Short items

Basic water treatment

Chris Binnie and Martin Kimber

London, UK, Thomas Telford and IWA Publishing 2009 | 318pp | ?32.50(HB)

ISBN 9780727736086

This is a revised and updated fourth version of a book first published in 1979, which has become established as a standard reference work on all aspects of water quality and treatment systems. 

The book presents the latest information on UK, European and US water quality standards, including the 2007 amendments to the English and Welsh drinking water regulations. There is a new section on water re-use, and two new chapters on water safety plans and private water supplies.

Engineering the bioelectronic interface. Applications to analyte biosensing and protein detection

Jason J Davis (ed)

Cambridge, UK: RSC Publishing 2009 | 270pp | ?79.99(HB)

ISBN 9780854041657

This book focuses on the generation of biosensing interfaces with analyses and control at the molecular level. Some of these are enzyme based, others associated with the generation of surfaces for protein-protein recognition.

Summaries of state of the art investigations into the interfacing of structurally complex molecular species with electrode surfaces are included along with their design, analysis and potential application. Studies into the ’wiring’ of biomolecules to manmade surfaces through the use of delocalised ’molecular wires’ or carbon nanotubes are detailed, as are the application of surface chemical and genetic engineering methods to the construction of robust, orientated biomolecular monolayers.