A picture of Manfred Eigen

Manfred Eigen, pioneer of study of exceptionally fast chemical reactions, dies aged 91

Eigen was instrumental in the development of a method to probe reactions using pulses of energy

A Picture of the Hello World Book Cover

Gene Machine: The Race to Decipher the Secrets of the Ribosome

Venki Ramakrishnan tells the story of his journey from physics student to chemistry Nobel laureate

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  • Perovskites beyond solar cells

  • Can we live forever?

  • What is an element?

  • A taste of wine chemistry

  • The marvellous Maillard reaction

  • How chemical evolution took the 2018 chemistry Nobel prize

The IYPT logo

Year-long celebration of the periodic table launched by Unesco

Hundreds gather in Paris to commemorate 150 years of Dmitri Mendeleev’s most enduring work

Periodic table abstract

Smoothing out the lumps

Conflicting views of chemistry have been published in the press

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Hero illustration showing question marks with different forms of chemical elements as dots

What is an element?

Our understanding of what an element is has evolved over the years, but it’s still a tricky concept to nail down. Philip Ball investigates

Periodic table with most recently confirmed elements highlighted

Rules for element discovery get superheavy revamp

Chemistry and physics federations also define what counts as a ‘beyond superheavy element’

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