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A cloud of colourful gases in yellow, pink and blue on a black background

It’s a gas – with author Mark Miodownik


Learn about the magnificent and elusive elements that expand our world

Illustration showing side profile silhouettes of people of different ethnicities

LGBTQ+ in Stem: Using data to foster inclusion – Part 1


Learn how UK and US institutions are working together to improve inclusivity in Stem

Molecule simulation concept image

Expanding AI and next generation simulation tools to accelerate scientific discovery

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Learn how new AI and HPC capabilities will enable novel solutions to complex chemistry problems

Conceptual image of red, blue and green silhouettes of people against the backdrop of a simplified city illustration

Empowering voices: Advancing social mobility in the chemical sciences


Learn more about socioeconomic barriers to equality in the chemical sciences

Aerial panoramic view of Mumbai's richest business district and skyscraper hub - Lower Parel

The pivotal role of chemistry in India’s sustainable development


Learn how chemistry is playing an important role in shaping the future of sustainable development in India

Computer rendering in 3D showing atomic particle

Advances in Reaction Monitoring with FlowNMR

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Learn how the benchtop X-Pulse and FlowNMR are revolutionising reaction monitoring



Run by the career management team at the Royal Society of Chemistry, ChemCareers is a monthly webinar series providing advice, access to experts and inspiration for your career. Watch previous webinars on-demand on YouTube


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Design of experiments

Chemistry World has partnered with JMP, a world-leading and highly respected provider of software for statistical discovery, to provide readers with a huge range of webinars, articles, resources and materials on design of experiments.

Data modelling illustration

Workshop: Making better data-based decisions with statistical modelling techniques

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Join us for this two part workshop and learn the techniques essential for transforming data into insights

Problem solving illustration

Workshop: Your guide to solving complex problems by mastering Design of Experiments

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Join JMP on this three-part workshop to enhance your data discovery process with Design of Experiments.

Abstract graphics show code on a blue screen cascading down from the top in rows

Building organisational consensus around the tools of digital chemistry

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Learn how change agents at Johnson Matthey developed a coalition of support for data-driven science 

Researchers working side-by-side in the lab

Workshop: Getting started with Design of Experiments

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Join JMP experts for this three-part workshop and learn how to use experimentation more efficiently and achieve better outcomes faster