A photograph of Primo Levi; the tile of the chapters in his book, The Periodic Table, are written around him

Primo Levi and the other periodic table


Author and chemist Primo Levi was born 100 years ago this July. Philip Ball looks at his chemical and literary legacy – including his books The Periodic Table and If This Is a Man

An image showing a blue leaf

Taking a leaf out of plants’ books


Learning to mimic natural photosynthesis on an industrial scale might open the door to a fossil fuel-free future. Nina Notman investigates

An image showing IonQ’s quantum computer entangles trapped ions

Industry adopts quantum computing, qubit by qubit

12 June 2019

Companies looking to solve complex chemistry problems are among early adopters of quantum technology

Photo of Cheryl Juaire holding speakerphone, leading protesters near the Arthur M. Sackler Museum at Harvard University, in the US

Emerging from the US opioid crisis

14 May 2019

With litigation against suppliers in full swing, how does the US counter its addiction to powerful painkillers?

An image showing a close up of forensic scientist examining finger print in laboratory

Forensic science failures putting justice at risk in England and Wales

1 May 2019

Damning House of Lords report says cuts and bureaucracy may result in the market for forensics becoming dysfunctional

  • Victor Ninov and the element that never was

  • Accessible science education

  • Superhydrophobic materials from nature

  • The art of the periodic table

  • Perovskites beyond solar cells

  • Can we live forever?

An image showing a children crossing sign

The problem of particulate air pollution


Small particles in the air can find their way into the brains of growing children, with seriously unpleasant consequences. Anthony King reports

An image showing a mosquito biting

Malaria no more?


Efforts to cure malaria have been going on for hundreds of years. Clare Sansom looks at some of the latest – and most innovative