Crisp packet firework: Maverick science to try at home

Crisp packet firework: Maverick science to try at home

Chris Smith and Dave Ansell

London, UK: New Holland 2008 | 144pp |?9.99 (HB) ISBN 9781845379810

Reviewed by John Burrows

There has been a spate of books this year on science experiments which are claimed to be suitable for the home. Some of these even have the word ’irresponsible’ in their title - and that they certainly are. The authors of this latest offering, Chris Smith and Dave Ansell, are members of the Naked scientists - a group of physicians and researchers from Cambridge University who use radio, live lectures, and the internet to promote science to the general public. 


It is rare to find a book on home science which can be recommended, but this one contains experiments which should be safe enough for children to perform under parental supervision. Much enjoyment will be gained from turning milk into butter and cheese, and making your own lava lamp.

What is good about this book is that the description of each experiment is accompanied by a section on why it works, with a good description of the underlying science, and then a section on how it applies to the real world. 

To discover more on the Naked scientists see their website.