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A photograph of Leif Tronstad with the Gunnerside team

Leif Tronstad: the heavy water hero

7 February 2018By

The chemist who ended Nazi attempts to make an atomic bomb

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#MeToo placard - Women protesting against sexual violence, Oct 2017

Me too: harassment in science

18 January 2018By

‘Within 10 minutes he had touched my leg’

0118CW - Comment - Scientists of colour - Hero

A blueprint for colour-blind science

13 December 2017By

The US political climate is hostile to people of colour – but progress has been stagnant for decades

1217CW - Science in India - Frontispiece

The origins of chemical industry?

5 December 2017By

How the mines of Zewar transformed zinc production

A photograph of a woman working on a computer in an organic chemistry laboratory

The value of quantification

9 November 2017By , ,

A skills gap is emerging in organic synthesis that needs to be closed

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Phil Ball

Philip Ball

PHIL BALL is an award-winning journalist, author and broadcaster who explores the history and philosophy of chemistry

DNA strand flipped

Revisiting Richard Dawkins' idea of replication

Why The selfish gene is only part of the story

Jane Marcet portrait - Index

The marvelous Mrs Marcet

The woman whose books made science popular

0118CW - The Crucible - Ribosomal RNA noise concept image

Snapshots of life’s dancers

We need to stop viewing proteins as static and embrace their dynamism

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Raychelle Burks

Raychelle Burks

RAYCHELLE BURKS is an assistant professor in the US, who dissects and dismembers cases from the world of forensic science

0118CW - Trace Analysis - Cocaine brick

The great Danish coke off

Can forensics identify a drug kingpin’s cocaine signature?

Christmas pudding

Last Christmas?

It’s the most poisonous time of the year…

Jason and Medea painting by John William Waterhouse

The murderers who dress to kill

Clothing that is literally to die for

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Derek Lowe

DEREK LOWE is a medicinal chemist in the US, sharing wit and wisdom gained from a life spent in preclinical drug discovery

0318CW - In the Pipeline - Jupiter's Great Red Spot Viewed by Voyager I

Science among the stars

What’s bubbling on your workbench is the same the universe over

0218CW - In the Pipeline - Microscale chemistry - Index 01

Why modern chemists need to think big

The lessons we can learn from the larger reaction scales of the past

0118CW - In the Pipeline - People arguing illustration

For the sake of argument

It’s important to recognise which disputes can actually be resolved by science

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Andrea Sella

Andrea Sella

ANDREA SELLA is a professor of inorganic chemistry in the UK, with a passion for unravelling the unlikely origins of scientific kit

0218CW - Classic Kit - Max Cremer - Index

Cremer’s electrode

The kit that brought pH measurement into reality

0118CW - Classic Kit - Macedonia Melloni, Italian Physicist - Index

Melloni’s thermomultiplier

How measuring radiant heat gave birth to climate science

1217CW - Classic Kit - Otto N. Witt, circa 1905 - Index

Witt’s Plate

The chemist caught in the 19th century battle for colour

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Mark Peplow

Mark Peplow

MARK PEPLOW is a UK journalist and former editor of Chemistry World with an incisive take on science that's hitting headlines

0318CW - Critical Point - Pregnancy bump

When evidence isn’t enough

The UK debate over folic acid highlights science’s role in public health ethics

0218CW - Critical Point - Metal organic framework structure

A question of reproducibility

Survey of metal–organic frameworks raises concerns about the reliability of adsorption data

0118CW - Critical Point - Evil shadow behind man working on computer, illustration

Academic versus predator

Researchers must halt the rise of predatory journals by cutting off their supply of papers

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CHEMJOBBER is a US-based process chemist, telling tales of tank reactors and organic obstacles from within the chemical industry

shutterstock 326026280

Beyond buckets and batches

Embracing flow chemistry means leaving behind some faithful friends

0917CW - Organic Matter - Drug manufacture. Pharmaceutical technician in clean room

A sensory tour of a chemical plant

The sights, sounds and smells of chemical creation

Epsom salt crystals

Crystal clear

The dark craft of crystallisation is an essential skill when working on kilogram scale

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Last retort

Organic matter

Vanessa Peterson

From cement to batteries with help from a wombat

17 January 2018

Vanessa Peterson is in the fast lane when it comes to relating atomic-scale structures to a material’s function

Carolyn Bertozzi

Carolyn Bertozzi

12 January 2018

One-time heavy rocker Carolyn Bertozzi has made a name for herself with hit papers and sound science. Sarah Houlton charts her path to success

Qiu in Banff, Canada, in 2012

Harvesting holes

19 December 2017

Shilun Qiu was a farmer; now he’s a distinguished professor

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