An image showing a data analysis suitcase

Who counts?


Recording diversity in the physical sciences matters

An illustration featuring one of Primo Levi's books

Primo Levi and me


How a quarantine read helped me realise the true beauty of chemistry

An image showing Francois-Vincent Raspail

Raspail’s microscope


Whoever said optical microscopy is not for chemists?

An image showing a whistle

A powerful blow against misconduct


Supporting whistleblowers is vital for detecting and preventing bad behaviour

Fountain pen nib, writing

Letters: April 2021

2021-04-07T08:33:00+01:00By Chemistry World

Readers discuss AI inventors and recycling, and tell a classic joke

An image showing Raven Baxter

Raven the Science Maven’s communication haven


Combining science, music and cultural awareness

An image showing cheerleaders working out

Pointing the tools of atmospheric chemistry inside

US team monitoring air quality in an on-campus gym detects chemicals in the air that come from cleaning products reacting with sweat

An image showing Asel Sartbaeva

University team’s silica coats stop vaccines spoiling at room temperature

Asel Sartbaeva hopes her pioneering ensilication technology will be adopted to store and transport pediatric vaccines to low-income countries

An image showing Intel's silicon laser chip

Chromosol’s silicon photonics system tackles data transfer bottleneck

Technology for integrating lasers directly into photonic circuits could accelerate replacement of large and expensive optical systems

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  • Supramolecular community calls in support for gender equity

  • Space, energy and synthetic half-reactions

  • Disabled scientists excluded from the lab

  • Science suffers when the DOJ profiles scientists with ties to China

  • Follow the theory to halt Covid-19