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Composite image merging drugs, molecules scheme and lab apparatus

Harness the power of electricity to make organic compounds

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Join us on 30 September to learn how to use batch-type cells in preparatory electrosynthesis

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Digital illustration showing a tree depicting the internet of things

Digitalisation and the future of formulating in modern R&D labs

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Learn how to remove barriers at work to implement a true data infrastructure tailored for your business – join us on October 5

Illustrated image showing robots automating chemistry process

Automated capsule chemistry with Synple: do more, faster

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Synple’s automated synthesis technology allows discovery chemists to accelerate research and improve efficiency – Join us on October 14 to find out more

Image showing abstract circuit board lighting up

Find robust operating points using JMP’s Simulation Experiment tool

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Join us on October 19 to learn how simulations can be used to minimise defect rate and improve crucial targets