Now in softback

The following books previously reviewed in Chemistry World  are now available in softback 

Darwin’s island: the Galapagos in the garden of England  (Steve Jones), Abacus, ?9.99 (ISBN 9780349121413) 

Boyle: between God and science  (Michael Hunter), Yale University Press ?14.99 (ISBN 9780300169317) 

The strangest man: the hidden life of Paul Dirac, quantum genius  (Graham Farmelo), Faber and Faber, ?9.99 (ISBN 9780571222865) 

Life ascending: the ten great inventions of evolution  (Nick Lane), Profile Books, ?9.99 (ISBN 978-1861978189) 

He knew he was righ  t (John and Mary Gribbin), Penguin, ?9.99 (ISBN 9780141031613) 

Antimatter  (Frank Close), Oxford University Press, ?7.99 (ISBN 9780199578870) 

An orchard invisible: a natural history of seeds  (Jonathan Silvertown), University of Chicago Press, ?11.00 (ISBN 9780226757742) 

God’s philosophers: how the medieval world laid the foundations of modern science   (James Hannam), Icon Books, ?9.99 (ISBN 9781848311503) 

Giant molecules from nylon to nanotubes  (Walter Gratzer), Oxford University Press, ?8.99 (ISBN 9780199562138)