Rodney R Dietert and Janice Dietert

World Scientific

2013 | 265pp | £45

ISBN 9789814407212

Science sifting aims to provide innovation-enabling tools and techniques for science researchers at all stages of their careers. Traditional books in this area look at the nature and significance of research and how to embark on a linear research career, whereas this book looks to provide tools to enable creativity and innovation in research in a more non-linear way. 

A range of tools are presented to aid researchers to overcome difficulties encountered in their research, to think around the problem and consider how to turn these difficulties to your advantage. The book is supplemented with examples from the authors’ long and winding research careers and also from the careers of distinguished people. This gives a context to the strategies discussed and successful application of them, but it does tend to result in a laboured narrative. 

Exercises are included to give readers time to reflect on the ideas presented and start to think about applying these tools in their own work and approach to research. However, readers may find them a little onerous and will have to devote time to embrace them fully. 

Overall the book is easy to read but occasionally lacks conciseness and clarity. It certainly provides a different perspective to research discovery, which challenges the viewpoints of traditional researchers. The book may be of interest to new and established researchers to enhance their creativity. The tools presented challenge researchers to think in different ways, which may not seem scientific in character and researchers will have to embrace the tools with an open mind to take advantage of the ideas proposed. 

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