An illustration showing remote teaching

Pathways to success


Delivering meaningful widening participation initiatives virtually

An image showing a gardener

Cultivating the research group garden


Nurturing chemists will soon bear fruit

An image showing Physarum roseum Metratrichia floriformis

The citizen scientists searching for slime moulds


Exploring the beauty and diversity hidden in a small Australian rainforest

An image showing a woman on a swhing hanging onto an atom

Idealisations to the rescue


How simplifications help us to better understand the world

An illustrated portrait of Bert Meitjer

Bert Meijer: ‘I'm in love with molecules’


The pioneering organic chemist discusses the rewards of working with young people and the role of chemistry in fighting Covid-19

An image showing a hydrogen bond

When does a hydrogen bond become a covalent bond?


Ultrafast infrared spectroscopy probes the character of the short, strong bonds in HF2

An image showing oranges and grapefruit

Oxford Biotrans makes its grapefruit compound out of oranges

Using their patented enzymes, Oxford Biotrans’ mission is to create new routes to useful chemicals – starting with their natural-grade food and fragrance products

An image showing Zita Martins

Mission accomplished for scientist who set out to bring astrobiology to Portugal

Zita Martins discusses her work searching for molecules related to the origin of life

A photograph showing Jose Flroes-Livas in his office

Searching for superconductors with supercomputers

What if most materials are superconductors under the right conditions, wonders José Flores-Livas

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  • Science suffers when the DOJ profiles scientists with ties to China

  • Follow the theory to halt Covid-19

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