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Derek Lowe

0317CW - In The Pipeline

Outlines of ignorance


There’s a lot about chemistry that we just don’t understand very well yet

Scuba diver

Drug regulation is a burden worth bearing


Calls to break down regulatory barriers show a misunderstanding of the industry

concept of the functioning of the human body and the brain

Question what you 'know'


Challenging unconscious bias can be fruitful in research

In The Pipeline - Catwalk

How much does fashion influence chemists?


Is that new reaction the next Nobel-worthy breakthrough, or just a flash in the pan?

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Philip Ball

0317CW - The Crucible

Polymer amphiphiles could help reveal the origins of life


Spontaneous shapes and reactions to light may explain how protocells form

Anonymous crowd of people walking in the street

Science communication in the post-truth era


Do popular science articles make the public overconfident about their own expertise?

Gene manipulation, designer baby concept artwork

Should we allow 'genetic vaccination' with Crispr?


Gene editing could wipe out diseases such as AIDS – but the risks can’t be ignored

Florite crashing over barite

Solving the riddle of the glowing stones


The mysterious luminescence of the Bologna Stone was the wonder of the 17th century

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Food, glorious food

Gingerbread man

Why pain is part of making food delicious


The reason we love eating irritants like chillis and ginger

Turkey Dinner Platter iStock

Why science says you should brine your Christmas turkey


Unlock the flavour hidden in your roast with this delicious recipe

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