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Line art of laboratory equipment

Turn chemical drawings into knowledge with ChemDraw & ChemOffice+ Cloud v20

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Join us on October 29 to learn how to increase the productivity of chemistry research and accelerate the communication of your reporting with ChemDraw and ChemOffice+ Cloud v20

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Ariel photograph of a refinery

Scaling up processes with Design of Experiments

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Join us on November 3 to learn how Fujifilm Diosynth uses Design of Experiments understand the best way to scale up reactions

London Pride March 2017

LGBT+ inclusivity – Building a better chemistry culture

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Join us on November 13 to discuss how the chemical sciences can best support and retain LGBT+ individuals

Circular or infinite economy concept

The circular economy data challenge

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Join us on November 19 to gain a deeper understanding of the chemistry-focused data challenges in commercial circular economies