A picture showing a detail from the St Catherine's College newly commissioned periodic table
A closeup image of the silver element of the periodic table sculpture
An image showing a Periodic Table sculpture view from above
An image showing the periodic table
An image of the periodic table anniversary gifts
An image showing the 2019 St Catharine Silver Periodic Table sculpture
An image showing Theodore Gray sitting in front of a table formed of periodic table tiles
An image showing the EuChemS Periodic Table
An image showing a macrame periodic table
An image showing the Royal Society of Chemistry Periodic Table of Cupcakes
An image showing the original Mendeleev periodic table noted down on an invite to a cheese factory
The largest periodic table
The largest periodic table
engraved hair
The engraved hair pictured without magnification
A picture of the St Andrews Table in the condition it was discovered in 2014 from deep storage
An image showing a periodic table clock