An illustrated portrait of Zhenan Bao

Zhenan Bao: 'We just had to dream big'


The flexible electronics maven talks about science’s biggest problem, orchids and Campbell’s chicken noodle soup

An image showing Carl Remigius Fresenius

Fresenius’ wash bottle


The link between spa treatments and a common piece of lab equipment

An image showing a coronavirus information board

No panacea for a pandemic


Science doesn’t have easy answers for Covid-19

An image showing a virus antidote being prepared in a biochem lab

Time for industry to show its humanity


Companies need to demonstrate community spirit in the face of the coronavirus pandemic

An image showing industrial chemistry reactors

Visiting chemical plants


Seeing how other chemists do their work can be an eye-opening experience, in more ways than one

An image showing RILIS at ISOLDE, CERN

An affinity for astatine


Plucking out the secrets of the mysterious element

Last retort

Organic matter

An image showing Penkman excavating fossils at a Plio-Pleistocene site in Russia(1)

Unlocking geological time capsules with analytical chemistry

Blavatnik award winner Kirsty Penkman discusses her research developing techniques to date fossils

An image showing Matt Lightfoot next to CCDC's 1 millionth structure

Structuring a crystallographic database

Matt Lightfoot on navigating a career around the Cambridge Structural Database

An image showing Ruth Morgan

Cleaning up misinterpreted forensic evidence

Ruth Morgan is on the case of incorrect court rulings

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