Themed supplements

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    Chemistry 4.0

    Automation and digitisation have ushered in 'the fourth industrial revolution' – and with it comes Chemistry 4.0

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    Forefront of pharma

    Discover how the chemical industries at the forefront of pharma are researching and delivering novel therapeutic approaches

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    Collaborative chemistry

    Discover how collaboration across disciplines, teams, industries and sectors is driving innovation and knocking down barriers to success

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    Everyday chemistry

    Discover how everyday chemistry sparks innovation in our latest collection

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    Future of pharma

    Collaboration across the sciences as well as digitisation and patient-specific therapies come together to bring us the treatments of tomorrow

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    Voices in chemistry

    We bring together people from a variety of backgrounds that are driving innovation, challenging cultures, disrupting stereotypes and communicating science to inspire current and future generations.

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    Chemistry detectives

    Chemistry detectives: the talented teams and cutting-edge companies that use scientific investigation to improve lives, advance science and revolutionise industry.

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    Innovators: talented teams and cutting-edge companies that drive innovation to improve lives, advance science and revolutionise industry.

  • Green city

    Green and sustainable chemistry

    Research, innovations, applications and challenges in green chemistry and sustainability

  • Health technology

    Health technology

    Chemistry World and Notch Communications welcome you to this special collection of content focusing on innovations in health, driven by novel chemistry, technology and techniques.

  • Herbs, food and scientific glassware

    Food science

    Chemistry World’s home-grown collection reveals the scientific trends and innovation behind the foods of the future. From mimicking meat in a classic burger with plant-based alternatives to unpicking the legality of the molecular matter on our plates, agritech’s benefit to crop yields and product reformulation, this collection explores it all.

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    Precision polymer analysis

    Welcome to our collection, featuring a video series showcasing some of the latest techniques and thinking in polymer analysis, as well as free resources and insights from the experts at Waters

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    Future of plastics

    Explore the latest in polymer chemistry and discover what the future holds for the plastics industry

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    Design of experiments

    Quizzes and resources to help you to become better at designing experiments. Created in partnership with JMP

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    Molecule to market

    Tracking pharma development from molecules to market