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Business woman lecturing at conference

Making gender equality more than theoretical

4 June 2018By

How the French Network for Theoretical Chemistry is addressing gender imbalance at conferences

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Gummy bears

Why choice of solvent matters more than you think

31 May 2018By

Weak interactions with solvents could change the chemical identity of a solution

0418CW - Comment - Digital data concept

Why you should care about Fair data

26 April 2018By Henry Rzepa

The benefits of findable, accessible, interoperable and re-useable information

James Smithson at Oxford c. 1786

James Smithson: a lordly legacy

12 April 2018By

The chemist who established the world’s largest centre for science

0418CW - Comment - Alexander Crum Brown

Crum Brown: knitting the world

28 March 2018By

Celebrating the 180th birthday of the man who illustrated the chemical bond

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Phil Ball

Philip Ball

PHIL BALL is an award-winning journalist, author and broadcaster who explores the history and philosophy of chemistry

Beta-galactosidase molecule

The role of information theory in chemistry

Is chemistry an information science after all?

The War of the Worlds, movie poster, 1960

The chemistry that inspired H.G. Wells

How the science fiction author borrowed real science to create unreal worlds

A close up, digital 3D illustration of IVF in vitro fertilization in action

The scientists who create life

Chemistry has created life for 100 years – but where can it lead us?

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Raychelle Burks

Raychelle Burks

RAYCHELLE BURKS is an assistant professor in the US, who dissects and dismembers cases from the world of forensic science

Giovanni Pico della Mirandola portrait GettyImages 556911411 credit De Agostini Picture Library via Getty Images WV

Death of a Renaissance Man

Two unsolved deaths in Medici Florence may finally have a solution

Man marking roll of printing paper

The clues that let you trace a single sheet of paper

Forensic science has a new way to detect document fraud

0418CW - Trace Analysis - New Orleans, E J Bellocq photojournalism of Storyville, circa 1912-1915

Antimony and clear danger

The poisonous history of the element below arsenic

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Derek Lowe

DEREK LOWE is a medicinal chemist in the US, sharing wit and wisdom gained from a life spent in preclinical drug discovery

Scientist as Adam in the Creation, illustration

The three muses of scientific discovery

Inspiration, experimentation and happy accidents are all pathways to a breakthrough

Multiple number of daily drugs shown in weekly pill box

Why combination pills aren’t always the answer

The challenges of medicines containing multiple drugs aren’t going away

0418CW - In the Pipeline - robot versus human concept illustration

Will robots make you redundant?

Smart machines could soon outpace even the best organic chemist

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Andrea Sella

Andrea Sella

ANDREA SELLA is a professor of inorganic chemistry in the UK, with a passion for unravelling the unlikely origins of scientific kit

Ludwig Gattermann portrait

Gattermann’s cookbook

The story of the man whose chemistry textbook saved Primo Levi’s life

Jaroslav Heyrovský

Heyrovský’s drops

The Nobel-winning invention that changed electrochemistry

0418CW - Classic Kit - First Solvay Congress in Brussels,1911

Knudsen's gauge

The kit that showed you could trust the atom

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Mark Peplow

Mark Peplow

MARK PEPLOW is a UK journalist and former editor of Chemistry World with an incisive take on science that's hitting headlines

Female scientist in laboratory looking at shelves

Escaping the postdoc trap

Low pay and gloomy career prospects are thwarting the next generation of researchers

A photograph of people receiving treatment following the alleged chemical gas attack in Eastern Ghouta, Syria.

What now for the world's chemical weapons watchdog?

Attacks in Salisbury, Kuala Lumpur and Syria show that the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons needs to evolve

0418CW - Critical Point - Perovskites solar cells

How perovskites can live long and prosper

The future of solar cells depends on better stability testing

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CHEMJOBBER is a US-based process chemist, telling tales of tank reactors and organic obstacles from within the chemical industry

0418CW - Organic Matter - Unbalanced weighing scales

Finding the missing mass

When the numbers don’t add up, chemists must restore the balance

shutterstock 326026280

Beyond buckets and batches

Embracing flow chemistry means leaving behind some faithful friends

0917CW - Organic Matter - Drug manufacture. Pharmaceutical technician in clean room

A sensory tour of a chemical plant

The sights, sounds and smells of chemical creation

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Last retort

Organic matter

Vanessa Peterson

From cement to batteries with help from a wombat

17 January 2018

Vanessa Peterson is in the fast lane when it comes to relating atomic-scale structures to a material’s function

Carolyn Bertozzi

Carolyn Bertozzi

12 January 2018

One-time heavy rocker Carolyn Bertozzi has made a name for herself with hit papers and sound science. Sarah Houlton charts her path to success

Qiu in Banff, Canada, in 2012

Harvesting holes

19 December 2017

Shilun Qiu was a farmer; now he’s a distinguished professor

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