Kostya Novoselov

Konstantin Novoselov: ‘I don't really know where my Nobel medal is’


The Nobel Prize-winning physicist on the importance of enthusiasm and moving on from graphene

Ohio train derailment

What can we learn from East Palestine?


How chemists should learn to deal with spills in the lab and in the plant

Electric car battery

Holding the keys to a powerful future


Competition to build battery supply chains means supercharging support to attract investment

Penly nuclear power plant

Nuclear wasted


Atomic energy has the potential to reduce our carbon footprint, but the problem of waste is devilishly complex

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A new regulatory paradigm for increased robustness in chemical testing

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Non-animal methods could revolutionise how we assess toxicity

Victoria Gray at the Third international summit of human genome editing

Human genome editing in perspective


Ethical, cultural and safety considerations are high priorities for researchers

Liudmyla Solianyk

Chemists in Ukraine revisited: Liudmyla Solianyk

Regular blackouts and missile strikes are part of life in Bucha district

Olha Konshyna

Chemists in Ukraine revisited: Olha Konshyna

Reagents freeze and power cuts dictate working hours in Kyiv

Grygoriy Dmytriv

Chemists in Ukraine revisited: Grygoriy Dmytriv

Planning for the European Crystallographic Meeting in Lviv in 2025 is in full swing

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