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ICI's Brunner Mond works in Winnington, UK, taken in 2009
Percival Norton Johnson
George Matthey
Letter from one of GSK's founders, J G Bevan, owner of Plough Court apothecary in London, 1777
Allen and Hanbury's ballroom floor polish label, 1930s
GSK family tree, in celebration of 300th anniversary in 2015
Alec Nathan (son of Joseph Nathan), who led Defiance milk powder
Defiance milk drying factory in Bunnythorpe, New Zealand, around 1904
Sir Harry Jephcott, GSK's first qualified chemist
ICI's Birmingham, horse-drawn vehicle, early 20th century
ICI's 312ft high Nitram plant in Billingham, UK, picture taken in 1972
Heinrich Emmanuel Merck, circa 1820.
Well-preserved mummy parts (found in Merck cupboard)
George Eastman Kodak founder taking photograph
The catalyst block from an automotive catalytic convertor