Composite image showing the three joint 2018 Nobel prize winners

How chemical evolution took the 2018 chemistry Nobel prize


Emma Stoye has the full story of how Frances Arnold, George Smith and Greg Winter put evolution to work in the lab

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Are the Nobel prizes good for science?


Philip Ball looks at whether prizes and awards help or hinder scientific progress


  • Nuclear medicine hero

    The nuclear option


    Using radioisotopes to image inside patients’ bodies – nuclear medicine – is under threat from ageing reactors. James Mitchell Crow discovers the new science trying to fix the problem

  • amino acids soup

    Why are there 20 amino acids?

    By Rachel Brazil

    Rachel Brazil tries to untangle the alphabet soup of life

  • Close-up of the nanospray apparatus used in electrospray ionisation mass spectrometry (ESI-MS)

    Medical mass spec


    Mass spectrometry can be used for more than just small molecules, meaning it is a vital tool in drug discovery and hospitals, as Clare Sansom discovers

Thousands of people gathered in Madrid to protest against budget cuts to science

Leave the country or leave the job: the hard choice facing young Spanish researchers

27 September 2018

Research still hasn’t recovered from funding cuts precipitated by the financial crash

Chamber and optics where the calcium fluoride molecules are cooled and trapped

Ultracold molecules are poised to unearth chemistry’s foundations

20 September 2018

Molecules close to absolute zero will soon help chemists unravel the toughest questions about why reactions occur at all

Low water in the Rhine

Building resilience to climate threats

19 September 2018

As extreme weather events become more frequent, chemical and pharmaceutical producers are taking steps to fend them off in future

  • How chemical evolution took the 2018 chemistry Nobel prize

  • Are the Nobel prizes good for science?

  • The nuclear option

  • From folklore to pharmacy

  • Hydrogen: still the fuel of the future?

  • Forensics in crisis


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Chemical compounds

Reaching a milestone


The decade-long process to register all chemicals used in Europe has concluded. Nina Notman takes stock of progress and looks to the next steps for chemical legislation in the region

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Ozone: the hole story


There is still a long road to recovery for the ozone layer, Emma Stoye finds