Different paths

Taking the foundation course route


Students should be told more about the different paths to a career in chemistry

Johann Christian Poggendorff

Poggendorf’s mirror


Reflecting on the motion of compass needles

Ribbon 3D spinning gif showing AF-Q8W3K0-F1

Why AlphaFold won’t revolutionise drug discovery


Protein structure prediction is a hard problem, but even harder ones remain

Fountain pen nib, writing

Letters: August 2022

2022-08-03T12:27:00+01:00By Chemistry World

Readers celebrate the life of John Fossey

Earth from space

Reflections on rainwater


Water in the world’s pristine wildernesses is already unsafe to drink by new PFAS pollution standards


Bottling summer lightning


Our features editor reflects on how nature’s sound and light show affects the atmosphere, and the long track to harness fusion

Beatriz Pelaz

Combining expertise to develop remote-controlled nanomaterials

Beatriz Pelaz explains how her research tackles bionanomaterials from multiple angles

Robert Mokaya

Robert Mokaya: ‘I have been lucky to open a lot of doors’

The innovative materials chemist on a love of making things and opening doors for others

Serhii Radio

Chemists in Ukraine: Serhii Radio

Support from the international scientific community is vital as Ukrainians continue to face the terror and devastation of war

  • Forgotten women in chemistry

  • Lessons in meaning from surface science

  • Teaching-focused staff contribute to REF results too

  • Living through the war in Ukraine

  • The importance of providing young people with mental health support

  • How online conferences add together accessibility and inclusivity