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3D rendered image showing molecules on colourful blue and orange background

Resolving absolute stereochemistry in early drug discovery with VCD

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From sample preparation to use of quantum chemical software tools, learn how vibrational circular dichroism (VCD) streamlines chiral analysis in the R&D analytical support lab – join us on May 26

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A digital representation of a world map using blue laser-like lines and points

Speed up process development by making more from your offline and online data

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Join us on 31 May to learn how the biotechnology R&D team at Clariant uses statistical modelling techniques to speed up the process development of their bio-ethanol product

An image showing green, blue, yellow and red plastic pellets in trays

Fingerprinting recycled thermoplastic resins for process optimisation

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Join us on 15 June to learn how to investigate feedstock quality, fingerprint recycled thermoplastic resins and streamline your process using thermal analysis and rheology

Abstract computer generated image showing sparkling particle with atoms and electrons un 3D space

Broadband benchtop NMR spectroscopy: it’s more than just protons

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Join us on 29 June for an introduction to broadband NMR spectroscopy – and see how the Oxford Instruments X-Pulse enables applications using a wide range of nuclei