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Green Chemistry

From milligrams to kilograms: synthetic chemistry following nature’s lead

This webinar covers the discovery of greener chemistry in academia and its adoption in both medicinal and process chemistry groups

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Tips and Tricks: Get the most out of your ICP-OES

Learn how to get the most out this atomic spectroscopy technique

COSHH form and lab research

An introduction to Safety Data Sheets for the chemical science industry

An introduction into reading and writing Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and important regulatory and technical requirements for compliance in Europe under REACH and Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) regulation

Railway tanker

Transportation of chemicals for small businesses

An overview of the factors SMEs need to consider when transporting chemicals and dangerous goods including best practises, regulations and choosing a supplier

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Social media: practical tools for business to business marketing

Learn how your business can use social media to generate leads, stay closer to your customers, and promote your business