Nobel illustration

The day my supervisor won the Nobel prize in chemistry


Celebrations and support in the Bertozzi lab

Sandwich science

The classic sandwich


Ferrocene turned our understanding of structure and bonding on its head


(+)-iso-Phomopsene (and friends)


A non-obvious combination unleashes the power of electrocyclisation

Solomon Kober

Kober’s kugelrohr


Why none of us can ignore the rise of exclusionary politics

A picture showing the visualization of genomic data

The data in our DNA


Forensic phenotyping raises ethical and societal questions

Karin Markides

Karin Markides: ‘I didn’t follow the rules’


The analytical chemist who runs a preeminent Japanese research institute discusses her childhood in Sweden and how she came to chemistry

Cowen Lab

A force against fungi

With antifungal resistance on the rise, Leah Cowen’s lab wants to identify molecules that can capitalise on vulnerabilities in fungal pathogens

Jean Marie Lehn

Jean-Marie Lehn: ‘Science or music really can take up all your life’

The supramolecular innovator on the importance of different cultures in research, working like a pianist, and being shocked by an opera

Susan Perkin

Developing custom apparatus to determine battery electrolyte sweet spots

Susan Perkin discusses the unique technique she uses to understand liquids and how they interact with surfaces

Fountain pen nib, writing

Letters: September 2023

Readers estimate the contribution of lithium mining on power consumption, consider Alzheimer’s antibody therapies and more

  • Learning lessons from the history of chemistry

  • Could cheap CRO rates threaten to destabilise biotech?

  • Culturally relevant teaching benefits science and students

  • New scientific categories bring vitality

  • Introducing iteroselectivity

  • Israeli scientists in defence of democracy