An illustrated portrait of Donna Blackmond

Donna Blackmond: ‘I often get my best ideas in the middle of the night’


The chirality expert on late-night notes and Harrius Potter

The Last retort illustration

Reimagining the Nobel prize


Honor discoveries, not discoverers

Scientist leading meeting in laboratory

Reaching out for chemistry careers


The role of outreach in increasing chemistry degree enrolment

A photograph showing John Goodenough

Good enough at last


Neil Withers reflects on the 2019 Nobel prize in chemistry, awarded for developing lithium-ion batteries

View of a fingerprint revealed by printing.

A rice kind of fingerprint powder


A new method for producing print powders goes against the grain

An image showing a researcher dressed in sandals and wearing shorts, pondering at a sign on a laboratory door which shows that shorts may not be worn

What not to wear: lab edition


Your health and safety advisor is not your personal stylist

Phil Ball

Philip Ball

PHIL BALL is an award-winning journalist, author and broadcaster who explores the history and philosophy of chemistry

An image showing logic gate symbols flipped to look like people

Chemical computers question the logic of life

Circuits of chemicals could carry out calculations

Still image of 3D periodic table

Machine-learning Mendeleevs have rediscovered the periodic table

Exposing new dimensions in the relationships between elements

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Raychelle Burks

Raychelle Burks

RAYCHELLE BURKS is an assistant professor in the US, who dissects and dismembers cases from the world of forensic science

View of a fingerprint revealed by printing.

A rice kind of fingerprint powder

A new method for producing print powders goes against the grain

An image showing a cigarette next to a poison bottle

Smoking out the truth about poisoned cigarettes

It could be lights out when you light up…

An image showing a row of closely positioned matches burning one by one in a domino effect fashion

The deadly domino effect

People trying to save victims of gas poisoning can suffer tragic consequences

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Derek Lowe

DEREK LOWE is a medicinal chemist in the US, sharing wit and wisdom gained from a life spent in preclinical drug discovery

An image showing different configurations of the 2fft protein

Embracing structural disorder

Medicinal chemists need to overcome their fear of fuzzy proteins

An image showing Hodgkin’s 1945 model of the structure of penicillin

Has x-ray had its day?

Will the giant of structure determination be toppled by blasts from electron beams?

An image showing a woman using an autosampler

The silent rise of the robots

Mechanical helpers have been creeping into our labs for decades

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Alice Motion

Alice Motion

ALICE MOTION is a lecturer in chemical education and outreach at the University of Sydney, Australia

Scientist leading meeting in laboratory

Reaching out for chemistry careers

The role of outreach in increasing chemistry degree enrolment

An image showing a child playing a chemistry card game

Board games of chemistry

Tabletop chemistry games are a hit in and beyond the classroom

Computer-generated monkey virus protein structure

Bringing video games into the protein fold

Citizen scientists use a computer game to design brand new proteins

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Andrea Sella

Andrea Sella

ANDREA SELLA is a professor of inorganic chemistry in the UK with a passion for unravelling the unlikely origins of scientific kit

Papin's digester

Papin’s digester

An early pressure cooker with the crucial addition of a safety valve

An image showing Ernest Orlando Lawrence at the controls of the 37-inch cyclotron around 1938

Lawrence’s cyclotron

The instrument that transformed our understanding of atoms

An image showing Dame Kathleen Lonsdale

Kathleen Lonsdale’s crystallography tables

No princes were needed on the quest for structure factors

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CHEMJOBBER is a US-based process chemist, telling tales of tank reactors and organic obstacles from within the chemical industry

An image showing a T Rex entering the fluorine tile of the periodic table

Fluorine: the T rex of the periodic table

Pass out the nickel superalloy reactor kit, it’s time to tame that most reactive of elements

An image showing a manometer, pressure gauge and valves

Dealing with gases in the plant

More than just purging and venting

Close-up image of a large stainless steel pressure filter at the CalaChem processing plant Grangemouth, Scotland

How do you keep plant reactions cold?

When a really big tub of ice just doesn’t cut it

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Last retort

Organic matter

An image showing Matt Lightfoot next to CCDC's 1 millionth structure

Structuring a crystallographic database

Matt Lightfoot on navigating a career around the Cambridge Structural Database

An image showing Ruth Morgan

Cleaning up misinterpreted forensic evidence

Ruth Morgan is on the case of incorrect court rulings

An image showing Eucharia O. Nwaichi at the Greenhouse at StockBridge School of Agriculture UMASS Amherst MA US

Harnessing plants and microbes to tackle environmental pollution

Eucharia Nwaichi is using biochemistry to clean up one of the most polluted places on Earth

From the editors

Fountain pen nib, writing

Letters: July 2019

Your thoughts on plastic pollution and the best ways of ensuring lab safety