Women in Science - Martha Annie Whiteley

Science, suffrage and misogyny


100 years after women could first vote in UK general elections, Rachel Brazil looks back at their fight for professional equality in chemistry

Wine sample preparation for testing

A taste of wine chemistry


Nina Notman talks to the wine detectives uncovering the flavour molecules in our favourite tipples


A picture of Theresa May at the Brexit Summit Press Conference

Chemicals industry roundup 2018

13 December 2018

Industry growth remains strong despite tariff disputes, political uncertainty and supply chain challenges

A picture of the EU Flag in the context of Brexit

Pharmaceuticals roundup 2018

10 December 2018

Merger deals, product approvals and infrastructure changes have been overshadowed by political uncertainty, in Europe and around the world

RNA silencing

Breaking the silence of RNA interference drugs

26 November 2018

A wave of treatments is set to follow the first approval of an RNAi therapy

  • A taste of wine chemistry

  • The marvellous Maillard reaction

  • How chemical evolution took the 2018 chemistry Nobel prize

  • Are the Nobel prizes good for science?

  • The nuclear option

  • From folklore to pharmacy


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Chemical plant at night

The atmospheric nitrogen question


Pollutants, key atmospheric components and vital fertilisers: nitrogen compounds are all of these, as Emma Davies finds out

An illustration depicting evolution in the laboratory

How chemical evolution took the 2018 chemistry Nobel prize


Emma Stoye has the full story of how Frances Arnold, George Smith and Greg Winter put evolution to work in the lab