Illustration - Journey inside a human cell

Is life the sum of its chemical parts?

Unravelling the mysteries of our cells

RNA silencing

Breaking the silence of RNA interference drugs

A wave of treatments is set to follow the first approval of an RNAi therapy

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  • A taste of wine chemistry

  • The marvellous Maillard reaction

  • How chemical evolution took the 2018 chemistry Nobel prize

  • Are the Nobel prizes good for science?

  • The nuclear option

  • From folklore to pharmacy

Periodic Table

Why the periodic table won't connect with the general public

‘Chemistry’ still has about as much resonance as ‘annual tax return’

Periodic table of the elements – 18 – Argon

Noble gas’s days of fixed atomic weight argon

Chemistry’s standardisation body introduces atomic weight interval for argon and updates weights of another 13 elements

Image showing La@Pb12 from series of images

New rationale for 15-element wide f block

Scientists seek to settle periodic table layout debate

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Periodic table with most recently confirmed elements highlighted

Rules for element discovery get superheavy revamp

Chemistry and physics federations also define what counts as a ‘beyond superheavy element’


Laser spectroscopy offers first glimpse at nobelium nuclei

Adapted technique offers experimental insights to theorists studying superheavy elements

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