Energy for a sustainable world

Energy for a sustainable world

Vincenzo Balzani and Nicola Armaroli

Armaroli Weinheim, Germany: Wiley-VCH 2010 |390pp |?24.95 (PB)

ISBN 9783527325405

Reviewed by Peter Dobson


© Wiley-VCH

The title of this book is fashionable and it will capture the attention of both specialists and lay persons, and no-one who reads or uses the book will be disappointed with some of the information contained within it. It is attractively presented and very readable, with a minimum of detail of the physics and chemistry involved in energy generation and storage. So, will the specialist readers be disappointed? Probably not, because the references to further information are generally good.

I found that the book does put the myriad of energy issues into good social and economic context, but then I was reading this from the point of view of someone well versed in much of the science and engineering background. There are some issues that have not been dealt with well, and nuclear energy is one of them. It is disappointing not to see a better analysis of the types of reactors and some projection into future possible reactor types, along with a more objective treatment of the waste issues.

Almost every type of energy generation and storage issue is covered by the book, and the clear use of diagrams, references to further information and general feeling that the authors are up to date on everything does inspire confidence. There is even mention of kinetic energy recovery systems that are being trialled in the Formula One cars of today! The appeal of this as a compact reference volume is therefore broad and I would strongly recommend it for all who are interested in finding out more about the energy issues that we need to think about in modern and future society.

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