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Organ-on-a-chip (OOC) – microfluidic device chip that simulates biological organs that is type of artificial organ

Analyse your protein with best-in-class CE system, Maurice

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Characterize your protein purity, identity and heterogeneity with the state-of-art Maurice capillary electrophoresis system.

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Needle in a haystack

Miniaturise the haystack: DNA-Encoded Libraries for drug discovery

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A DNA-Encoded Library (DEL) case study and fragment-based DEL discovery insight from DyNAbind

Mindset concept illustration

Using a DoE mindset for successful experimentation

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Learn how to start with Design of Experiments (DoE) and develop the mindset

Abstract data visualisation

Start being predictable: improve your experimentation

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Learn how modern experimentation methods can increase your process understanding, allowing you to develop new products and boost your R&D output

MilliporeSigma webinar image

Targeted protein degradation using small molecules

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Learn how Protacs work for targeted protein degradation to widen the spectrum of targetable proteins

Woman looking at data on computer from Shutterstock

Capturing value from your data to accelerate innovation

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Learn how to increase speed to market with cutting edge data science methods for R&D and manufacturing

Sheffield mobile mass spectrometry in the field Index

Mobile mass spectrometry – taking the laboratory to the field

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Learn how compact mobile mass spectrometry enables researchers to sample on-the-spot in a field environment, for instant mass analysis and real-time decision making within seconds

Male scientist examining test tubes

Synthia – retrosynthetic design software for practising chemists

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See a technology overview of Synthia and its use in synthetic design. The webinar includes a live demo and an explanation of the licensing and service models available

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