Reviewed by Rolf Jautelat, Schering, Germany

The enterprise electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), Benchware Notebook, helps discovery scientists at Schering plan, document, and collaborate on experiments. It has a user interface that conforms to our scientists’ workflow and gives them an electronic environment that they are already familiar with. Since each page is laid out like a paper notebook it is very easy to enter experimental details as well as to view them later. 

Built on a flexible software architecture, different page components can be selected ad hoc  by individual users or added permanently by administrators Access rights to documents and data can be handled on a project-by-project basis or set routinely to be available to certain parts of the organisation, such as medicinal chemistry or process research. 

Benchware Notebook’s sub-structure guided search capabilities allow users to search dynamically notebook pages across the organisation, enabling more effective collaboration and reduced duplication of effort.  

For daily lab routine, the auto-calculation functionality within the Benchware Notebook page, in combination with pre-defined reagent lists, allows our users to determine easily experimental factors such as stoichiometric amounts and molecular weights. Also highly appreciated is the ’cloning’ functionality which enables a user to copy selected parts of a page, so one can get a head start when working on experiments that are similar in nature.