(ed) Shu Kobayashi

Georg Thieme Verlag

2012 | 960pp | £226.99 

ISBN 9783131693518

Science of synthesis is a classic series in synthetic chemistry. Originally Houben–Weyl methods of organic chemistry, this venerable series of books has expanded from the original two volumes to a breathtaking 48 in the fourth edition main series. The workbench editions are a series of books presenting thematic topics from the main reference series at a more affordable price for those without access to the full reference library.

Water in organic synthesis covers a topic of great interest in modern research. Water is a classic ‘green’ solvent, with many attractive characteristics both industrially and for academic research. 

The volume begins with a discussion of the structure and properties of water, and is subsequently divided into reaction types: reactions of carbon–carbon double bonds; carbonyl and imino chemistry; cyclisation, rearrangements, cross-coupling and other reactions. This is followed by a discussion of special techniques where the focus is on reactions ‘on water’ rather than ‘in water’ and sub- and supercritical water. Hydroformylation in an industrial context is discussed, followed by the use of water in industrial synthesis more widely, including highlights taken from the synthesis of several important drug molecules.

This book makes a great addition to the Science of synthesis series. The selection of topics is comprehensive in scope, covering a wide selection of the varied chemistry involving water, and written by many of the leading experts in their fields, the editor in particular.

If a chemist is looking to do chemistry in (or on) water at the bench, Water in organic synthesis will be their guide.

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