Oxycodone pill bottles

Oxycodone and hydrocodone


Frances Addison examines how our quest to control and manage pain has led to a modern medical crisis, as opioids oxycodone and hydrocodone are among the most abused prescription medications in the US

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An image showing world's largest periodic table

Giant periodic table four times larger than previous record holder


Enormous 660m2 periodic table adorns Australian university’s new science building

An image showing Roman London during the time of Hadrian

Londinium Romans’ blood lead levels so high they may have lowered birth rates


Heavy metal’s levels were more than 70 times higher than pre-Roman populations

IYPT Comic – Mendeleev index

The periodic patience of Dmitri Mendeleev

By ,

In our final comic of the International Year of the Periodic Table, Mendeleev puts his elemental cards on the table

An image taken at the UCU strikes

Dispute over pensions and pay leads to strikes at 60 UK universities


Lecturers and support staff have been on strike for eight days and further action may be on the way

An image showing a pile of paper

Working with a top scientist gives a junior researcher a boost that lasts a lifetime


Co-authoring with someone outstanding in their field increases the chance that a young scientist will become a leader too

An image taken during the Salisbury incident

Chemical weapons watchdog to add Novichok agents to list of closely controlled substances


Move marks first time any class of chemical has been prohibited since the Chemical Weapons Convention came into force over two decades ago

A photograph taken at Duke University

Sanctions imposed by research agency on Duke University lifted


University has met all commitments in plan agreed with National Institutes of Health

An image showing a global view, illustrating positions of all natural products containing a pyridine functional group as a substructure motif

Open access Atlas maps out microbial natural products


Project aims to accelerate research on microbial metabolites

An image showing a photograph of the soft, smart contact lens on an eye of a mannequin

Smart contact lens can be charged up wirelessly while it’s worn


LED, antenna and printable supercapacitor built into lens without obscuring wearer’s vision

An image showing chemical structures

Simple way to construct molecules with perfluoroalkyl bridges


Troublesome side reaction becomes useful synthetic tool

A photograph showing solar panels on a house and wind turbines

The dangers of global warming have been understated but so have our options to fight it


Analysis finds rates of decarbonisation significantly higher than thought

An illustration showing E Coli

Bacterium forced to evolve to consume carbon dioxide to make biomass


Tweaked Escherichia coli could help deal with humanity’s carbon dioxide problem

An image showing the figure of a turtle on the playground made of soft rubber crumbs

Tyre crumb toxicology study raises questions about artificial turf


First work in vertebrates reveals developmental abnormalities in chicken embryos

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An image showing the concept of repurposing scientific theories

Borrowing scientific theories


Can re-purposed science help us understand more than the physical world? Rachel Brazil talks to the scientists trying to play swap

An image showing turmeric

Separating turmeric fact from fiction


Thousands of papers have been published on curcumin’s healing potential, but its usefulness is not yet proven, finds Andy Extance

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