Titan computer

Sheldrick’s SHELX


From code on a Titan to becoming the titan of crystal structure determination

Helping hands

The importance of providing young people with mental health support

2022-05-10T08:31:00+01:00By , Summer Ward, Helen Gaden

Do you feel safe openly discussing your mental health with your colleagues at work?


Wastewater has huge potential for global health


Monitoring programmes can help healthcare and empower communities 

Hand holding matchstick

How chemistry provides a unique perspective on causation


 Philosophical mysteries around chemical reactions


Bringing citizen science into school – and to the beach


A coastal project to contextualise concerns about pollutants and microplastics

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Letters: May 2022

2022-05-04T08:33:00+01:00By Chemistry World

Readers reminisce about a smelly interview question and curl up with their favourite arrow-based textbook

Kim Jelfs

This computational chemist is experimentalists’ secret weapon in the hunt for new materials

Kim Jelfs discusses how software development feeds – and needs – collaboration

Rebekah Martin - headshot 2

Diversity is at the heart of innovation

To challenge conventions we need to include people who think differently

An image showing a compound in a flask

Fun with f-elements

Working with lanthanides and actinides may be challenging, but David Mills says the field is ripe for discovery

  • The importance of providing young people with mental health support

  • How online conferences add together accessibility and inclusivity

  • It’s time to ban staff–student relationships

  • Living through Covid-19

  • Unbend the spirit of science

  • How do you seal your vials?