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An outstretched hand calling a metaphorical halt to bullying and harassment in the workplace

Tackling bullying and harassment – Building a better chemistry culture

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Join us on August 13 as we discuss ways to tackle bullying and harassment in the chemical sciences

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Embracing digital efficiency to rescue 2020

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Join us on August 17 for this webinar from Merck – boost productivity with fewer onsite resources and reduce risk with innovative, digital lab management solutions

A concept image representing a workflow process, reaching the ideal outcome

Synthace: Accelerating process development with automated Design of Experiments

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Join us on September 1 to learn how Synthace’s software platform, Antha, empowers scientists to automate Design of Experiments (DoE) for optimising bioprocesses

Image of photochemical vials glowing in the dark

Illuminating research with the LightOx PhotoReact 365 benchtop photoreactor

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Join us September 15 to learn about LightOx PhotoReact – a benchtop photoreactor enabling reproducible irradiation for photochemical and photobiological applications