The interface of chemistry, biology, drug discovery and medicine

Molecules and medicine

E J Corey, B Czak? and L K?rti 

Hoboken, US: John Wiley & Sons,  2007 | 254pp | ?26.50 (SB), ?52.95 (HB) ISBN 978047027497 

Reviewed by Karl Hemming 

The interface of chemistry, biology, drug discovery and medicine coupled with the desire to reach a broad readership presents a text directed at both the professional educator/researcher and undergraduate in those disciplines, and at the educated and scientifically literate general reader. 

Like many texts of this type, the professional educator/researcher may come away disappointed by the limited coverage and lack of depth. However, this section of the target audience should find this book to be a very useful resource with much of interest in the integrated approach and in the excellent reference sections that are provided. 

The undergraduate reader, be they chemist, biologist or pharmacist, will find this an interesting and valuable read which demonstrates the integrated nature of this diverse subject and which seeks to broaden their knowledge. 

Non-chemists and the scientifically literate general reader will gain the most from this text - a clear and informative introductory section (which chemists can skip) guides such readers through the basics of organic structural diagrams and protein structure, and sets the scene well for a consideration of over one hundred of the most significant and commonly used small drug molecules (defined as having molecular masses in the hundreds). These molecules are placed into sections covering the common therapeutic areas where each area is given a brief scientific overview and where each drug molecule is given one page of coverage, with references for those who require a more advanced treatment. 

In summary, this book is intended for a wide audience and contains much that will engage the specialist and general reader alike.