An image showing a caustic soda production facility

Electrochemistry on an industrial scale


Sizzling temperatures and millions of tons

An image showing dry ice for blood sample storage

Vaccines on track


Early data provide hope of several effective options

An image showing Neil's cute kids mixing the batter for a cake

Baking – it’s a chemistry thing


Anyone can bake, but can everyone do chemistry?

An image showing a scientist with flasks and a rainbow on top of the flasks

Decolonising my mind


A road less trodden in science

An image showing Justin and Lucy

Chemists amid coronavirus: Justin Houseknecht


An organic chemist in the US has used the pandemic to try to spark change in how chemistry is taught at universities

An image showing James Randi

Pseudoscience moving into the mainstream


Pseudoscience now has more serious consequences than a few bent spoons

Last retort

Organic matter

A photograph showing Jose Flroes-Livas in his office

Searching for superconductors with supercomputers

What if most materials are superconductors under the right conditions, wonders José Flores-Livas

An image showing Anya Gryn'ova

Chemists amid coronavirus: Anya Gryn’ova

The computational chemist has returned to her Heidelberg research institute after months of lockdown, and is thankful to be living in Germany

An image showing Mandë Holford

Translating snail venom research from beach to bench and beyond

Meet Mandë Holford, an interdisciplinary scientist following tangents that arise when exploring the molecular-level workings of venom peptides

From the editors

Fountain pen nib, writing

Letters: November 2020

Readers share how they’ve adapted to Covid-19, and muse on AI and the liberating impacts of chemistry

  • Science suffers when the DOJ profiles scientists with ties to China

  • Follow the theory to halt Covid-19

  • Conversations about race

  • The quest to control chemical reactions using interfacial electric fields

  • Neonicotinoids in Africa

  • Questioning European policy on alkyl mesylate impurities