David Fishlock

  • Opinion

    Hot sauce


    It was not the only story on 1 April in the UK newspaper 'The Times' that could have been a joke, but the half-page devoted to 'the chilli so hot you need gloves' was certainly shortlisted

  • Opinion

    Understanding water


    Funny stuff, water. The most abundant liquid on our planet, universal solvent, major constituent of all living matter; yet water is far from fully characterised

  • Opinion

    Quorn and industrial espionage


    The recent acquisition of Quorn by Premier Foods rekindles memories of one of the most audacious cases of industrial espionage.

  • Opinion

    Remembering Eric Voice


    Last September the RSC lost a much-valued member. Eric Voice probably had more intimate knowledge of plutonium than anyone alive in the UK today.

  • Feature

    Enriching uranium


    The nuclear power industries of Europe and the US plan to invest at least $5 billion over the next decade in separation of uranium isotopes. David Fishlock looks at how the technology behind nuclear fuel has evolved.