Magic wand and structures

Embracing oddities


When new chemistry looks like alchemy or witchcraft, it’s worth taking notice


We’re all in this together


As rivalry between countries increases scientific collaboration must be maintained to tackle our shared problems

Elizabeth Holmes sentencing

Elizabeth Holmes to be imprisoned for Theranos fraud


Blood testing company founder’s 11-year sentence should serve as a warning to investors

Tutankhamen's tomb

The incredible legacy of Tutankhamun


Three-thousand-year-old treasures can still enthral and inspire

Men inspecting chemical plant

What to expect when your customer’s quality auditor visits


Checking a chemical plant is meeting standards

Joe Biden looking at a quantum computer

Quantum computing has its limits


Error-prone qubits mean quantum systems do not yet surpass classical methods

Beatriz Pelaz

Combining expertise to develop remote-controlled nanomaterials

Beatriz Pelaz explains how her research tackles bionanomaterials from multiple angles

Robert Mokaya

Robert Mokaya: ‘I have been lucky to open a lot of doors’

The innovative materials chemist on a love of making things and opening doors for others

Serhii Radio

Chemists in Ukraine: Serhii Radio

Support from the international scientific community is vital as Ukrainians continue to face the terror and devastation of war

Fountain pen nib, writing

Letters: November 2022

Readers reminisce about their careers, and continue the competition to be the RSC’s longest-serving member

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  • Challenging diversity in favour of equity

  • Are elemental analysis guidelines appropriate?

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  • Forgotten women in chemistry

  • Lessons in meaning from surface science