An image showing the structure of Vancomycin

(+)-Vancomycin aglycon


Optimising for efficiency deserves credit too

An image showing a black lives matter fist

Conversations about race


Time to get comfortable talking about race and diversity

An image showing the structure of ferrocene

The Nobel prize that got binned


Ferrocene is a classic example of a discovery that was dismissed as a failed experiment

An illustration showing DNA editing

The ethical debate around Crispr


The gene editing technique deserves its Nobel Prize, but we should continue to interrogate how it is used

A screenshot from a video call of five people

Communicating chemistry through music


Partnering musicians with researchers produced some emotional results

A diagram showing direct C-H functionalisation of heterocycles

Fully automated synthesis of fluorine-18 PET tracers


Making radioisotopes suitable for positron emission tomography

Last retort

Organic matter

A photograph showing Jose Flroes-Livas in his office

Searching for superconductors with supercomputers

What if most materials are superconductors under the right conditions, wonders José Flores-Livas

An image showing Anya Gryn'ova

Chemists amid coronavirus: Anya Gryn’ova

The computational chemist has returned to her Heidelberg research institute after months of lockdown, and is thankful to be living in Germany

An image showing Mandë Holford

Translating snail venom research from beach to bench and beyond

Meet Mandë Holford, an interdisciplinary scientist following tangents that arise when exploring the molecular-level workings of venom peptides

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