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From Reach compliance to innovation – making use of data and tools

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Join us on 18 September as the European Chemicals Agency presents how the wealth of information collected and generated under Reach and CLP can be used to make better choices for product development

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The easy way to find chemical gold in patents

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Learn how to unlock the scientific value hidden in patent data and use this to accelerate chemicals-based innovation

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Optimising your experimentation process using JMP: GSK case study

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Learn how GSK’s Design of Experiments approach has resulted in a more efficient development process and delivered greater understanding and control of their drug production processes

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Quality management of the Karl Fischer system

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Join us to explore the various options for standardising a Karl Fischer system. This webinar will assist in proper standard selection to maximise the accuracy of results

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Solving the issues in standardisation of stereochemical representations

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Learn about technology that solves the issue of interpreting 3D stereochemical information implied in 2D structure representations.

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Benchtop NMR applications – dodgy drugs, industrial analysis and research

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Learn about practical applications of high resolution benchtop 1 and 2‑D NMR spectroscopy in various chemistry labs using 60 MHz benchtop spectrometers.

ChemDraw diagrams and a glass-like molecule model

Who says there are no shortcuts to great chemistry?

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Now more than ever with ChemDraw® and ChemOffice 17, you can spend less time drawing and more time conducting and capturing your research, whether you are a chemist or a biochemist.

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Digital transformation: fuelling innovation in the chemical industry

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Discover how advances in digital technology are transforming the chemical industry

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Data analytics for analytical method development

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Learn how you can develop better methods faster using the synergy of automated sample preparation, chemometrics and design of experiments (DoE)