Crystals, x-rays and proteins. Comprehensive protein crystallography

Crystals, x-rays and proteins. Comprehensive protein crystallography 

Dennis Sherwood and Jon Cooper

Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press 2010 | 656 pages | ?55.00 (HB)

ISBN 9780199559046

Reviewed by Karen McLuskey    

REVIEWS - p56a-180

This book would be a welcome addition to any structural biology laboratory, but would also be useful for anyone from undergraduate level upwards wishing to understand the principles of protein crystallography. It covers the fundamentals of protein crystallography in a clear, concise and understandable manner. 

It is rich in mathematics and uses well explained concepts to build on the more complex systems found within the 


The book is divided into three sections dedicated to the fundamentals of protein crystallography; the theory behind diffraction experiments and finally determining the structure of a protein. The theory is well-explained using visual models and the book is littered with practical advice and up-to-date examples. Modern equipment, techniques and programs are all illustrated and their uses described in detail. As ’old school’ theoretical crystallographers become increasingly rare, this book will provide an invaluable reference, answering questions in an accurate and transparent manner. 

One criticism of the book is that the index is not fully comprehensive and consequently does not do it justice. The book holds a wealth of information and would benefit from this information being made a little more accessible. 

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