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Derek Lowe

Single yellow tulip in field of red

Targeting rare diseases


Is working on genetic mutations that affect only a few in every thousand people risky?

Insulin hormone molecule illustration

Rise of the biologics


Antibodies, RNA and gene therapy don’t necessarily compete with small molecule drugs – and they all rely on chemistry

1017CW - In the Pipeline - $100 bill on the floor

An opportunity ignored


Dismissing ideas that were ‘not invented here’ is like walking past a $100 bill

0917CW - In the Pipeline - Dark horse concept illustration

Make room for randomness in drug development


Setting free the dark horses sometimes beats the most rational planning

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Philip Ball

1217CW - The Crucible - Pre-print service image concept - Index

The preprint proposition


ChemRxiv could be a golden opportunity if we embrace it

Black and white smelly cheese illustration

Isn't it ironic?


What has rhetoric ever done for us, asks Philip Ball

Nobel prize medal

Does the Nobel prize still matter?


Outmoded, capricious and burdened with obligations – so why does everybody want one?

0917CW - The Crucible - 3D periodic table

A 3D periodic table?


Molecular frameworks could offer whole new perspectives on our chemical world

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Raychelle Burks

Jason and Medea painting by John William Waterhouse

The murderers who dress to kill


Clothing that is literally to die for

Ancient Italy - Ovid Banished from Rome, J. M. W. Turner, 1838

The great art forgery blunder


Indian yellow is a pigment often used to spot fake art. But what if the reference standard was wrong?

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