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Chemistry World

Derek Lowe

Biotrail building in Rennes, France

Unpicking a clinical trial death


A new study shows up off-target effects of a drug that proved deadly, and highlights the pitfalls of drug discovery

Drug warning labels

How safe should drugs be?


What does spotting new risks in approved medicines say about how effective regulators are?

Doors leading to alternate realities

Alternate chemical realities


What would chemistry look like if key discoveries had happened differently?

CW0417 - In The Pipeline

How does being a chemist change your view on the world?


Scientific knowledge and analysis shape our view, but can also be selectively ignored

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Philip Ball

0717CW - The Crucible - Atom concept

What is an atom?


A hard look at the quantum theory of atoms in molecules

C0112027 Prehistoric volcanoes artwork

Did life emerge from hell on Earth?


Why our origins may lie in the Hadean era, 4 billion years ago

Rare earth metals, conceptual image - Index

The group 3 dilemma


Lanthanum and actinium, or lutetium and lawrencium? Time to pick a side

3D Pear

Digesting the printable meal


Synthesised food is unlikely to sate our appetites soon

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Food, glorious food

Japanese miso soup in a white bowl on the table. horizontal view from above

Using microbes to explore new flavours


Microbes are often enemies in the kitchen, but when used can add new dimensions to cooking

Gingerbread man

Why pain is part of making food delicious


The reason we love eating irritants like chillis and ginger

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