Nanotechnology in undergraduate education
Kimberly Pacheo et al (eds) 
2011 | 352pp | £95
ISBN 9780841269682
Reviewed by David Smith

Nanotechnology in undergraduate education is an edited collection of nanotechnology-based activities which have been used in US universities. In essence, the book is a collection of Journal of Chemical Education-type articles. Some of the articles explore curriculum design, while others offer experimental, hands-on approaches to the topic.

As ever with such collections, the articles can be a bit hit-or-miss, and it is in no way comprehensive of nanoscience, but some of these activities will be very useful to the reader interested in incorporating specific material in their degree programmes. For example, experiments to synthesise metallic nanoparticles which are appropriate for first year students could be incorporated into any course, and should enthuse and engage chemistry students with the subject. Clearly nanochemistry is coming -it's about time more of it got into undergraduate education.

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