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Chemists amid coronavirus: Philippa Ojimelukwe


A Nigerian chemist worries as her university and others in the country remain closed due to the pandemic and an academic strike

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Chemistry and global challenges

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To inspire students to study chemistry at university, school curricula need to do more to place the subject in context 

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Lessons from lockdown


19 lessons from Covid-19

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Fortin’s barometer and balance


Defining a new system of measurement required a master instrument maker

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Chemists amid coronavirus: Anton Toutov


Fuzionaire’s cofounder and chief scientist reflects on how Covid-19 has affected his growing company

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Neonicotinoids in Africa

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Consistent continent-wide regulatory systems are essential for sustainable agriculture

Last retort

Organic matter

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Chemists amid coronavirus: Anya Gryn’ova

The computational chemist has returned to her Heidelberg research institute after months of lockdown, and is thankful to be living in Germany

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Translating snail venom research from beach to bench and beyond

Meet Mandë Holford, an interdisciplinary scientist following tangents that arise when exploring the molecular-level workings of venom peptides

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How the products of fire control the formation of snow

Nadine Borduas-Dedekind brings an organic chemist’s arrow-pushing insight to reactions in the atmosphere

From the editors

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Letters: September 2020

Readers continue to debate Tomáš Hudlický’s Angewandte Chemie article, and wax lyrical about water and waste

  • Neonicotinoids in Africa

  • Questioning European policy on alkyl mesylate impurities

  • Collaboration is key to AI-aided drug discovery

  • Addressing the plastics problem

  • Inside Flint’s water crisis

  • Why diversity and inclusion at conferences matter