A picture of olive oil in a pipette

Should I help make fullerenes if people are going to eat them?

7 February 2019By

The ethics of getting involved in products with unproven claims

A picture showing the concept of citizen science

How teenagers are disrupting drug discovery

31 January 2019By

A citizen science project to improve access to malaria drugs

A picture of the St Andrews Table in the condition it was discovered in 2014 from deep storage

Is this the world’s oldest classroom periodic table?

15 January 2019By David O'Hagan, ,

How a chart of elements from 1885 was found, rescued and restored

Peak oil hero

Why fracking isn't the answer to the 'peak oil' crisis

10 January 2019By Chris Rhodes,

Hydraulic fracturing does not mean we can be complacent about fossil fuels

Phil Ball

Philip Ball

PHIL BALL is an award-winning journalist, author and broadcaster who explores the history and philosophy of chemistry

A picture of Julius Lothar Meyer and his periodic table

Whose periodic table is it anyway?

Dmitri Mendeleev’s table was not the first – but it’s the one that matters

Illustration - Journey inside a human cell

Is life the sum of its chemical parts?

Unravelling the mysteries of our cells

Computer artwork of protein being synthesized by a ribosome

The riddle of the ribosome

Our protein factories hold important lessons on optimal design

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Raychelle Burks

Raychelle Burks

RAYCHELLE BURKS is an assistant professor in the US, who dissects and dismembers cases from the world of forensic science

A picture of Half Eaten Chocolate

Near-death by chocolate

The forensics that puts dodgy confectionary behind bars

d5 jy4 x index

The Knickerbocker murders

The poisonous presents that defined the US legal system

White henbane (Hyoscyamus albus)

Beating the scopolamine clock

New techniques could increase the window to detect predatory drug poisoning

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Derek Lowe

DEREK LOWE is a medicinal chemist in the US, sharing wit and wisdom gained from a life spent in preclinical drug discovery

A picture showing the pour of liquid through funnels into glass flask

What are the rate-limiting steps in drug discovery?

Getting more drugs to market is not just a chemistry problem

CW Jan 19 - In The Pipeline

How science shapes our psychology

We learn to embrace the unexpected, follow evidence over opinion and accept that most experiments fail

A photograph of a young man reading book in laundry

What would a 1980s student make of modern research?

Nano- and macromolecular science might make for a shocking read in the launderette

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Andrea Sella

Andrea Sella

ANDREA SELLA is a professor of inorganic chemistry in the UK, with a passion for unravelling the unlikely origins of scientific kit

A picture of Gail Nickerson

The Likens-Nickerson Apparatus

Tracking down an obscure kit’s creator can make you hopping mad

A portrait of William Nicholson

Nicholson’s Aereometer

The forgotten discoverer of electrolysis returns to the spotlight

Ludwig Kofler01 Classic Kit

The Koflers’ hotbench

Why do we bother with melting point measurements?

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Mark Peplow

Mark Peplow

MARK PEPLOW is a UK journalist and former editor of Chemistry World with an incisive take on science that's hitting headlines

People building molecular structure together, concept illustration

The hot topics in chemistry after six years of Critical Point

In his final column, Mark Peplow gives his verdict on careers, collaboration and public engagement

US flag and Capitol building illustration

Evidence in the fake news era

Independent scientific advice is about to collide with partisan politics

Female scientist in chemistry lab

There is no one answer to improving diversity

Grassroots initiatives and larger projects are both vital weapons in the battle for equality

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CHEMJOBBER is a US-based process chemist, telling tales of tank reactors and organic obstacles from within the chemical industry

Close-up image of a large stainless steel pressure filter at the CalaChem processing plant Grangemouth, Scotland

How do you keep plant reactions cold?

When a really big tub of ice just doesn’t cut it

Chemical storage unit

Tackling a chemical supply shortage

What happens when you run out of feedstock

0418CW - Organic Matter - Unbalanced weighing scales

Finding the missing mass

When the numbers don’t add up, chemists must restore the balance

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Last retort

Organic matter

Stefanie Dehnen portrait

Cluster fundamentals

12 December 2018

Stefanie Dehnen discusses the exotic structures of inorganic chemistry’s middle ground

A photograph of Rasmita Raval in the lab

Surface chemistry for biological questions

28 November 2018

Rasmita Raval discusses her career exploring the complex behaviour of molecule–surface systems and what it has to do with antibiotic resistance and the origin of life

Simon Billinge

The luck of the materials scientist

18 October 2018

Studying the structure of disordered materials is complicated, but Simon Billinge explains how it opens the door to designer materials with desired properties

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