Curated chemistry collections

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  • Serotonin and neurons

    Chemistry of the brain

    In this collection, we turn the spotlight inside our heads and focus on big questions of the brain. How do we remember things and feel pain? Are we any closer to a cure for Alzheimer’s? What is the chemistry of addiction? And how are researchers getting around the blood—brain barrier?

  • Water collection

    Water and the environment

    In this collection, we explore the industrial use of water, water supply and its role in the environment, covering responsible mining, large-scale desalination and hydrogen production, drinking water and public health, the impact of climate change on oceans, and solutions for repairing polluted waterways and ecosystems.

  • Bonding collection

    Chemical bonding

    In this collection, we explore the fundamental principles of chemical bonding, covering covalent, ionic, and metallic bonding, as well as molecular structure, intermolecular forces, and the role of chemical bonding in shaping the properties and behaviour of molecules.

  • AMR

    Antimicrobial resistance

    In this collection, we explore the critical issue of antimicrobial resistance, covering the latest research on antibiotic mechanisms, microbial evolution, resistance detection methods, and strategies for combating antimicrobial resistance in healthcare and the environment.

  • Battery illustration

    Energy storage and batteries

    In this collection, we explore energy storage and battery research, covering innovative battery chemistries, materials design, device fabrication techniques, solutions to transition to clean energy, and applications including electric vehicles, grid-scale energy storage, and portable electronics.

  • Robot synthesis

    AI and automation

    In this collection, we explore the latest developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, covering technologies and applications such as machine learning, robotics, laboratory automation and data analysis, and their impact on chemistry research, the profession, and chemistry-using industries.

  • Sustainable labs


    In this collection we explore sustainable solutions for addressing global challenges, covering interdisciplinary approaches to sustainability, including renewable energy sources, green chemistry, reducing waste and emissions, circular economy principles, and solutions for a low carbon and net ze

  • A typographic image highlighting issues around research culture

    Research culture

    In this collection we explore fostering a positive research culture and scientific practices, covering topics such as reproducibility, open science, diversity and inclusion, leadership and mentorship, career instability, discrimination, misconduct and the evolving landscape of research ethics and integrity.

  • Nobel prize medal

    Nobel prize

    Who won the Nobel prize in chemistry? Discover the science that made them a Nobel laureate with news, interviews and features from Chemistry World

  • Herbs, food and scientific glassware

    Food science and cookery

    In this collection we explore the chemistry of cooking, food production, processing and storage including food analysis, safety and quality assurance, packaging and preservation, additives and flavour, agriculture and biotechnology and bio-based foods and meat alternatives.

  • An illustration of plastic waste

    Plastics and polymers

    In this collection we explore advancements in plastics and polymers research, covering topics such as polymer synthesis, characterisation techniques, material properties, biodegradable polymers, plastic waste and recycling, and the impact of microplastics and PFAS on the environment and human health.

  • Blue and orange tinged periodic table with overlaid displayed molecules

    Periodic table

    In this collection we explore the history and significance of the periodic table. We cover its origins and evolution, from Dmitri Mendeleev’s groundbreaking arrangement to the modern periodic table’s organisation, its influence and role in science and culture, the discovery of new elements and element scarcity.

  • To avoid hand-to-hand contact during the coronavirus pandemic, two people bump elbows as a greeting


    The latest news, research and opinion about Sars-CoV-2 and the Covid-19 pandemic