Nobel medal

Do other chemistry prizes predict the Nobels?

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We’ve looked at the numbers so you don’t have to

Ferrocene discoverers

Fifty years since the ferrocene furore


Only two of the discoverers of the sandwich compounds that revolutionised organometallic chemistry received the Nobel prize, leaving one very big name feeling left out. Mike Sutton traces the controversy

A lake from above there is a a motor boat driving through a large swirling green algal bloom

Fighting algal blooms with chemistry


These harmful events are the result of a complex interplay of factors, but Bárbara Pinho talks to the researchers finding out how they form and how we can stop them

Natural hydrogen

The hunt for natural hydrogen reserves

By Anna Demming

For a long time, nobody thought there could be large quantities of the gas underground. Anna Demming talks to the people proving otherwise

  • Using DNA evidence to picture suspects

  • The drug developers fighting the antibiotic resistance problem

  • The liquid metals giving catalysis a new phase

  • Fixing nitrogen fixing

  • The race to build a base on the moon

  • Building better batteries

  • Editing the structure of molecules

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