support 33 projects in 11 countries aiming to make chemistry research greener

There’s a world of chemistry in water

Managing our most precious resource

Riding the microwave: three chemists share their stories

Disagreements surrounding non-thermal effects didn’t stop microwave reactors becoming a standard part of laboratory life

Lasers and lithium team up for ammonia production at ambient conditions

A pioneering method uses lasers and lithium salts to fix nitrogen with record-breaking yields

A key has opened a locker containing papers and books

How hoarding knowledge is hurting the industry in the long run

Sharing results that are not commercially viable would speed up research

Elemental analysis

Elemental analysis under scrutiny again as competition raises accuracy questions

Doubts grow over the standard used by journals as competition highlights 26% failure rate with simple molecule

US–China tensions appear to be damaging countries’ science, analysis finds

Ethnically Chinese students pursuing PhDs in the US dropped along with productivity of ethnically Chinese scientists

Leaked exams lead to cancellations that leave Indian students and researchers frustrated

Over a million students and early-career researchers hit by latest cash for exam questions scandal

Chemistry’s authority on nomenclature Iupac seeks new home

After 27 years in the US the organisation is looking for new headquarters